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  1. I read through some threads in this forum, where people are against maps because they don't fit the time. But in the same thread, they constantly whine that map dumps should be done more frequently. Map dumps are space age satellite mapping. Pick one, people.
  2. How do you know you are not the few? It's usually the minority that is most vocal This way you just turn it around, now those people are affecting us, because they like to not be on maps. This is why I don't change my arguments, because yours are mostly non-arguments.
  3. I like maps to be working the same as in real world, because that is what makes the most sense. Government around the world have to go through hoops to hide their secret bases from satellite images, because it's against what maps are for. Why should maps in wurm be any different?
  4. And because there is nothing better to do on sunday afternoon, other than coding, I added voting to remove deeds that were disbanded. (Inserting images doesn't seem to work)
  5. The map doesn't seem to be taking off, so there is no need to panic. But I find it ironic that people want to play the "Online" version of the game but want privacy and to isolate themselves. There once was a different version of the game for that and it is cheaper to play. One thing about opt in systems is, that the user should prove that they are the owner of the deed, I doubt this is done on the official community map and thus invalidates many of the arguments against this map. Also, who is responsible for removing deeds of people that stopped playing? Some people would maybe report these as being gone, but maybe they are scared of doing so because it is not their deed and they are scared of being banned. This makes the map from inaccurate to outdated which is much worse and less usefull. This sounds like a really good idea
  6. I'm taking the hint that wurm players don't like fun, and won't be developing it further. Edit: I might be developing it but at a slower speed
  7. This kind of reminds me the plot of hitchiker's guide to the galaxy. I think there is better potential to the exploration in wurm and not using precise maps is also kind of role-play-ish. But the tools in game and the community map do not help this too much.
  8. No, I can still remove deeds that owners don't want on the map. But it should work more like real life maps, if a google street view car drives by your house, it will be on the map because they "discovered" it. And if the house owner doesn't like it, they can get it removed. You don't ask every village if it wants to be on the map, you just hide the area 51s and such. Edit: Not being on a map actually brings more players there, that are looking for an empty spot. Maybe that's the opposite of what people, that don't want their deeds on maps, want.
  9. Explorer's Guild Cadence Map [Beta] If you want to hide the location of your deed, let me know. This is an "interactive" map. After you register, you can add new deeds (more to come) you find on your travels. After someone adds a new marker, it is hidden under the "Show voting" button, where registered users can vote whether the information is correct. This way, the map should be more dynamic and up to date with current events on the server. Let's get exploring! Planned features: - Voting to remove deeds. - Highways and tunnels. - Towers - Different servers in case there is a demand. Bit of backstory: When looking at the community map, I got annoyed at how outdated and empty it is. Having one person updating all the maps is not optimal. Also with the rule that you can only add your own deeds, and towers, it can never be too great. Some people do not know the map exists, and therefor can't add their deed even if they wanted, some don't care and some don't want to bother with registering and posting. That is why I think this way, where a bunch of explorer's can keep the map updated, is much better. Also it is going to be opt-out instead of opt-in, making it more accurate.
  10. Premium

    If i go on store page without loging in, It says Pay via paypal and other options are super reward and BLVD media coin mine, so i checked that but you need to log in to see how many months you can buy, but one month is standart so i didn't think about that.
  11. Premium

    I was talking about the "I read it's becouse of some transaction fees or something like that." You're right about me feeling cheated, i think this game is good and i would like to go premium but now i don't want to spend more money for something i really don't want right now and by that i mean some silver or another month. If there was said from beggining, "It's 5€ a month, but becouse of *** something, we're selling only 2 months, Or you can buy 1 month and in game currency" then i would pay without saying anything
  12. Premium

    There we go... Fanboys... 1. I played a lot of MMOs and payed for many of them and i never had reason to check, if information provided somewhere else than in the shop is 100% correct, becouse it should be. 3. If someone stops and thinks i'm right at some point, then it makes sense to me. (And also i feel better ) 4. I've ordered card week ago, it should be done in about a week from now... So what are my other options? 5. I never said they lie also insulting me is not good argument 6. Enough said in #1 and #4
  13. Premium

    You've got good point, but i think this is different situation. There's not hundred of thousand people playing, so they should care about every single "subscriber" and i don't think i'm the only one who didn't buy premium becouse of this.
  14. Premium

    Most people see "hey, it's only 5€ a month, i like this game so i'll give it a try" and when they go to the shop "oh, I have to buy 2 months, ok i wanted to give them money anyway." and they'll buy it. It feels like some kind of psychological trick to get more money. Yes, if it was said directly. This game is worth 10€ a month, but now i feel tricked