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  1. Ah, the story has changed, as it often does when a person has misinterpreted something and has too much pride to admit it. If you didn't want to take your neighbors into consideration while setting up your deed, Wurm Unlimited would have been a better choice. Good luck in your "research."
  2. Wow, seriously? Yaga is one of the nicest guys in the game, and I would have quit playing years ago if it wasn't for his kindness and help. If you felt like he was threatening you or trying to tell you what you could or could not do with your deed, you should have settled it in a PM conversation WITH HIM. If that didn't work out to your satisfaction, you could have taken it up with a developer. I've had miscommunications like these with people (yes, even Yaga) over my years of playing Wurm, and I've resolved them to my satisfaction via PM. Putting someone on blast in a forum NEVER ends well. (And no, that's not a threat--it's an observation based on years of seeing forum drama like this.)
  3. It's all fun and games until you wake up in the larder...

  4. I see what you did there. Seriously, I'm excited about recipes being shared (I still haven't figured out what to kill to get the salad recipe) and the prospect of having blessed lamps around (especially since olive oil decays, even in the huge oil barrel).
  5. I hang out in general, causing general mayhem.
  6. Come join us. Please don't make the dancing potato cry!
  7. Thief Alert

    I was definitely grateful for the warning in the freedom chat, because I saw she was looking for work, and I was considering inviting her to help me out. The notice was timely. I'm also grateful for the forum post, because stuff can get missed in chat, especially when we all get going.
  8. It was fantastic, and the skillgains and camaraderie made it hard to leave. Shrimpiie, if you're serious about hosting it again next year, I'm definitely in! Maybe between then and now I'll be able to bring some resources besides lead.
  9. The PoL nerf is frustrating to me, especially since skillgain gets more challenging after level 20. I'm a single mother who works from home, and I can't be ignoring my kid or my work to bounce in and out of Wurm in the hopes of gaining a tenth of a skill tick per meditation. Refresh made it worth it, but now, not so much.
  10. I didn't know Duce well, but I respected him. He seemed a voice of blunt reason, much like the human equivalent of a large maul. Rest in peace, man--you've more than earned it.
  11. Personally, I like having little bits of data like this--it makes the world of Wurm that much more concrete for me.
  12. I love the rift events, but I hate what they do the landscape. I would love it if the landscape and features would revert to their previous state once the rift is closed. I'm not sure how difficult that would be to program into the game mechanics, though.
  13. Do you want Americans? Because this is how you get Americans. (And before anyone gets offended about me insulting Americans, I'm from the US.)