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  1. You will need to install 2 server mods : Libila fixes by Sindusk and HotS fixes by bdew. Players will still 'change' to HotS when converting to Lib, but will still be part of Freedom using the above mods, and guards / templars won't attack Lib players. Also, as a side quirk, because Lib is essentially HotS, you cannot use another player to convert, you must goto the BL to become a follower - there's no way around this limitation.
  2. Players cannot respawn anywhere, not just the starter town. They can't use tents, allied deeds, their own deed etc - they simply get the error - but the issue is intermittent. Many thanks to bdew, who came onto the server and has confirmed it is not a database issue (which is what we on the server originally thought). The server is sending the infofmation to respawn, but clients for some reason (some randomly, some 100% of the time) just cannot use the info to generate the drop-down for respawn points.
  3. Spawn point is centre of our capital, which is almost map centre. We're running a 4k x 4k map.
  4. Not sure which bits you need, and as the server is hosted on PingPerfect I can only show you some of the config: There is only 1 server, so no neighbours etc are setup.
  5. Does anyone know how to fix this issue ? On the server I am currently playing on, when a player dies, instead of the usual drop-down box showing respawn locations, the box simply shows <Error while parsing markup> I have run out of ideas as to where look to fix this, so any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Very nice. I appreciate the work you put in, thanks!
  7. Thanks folks, was just checking As these are the client files and not the server files, and there are no options to set in any of the properties files, would you consider adding them into future updates to make it easier for the less tech-savvy or simply for those who don't understand they may need all the downloads? Cheers!
  8. I know they are in the extra packs as stand alone downloads thanks:) It's why I said the full zip - in the /mods folder inside the full version, the 3 extras are included within, but there are no properties files.
  9. Hi ago, the new full client modlauncher zip file (v 0.6) does not have any of the properties files for the server pack, connection fix or custom map mods. Not sure if this is intended or an oversight, just thought I'd let you know
  10. I'll take : Hammer 87ql, CoC64, WoA72 - 1.2s Mallet, pinewood 67ql, CoC77, WoA62 - 1s Trowel 44ql, CoC34, WoA63 - 50c COD to Bullbrand please.
  11. I run Java 7 u55, Java 8 was a nightmare when I installed it - low fps, loading issues, 'hiccuping' and freezes when moving.
  12. All I get from this thread are the following: 1- Someone built some houses on an island near you. 2- You don't like this idea. 3- It's too far away from where you live to reach with a catapult (not that you can do anything with a catapult vs other player's houses on Freedom) 4- You're jealous you didn't think of it first. What this person has done is perfectly legit in the game rules. The houses are on an island a distance away, so I doubt they will block any expansion plans you may/may not have -- so why are you so interested in what someone else did if not for personal reasons ?
  13. -1 to being to able to select which parts of wurm you want to take part in You suggest the option to opt out of winter textures, but you don't say why. So far I only see you (the OP) arguing with others as to why they (the posters) think it's a bad idea. If an option to 'opt out ' or change a season to one you like is brought in, what's to stop someone then bringing up the following : a - Bob doesn't like mountains, in fact he lives on flat land, so wants an option to 'opt out' of seeing any mountains anywhere so the land is perfectly flat b - John doesn't like the dark, in fact he's so scared of the dark he sleeps with all his house lights on. He wants an option so that it's always light wherever he goes - he wants to 'opt out' of the darkness. c - Jim doesn't like travelling, he hates the amount of time it takes. He wants an option to allow instant teteport to anywhere he wishes to go - he wants to 'opt out' of travelling around. Just joke examples, yes, but the idea behind allowing anyone to completely 'opt out' of a something that is an intrinsic part of the game is just wrong in my opinion.
  14. 1.1| 147 76 H 0 0 -40 H 0 1 -40 H 0 2 -40 etc.... I think the issue is the pipe ( | ) mark ?
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