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  1. Thank you dl. and yes i'm looking for deed with trader already placed.
  2. I'm looking for trader deed on Independence with very good ql iron ore close by and mail box. Please PM me here
  3. Starting Bid: 25s Min. increments: 1s Sniper protect: 30mins Buyout: 35s
  4. Looking to sell 62 silvers for 50 Euros, Paypal verified, and buyer pays fees. Thanks! i will also exchange for scgo skin worh 60+ euros
  5. Fajny pomysł, ja narazie mam kilka własnych projektów ale jak kiedyś bede szukal odmiany to bede o was pamietał!
  6. Thanks for the hospitality!. 5 hours of sleep bonus Yey!!
  7. Sent, enjoy! [19:22:40] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than an hour.
  8. Rare Oakenwood Grooming brush, 66,79 Quality. Currently at F25 on Xanadu. Collection optional, or can be mailed for 10/20c. Start Bid: 5s Minimum Increment: 1s Buyout: 12s Hidden Reserve Sniper Protection: 30 Minutes