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  1. It was built just before highways were implemented. It was built by myself, my villagers, some friends and handful of random new players who had just started the game, lived nearby and were looking for something to do. Had we known highways were coming, we probably wouldve built it 2 tiles wide and it might still be here today. The bridge had a massive height in the middle just because it didnt cost us any extra resources and we thought it'd be a cool lookout position. It was fun building that bridge. I'm glad it served its purpose in the beginning and im very surprised it lasted so long considering ive stopped playing wurm years ago and the bridge was also decommissioned years ago.
  2. Very sad news. RIP one of the longest residents of cele. I passed the news onto my villagers. We don't play anymore but the boys from Mercenary Camp, South Steppe send their condolences. - RomaN - Frostbite - Colus - Opije - Jake
  3. I'll take the following please: - Grooming Brush c102 - Large shield c100 - Small wood shield c101 - Butchering Knife c102 - Meditation rug c100
  4. Small Axe - Iron - Q 90 - NIM 96 (+3 CR) - LT 88 - COC 97 - 4.20 Silver Cod to Roman please if still available.
  5. I'll take 2 Exquisite Pads. 50c each. Cod to Roman.
  6. How would you moderate real world item trading though? It's not against the rules to give someone 1g for seemingly no reason at all and you can't gain access to their paypal to confirm a transaction has taken place either.
  7. Sorry, my paypal not working at the moment. I'll repost when ready.
  8. The 20 Fightskill requirement was introduced to Chaos years ago to prevent suicide alts from being used to disrupt enemy tower bashes by suiciding into the crowd and spamming repair on the tower. It's probably not intended to be on freedom. They probably just copied the code over by mistake.
  9. A long time ago: There was only 1 non-pvp server (excluding golden valley). Uniques were truly unique. There was only 1 on the server and they didn't respawn. There was only one type of dragon that dropped scale, the Red Dragon. There was no such thing as bones, skull or tomes. Scale/Drake was butchered from the corpse in several lump chunks and you couldn't really split it to give to everyone. Back then, public slayings were common and most people were happy just for a chance to attend a slaying for the title and experience. Nowadays people fight over ownership of a unique, the distribution of loot and not being included in fights and we have alliances on servers creating rules forbidding members from attending the slayings of "outsiders". It's not right. If anything comes out of this thread, it should be the return to some of the old ways where slayings were a public community event that brought people together and happiness ensued.
  10. Jonydowy has permission to demolish my wooden bridge.