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  1. eWars Studios Server

    oh just saw that too. farming is set to 4 but modded so your crops wont die. animal breeding is accelerated as well though i forget what it's set to. i'll have to check.
  2. eWars Studios Server

    search for ewars studios server. with a dedicated host and gms we plan on expanding as people start to join. we have epic settings and are currently pvp. once we expand we will setup pve servers to sail to. come check it out. almost nothing built yet. but come and join a kingdom and help us build an empire. we will be spawning in uniques every so often on a set schedule regardless if the previous on has been killed. 4k map skill gain is 10 ( i think) starting skills at 10 chars at 25 and 23 fight at 15 any questions or comments let me know. any requests and i'll see what i can make happen map below The map for dl
  3. you lost your detail in the maps when you zoom in
  4. i would help you maintain if you could get all the things like roads and tunnels...also you should add some sort of login system for adding... if you kept it as simple as it still looks i'm sure there are a few from each server that would help maintain as well...thus creating a team for you that could add/delete things and fix errors...on the same note i would limit roads to being added only by a certain few... me if you wanted any help...
  5. +1 this would be great if done right
  6. Deli Down

    think it's just the fact that we had about 3x more payers logged in then any other server...yay props to deli for being the best...
  7. thank you so much for working through your weekend to get this done...and for the compensation even though it wasn't your fault...
  8. lwhile i like the idea of an offline version...i would have to say that this would never happen...maybe sometime in the long distant future the company would have enough money to get vastly superior servers that could allow for them to have say...a paid for private server if the play could pay enough for it...but even then they would loose out on any potential silver/premium funds that could have been generated by forcing that player to play on the public yeah not gunna happen
  9. Route Blocked

    the sever is running...we just can't get onto it...
  10. Route Blocked

    yeah suffered 2months on my toons to get them...but now it's worth every penny...
  11. Route Blocked

    one thing i've noticed of anything wurm related...once something's never the usually happens this's always the "how the f*** did that happen"...
  12. Route Blocked

    good thing i have starcraft and diablo...otherwise i might be mad...