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  1. Well, cotton for healing only. I can't make strings out of mine. For PvE, all you need is a good LT weapon. For PvP, it is quite useful. But what is that, like 5% of the Wurm population maybe? In those terms, it's not really that useful to the majority.
  2. Well, this by the game's definition is cheating. Cheating Definition:* Obvious abuse of any exploit, bug or other method of gaining skill/items that is not as intended. Punishment: Varies on a case by case bases including permanent ban and loss of skills.
  3. Afaik, there was no Roman Republic on Wild or Chaos. There was one on Epic, but the items don't transfer to Freedom.
  4. Good changes, thanks!
  5. Yes, I've also noticed that. The game has always micro-stuttered, meaning that it freezes for 1 to a few seconds, but it has always recovered. Now, occasionally, the game freezes like it's a micro-stutter and it stays frozen. I have to close the window and re-log.
  6. That whole situation just doesn't seem like it was handled properly. Instead of listing the involved players, there's a half-joking post about the violation. In the "What You See Here..." thread that describes the purpose of the Gallows, it says the intent is to be "more transparent", but that fispcudddcrl-news post didn't achieve that intent. Because the specific information is withheld, I can see how it can cause suspicion. I'm not saying that I agree with Pika, but I can understand the reason.
  7. It would be nice to see a variety of longer affinity timers with coffee from adding milk, sugar, etc.
  8. Did anyone else notice in the DevBlog's Monthly skin picture, the avatar is holding a different sword, like a Jackal one, maybe? Not sure if that was intentional or not, but it seems like it should be the new Claymore one since that's what is being advertised.
  9. Quick queso-tion, will this loot brie public or will those cheeseheads havarti the loot?
  10. I thought Kgorski already reached 100 channeling and chose the title "Volkhv".
  11. Yeah, some bugs with the cape. Also visible on Epic when portal over, though not actually there. Otherwise, big GRATS to you!!! Way to stick with those rifts. I know they can be a big pain.
  12. I have up to 1 gold of NFI silver that I would like to trade for up 1 gold of SFI silver in a 1:1 ratio.
  13. Yes, there is a small group of us that do. I like the current mediation caps on Ele. I've seen people choose different paths for different reasons, so creates some interesting variation. If full SotG is unlocked, then it seems everyone will go that path, which is fine also.
  14. Another Benediction goal is to reach 90 faith, which is almost 1/3 of the cast. Also, I know the goals don't have to be completed fully linearly, though there is some dependency/intention involved as if Approbation should be completed before Benediction. For example Approbation needs 70 faith, while Benediction needs 90 faith. That being said, Approbation has a 50 channeling goal, which would provide 6 links, plenty needed to cast. This encourages at least one of the priests to have at least completed this goal. Conversely, if casting the Rite goal is just expecting a new priest with low faith and channeling a free completion, then maybe it shouldn't be an end-game Benediction goal, but rather in Dedication instead. I think this would create more community public communication for casting help, as the people who would so readily snipe it would be in cooldown.
  15. My suggestion is for there to be a long 6 real life month cooldown before being able to participate in a rite cast again. The same mechanic is already in place for PVP champions. Maybe even extend it up to 12 real life months.
  16. I took my Freedom priest to Epic and worked through/completed this goal as a non-priest. I see you are no stranger to Desertion, so this goal shouldn't be a problem. Though, if you need woa tools and a place to work, let me know.
  17. These are good reasons not to buy a large amount of high ql right now. Save your money and just buy a small amount. Make some low ql khavesi, drink 9 x 1g sips, then drink 1 x 1g sip of high ql. A single 2kg jar will provide 2,000 sips. By the time that runs out (if that even happens), the market price should be significantly reduced.
  18. I was talking to the people who might bid on this product. Obviously they can't make it or they wouldn't be bidding. I see you posted my revelation as your 3rd dirty brown secret of coffee post. You're welcome.
  19. Actually, you'll receive 1,215,000 minutes total. You can make some crappy low ql khavesi and drink 9 sips for 90 power, then finish it up to 100 with 1 sip of this high ql product for the 27 minute timer.
  20. I remember playing on a WU server that had a craftable warhammer, and it caused all other weapons to become meaningless. Instead, since leather and chain are the preferred armour for pvp and they have higher vulnerability to pierce than other armour types, there needs to be a more effective one-hander that deals higher pierce damage. Currently, the longsword is the most comparable, but it deals a low amount of either piece or slash. My suggestion is to revitalize the short sword, by making it a dagger and dealing 15% additional piercing damage from the rear, like a rogue's backstab. It can still deal either slash or pierce to keep it from becoming the meta, but added checks so that if action is a pierce and behind target, then +15% damage.
  21. Please update/release all of the maps.