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  1. Client hack bans

    Way to go! scum removed, also agree with removing associated scum as long as sufficient evidence is there would be easy enough to define and filter out people just "logging in to somebody else's account" with a proper investigation, these people deserve all of their accounts to be sent straight to hell.
  2. Oh look all the whiners have congregated to one forum thread now maybe if we could somehow trap them all in here.
  3. I guess it would be a big deal if it was kung-fu online but since weaponless is such a moot skill anyway it doesn't really not going to go into it further but +1 not a bad change, if they would increase the effectiveness of the weaponless skill a tad it might actually become useful
  4. Always find it funny when people complain about having a full bar of sleep bonus, you guys know the risk it maxes at 5 hours so on the off chance you have a full bar during an unplanned outage that's just bad luck! complaining about it isn't going to change anything what do they think that since they have a full bar nobody else should get any... too many selfish people around. Use your SB!
  5. The art team seems to be moving full steam ahead with all the model updates , cant say much for coding new content
  6. 80 silver chuck me a forum message, thanks
  7. -1 while we are at it why not just make all priest spells generic /end sarcasm
  8. please make the text bigger *puts away monocle*
  9. At the risk of this turning into a monkey poo flinging fest id kindly ask non-moderators to keep their opinions to themselves The reason i have posted this issue under server bugs is as follows, there is extensive rules and functions in the settings and this should be covered under the items and creatures it would seem it has been overlooked for whatever reason maybe when alliances where initially implemented, keep in mind there is role settings for alliance members much in the same as your own village members so therefor there should also be pick-up rules for alliance members. Deed settings are to prevent griefing this is a loophole
  10. As the title states alliance members are able to pickup items outside of buildings on allied deeds overiding deed settings Testing has been done and non-allied persons are not able to pickup items outside of buildings regardless of guards being present or not working as intended! Perhaps we need a seperate setting for alliance members as there doesnt appear to be one Thanks in advance!
  11. +1 for maps and local area HUD, also +1 for an option to turn it off for the players who dont want it for the "survival aspect"