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  1. Can you send me the star emerald 55ql for 4s to Thassadhar?
  2. I would be interested in the star gems depending on ql and price.
  3. Greetings Reverent, could you please send me * 90+coc kindling IGN: Thassadhar Thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks for organizing this You can count me in on the smithing side
  5. Are you sure that these coords are correct?
  6. Well, that didn't work for me. My chars had only 6h of Sleep Bonus (have +1h on them) when I logged in on Saturday. I'm pretty sure they had more than 1h of sleep bonus before the 5h was provided. Not a big deal for me but I think something didn't work correctly there.
  7. Thanks for the quick execution of my order ! My hatchet just broke and I could use a new one ... Could you please send me 1 x steel hatchet coc90+ IGN: Thassadhar Thanks again
  8. Greetings Reverent! Could you please send me 2 x steel pickaxe coc90+ IGN: Thassadhar Thanks a lot
  9. Updated the deeds, thanks @Bloodreina Still active (not deleted) * Fountain Hills Removed duplicate * Thundering Steppes Removed * Autumns Rest * Canunda * Darkken * Dunvegan * Ebon's Aerie * Eden * Exandria * Firefly Watch * Gniezno * Hello Kitty Junction * Janthir * Kekistan * Kentuckyana * Kovartown * Maison Dupree * Minnowy * Mirkwood * Mystic Harbour * Navegabeach * No Step On Snek * Noobville * Outpost Taurasi * Ozark Landing * Parrot Shore * Pious * Rose Respite * Sandy Foothills * Sea La Vie * Sea View * Spinetop * The Hermitage Heights * Tikkakosken Puuhamaa * Two Oak Trade Port * Unicorn Peak * Val Tondar * Whispering Shadows * Wildereach * Woodpine * Zero And Tigga