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  1. Great service and rapid delivery. 5/7 would buy again
  2. hmm that first Santa looks kinda familiar Come sit on my lap lovely, hur hur hur
  3. I might be able to make it, sign me up please
  4. I'll take the rare toolbelt please if you still have it
  5. Sign me up please, I'll try to be there
  6. ouch, too late for signup, well still putting my name up in case theres no-shows. if it doesnt count, well alas
  7. Congrats crazy neighbor very well done, i can finally take out my earplugs haha
  8. found in the wasteland: [02:47:28] You start leading a venerable fat fastsouth. [02:49:13] It is being taken care of by Noxri. Taking him home to keep safe, PM me here or ingame, GhengizCohen
  9. Amazing!! very great build, can we have some screens from the inside too?