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  1. I've lived in villages throughout my experience with wurm and thought this new server would be a great opportunity to found a place of my own. I lived on deli, and where I lived I rarely came across people. I wanted to live in a place that had a relatively small, and kind community. The land is so big I was able to find just what I was looking for. Now most of the time I spend my wurm days on a peaceful plot of land conversing and trading with my neighbors (which I never could do before because of the low count of players on deli, specifically in my area ). There are a lot of valid points as to why you should stay on your server. And I agree with a good amount of them. But if you do move to Xanadu I'm sure you can find a nice place like your old one And it's always nice to have a change in scenery as well.
  2. I found a perfect spot to build my house, but there are no rock tiles around to start a mine. Is it better to find a different spot or take the time to dig till I reach stone? (I really love the area)
  3. So I have been wanting to tame a wildcat for a while just for fun because they're kinda cute. But of course when I try to tame them they automatically get aggresive and attack me. Then I accidentally kill it and think about how me and my little wildcat could have been best friends. So I make a little grave for it and bury it. Wow. Much cute. Very sad. Wow. Lol that aside, I've been wondering, what's the best way to tame an aggresive animal without having to hurt or kill it?
  4. Haha yeah my account is long gone then. Does that mean the username was deleted with it? If so then I can create a new character and still use the same username. If not, oh well But I guess this works perfectly as I was planning on starting out fresh
  5. ahh ok. Is there a way to change my password for the game? Because I have an account for the game already . Edit: wait nevemind I found out how to change it. I'll do that now and see what it does Secound edit: I changed my password yet it still gives me the same message. Also, when I was changing my password and clicked "ok" it said it didn't recognize my email. (and yes, I typed it right).
  6. So my account is obviously working fine on the forums since I'm able to post this, but when I click play on the launcher it goes to the loading screen then stops and says "you need to register an account on wurm" (and it gives the link). I just reset my password to see if that would help but it did not. Any ideas?