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  1. Starting bid: 20 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: Not accepted
  2. 25s on lot 2. will pay a few extra for coastal del on Harmony
  3. Order filled, thanks Character name: Kajar
  4. Both the bridge calc download and the wiki state that 79 masonry should be able to build arched brick bridge of 2x19 tiles. Although it will allow me to do stone flat bridge at 2x19 it states masonry is too low at 79.500 to do the arched.
  5. Since you're working currently on bridges and collision detection perhaps add collision detection to bigger ships deck/railing and let passengers roam the decks. Disembark could function to let you off of the ship and right click-> embark passenger could put you back on top Thanks for your time Alkayne
  6. Close please

    Excellent service. Decided I would take the Trowel for 1.4s as well COD Alkayne and thanks in advance!
  7. Close please

    I'll take the 82 WoA chisel COD to Alkayne please!
  8. Thanks Baloo, can reach me in game with char Alkayne deed is H14
  9. Near Vrock Landing deed is 41x41. Area is rolling hills and i'm looking to have it flattened, nothing fancy. Willing to negotiate pay upon inspection
  10. Hostility comes from defending myself against someone claiming that I cut a lake in half when the landbridge existed BEFORE I built the fort, and BEFORE I started playing. His "friend" gave him my name and he could just as well contacted me or a villager in game and been told the exact same thing. Edit: The area around the landbridge has been shallow enough to walk across since I built here. We have been dredging a long time to allow larger ships to commute the passage. Feel free to spend your evenings dredging as well before complaining.
  11. I'm the mayor of Fort Forsaken, and we have several active villagers. What an ignorant post concerning the fort, and the landbridge. The landbridge was there far longer than the fort, and is being used by several deeds to transport goods around the area. In no way is this a recent development and in no way did anybody in my village have anything to do with it.