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  1. Sure I will make you one. I guess the highest possible ql, right? Edit: I've sent you a 51ql and a 61ql one. Just return the one you don't want
  2. Greetings Reverent o/ I would like to order the following COD to Thassadhar please: 2 x 80's WoA - 2 Silver a set of four. 1 x 90's WoA - 6 Silver a set of four. No rush and Merry Christmas to you
  3. As the titles says, I'm looking for a carpenter that could plan me a building on Melody S22/S23,1802
  4. I'm looking for some Seryll lumps to make me a new weapon. If you have some that you don't need please let me know I'm willing to pay 3s for full lumps up to 80ql and 3.5s for anything above 80ql. Thanks! -- Thassadhar
  5. Greetings LeafLife! Thank you for visiting my dwarven smithy and enjoy your new sickle! [01:38:32] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to reach Leaflife in less than ten minutes.
  6. Greetings Reverent! Can you please COD to Thassadhar * pickaxe (steel) coc90+ Thanks and all the best!
  7. Everything added. Thanks for the massive update! If you want to make my life easier in the future I would appreciate if you could stick to the format used for the map entries (can be found on the initial post)
  8. This is done. The other long highway with bridges will be done tonight.