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  1. 2nd try ~24% was successful - thank you !
  2. Stone runes of Magranon, zinc 11,40ql 12c 14,09ql 15c COD to Fhinnion please. Thanks!
  3. Couldn't you just try it out by yourself? I mean this will be your only option to be 100% sure, right?
  4. smithing

    Added some of the new archeology tools and more cheap enchanted tools.
  5. smithing

    Bump and some small updates
  6. Did we just kill the server?
  7. Chestnut and Artichoke please
  8. smithing

    good night bump
  9. Hi, I'm interested too - sent you a PM. Best -- Thassadar
  10. Order filled - please close.
  11. I want to buy gems for a total of 10s. I'm able to pick them up. Please make your offers here or ingame. IGN: Fhinnion Thanks!
  12. Hi, how much gems would I get for 10s? I got them already.