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  1. Congratulations to the winners! We all worked really hard to make awesome deeds.
  2. There are a few possibilities: 1. The dragon spawns in the same general location because it's easier than making it random 2. Stanlee tames the dragon, leads it to the location, pens it, then untames it 3. Stanlee puts on a kilt and taunts the dragon until it chases him to the location. 4. Stanlee puts down a large trail of meat to lure it to the location. By the time it arrives, it is so full that it can no longer move.
  3. Please just give us some sort of update on this. We all worked really hard on our presentations.
  4. Yesterday, we had a dragon hunt on Deliverance. There were over 300 toons there. Afterward, the server was messed up for over an hour, and I had to log out and log back in FIVE times just to limp back to my deed on Deliverance with my horse. With all respect possible, how are you going to be able to support the demands of VR when something as minor as 300 toons in the same spot renders the server virtually unusable for any amount of time? If the idea is to attract and retain more players, the servers need to be able to support events that could potentially have a large number of toons in the same area at the same time.
  5. [Random Warhammer reference related to getting more dragon blood]
  6. When I first started playing Wurm nearly a decade ago, I thought it was tedious and boring, much like Minecraft but with better graphics. I stayed because of the people I met in the alliance I joined, and over time, I found that it was a great creative outlet. I did leave the game for a while when life became too busy and money became too tight, but I found myself longing for the community and the beauty of the world I left behind (and my husband started playing Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, which made me feel surprisingly homesick), so I came back. I pretty much had to start over, but some of my allies were still playing, new allies had joined, and they welcomed me back and helped me find a place to call my own. I founded my new deed, participated in an impalong, and felt some of my depression melt away as I created something new that was fully mine. (My ex introduced me to Wurm, and I took over the deed he built after he left. When I came back, I founded a new deed and built everything myself rather than expanding on someone else's ideas.) I also get to live out the fantasy that hard work and determination will allow me to own a house. Wurm isn't perfect, and there are a lot of areas where it could be better, but to me, it's home.
  7. While I've had literal dreams of walking within the lands of Wurm, I would rather have the jetty available in marble first. Heck, if oriels had better visibility from inside buildings, I would be happy. VR would be fun, but I think the bugs, viable suggestions, and building options need to be fixed first.
  8. Thank you! And now... If you've ever played Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, you've heard of Sale's House O' Bananas. I give you...Cyg's House O' Lemons: It will look better once I finish planting all of the fruit trees (I ran out of sprouts). It's going to be my beverage-making workshop now that I've expanded my deed. The building itself looks amazing thanks to your great dyemaking skill, and I think this proves once and for all that marble is the best material for showing off color.
  9. I actually miscounted and need 6kg more of yellow, please. COD to Ladycygnet.
  10. Thank you! I will show you what I'm up to when it's finished.
  11. 14kg of yellow COD to Ladycygnet, please. ETA: I changed up my plan, so I need 2kg more (14 instead of 12).
  12. Thank you for the demonstration. Would dyes look more true to their color on another material, such as marble?
  13. Do you have an example of how fire brick would look on a wooden wall?