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  1. Discuss Epic plz

    It was a 'thought' and you make a very good point as to why such simply wouldn't work Perfect example of why brain fart ideas like this thread should be thought out in depth rather than acted upon just because it sounded good when you said it haha.
  2. Discuss Epic plz

    I totally agree with the 'noone will come out' point. Seen that happen more times than I can begin to count. I've voiced my thoughts on this and a few other points of pvp that simply make my head throb. However I don't think that removing home servers would solve that really. As Radni mentioned, new people need a place to get started. I personally have my own reasons for playing JKH as long as I have, none of which belong in this thread . I mainly quoted Radni because the discussion was suddenly taking a turn in a whole different direction that it was meant to (nothing new there lol). Having said that, I knew someone would call me on the length of time I have played on JKH before I posted that. I cannot deny that I've spent far too much time on JKH to be considered as 'learning or preparing'. However, I do make attempts to contribute, small as they may be. I can understand the frustration that people from Elevation feel with the home severs, I even share some of those feelings. In the end, I agree something needs to be done. I simply don't feel removing servers is the answer. (except maybe Challenge). I could even see something like skill caps on home servers helping, that would keep people from staying on home severs forever. However, that makes me think of the size of Elevation itself. If the plan is to bring everyone from home servers to Elevation at some point it just seems like there would be a bit of over crowing eventually. I could be wrong on that, its just a thought. That leads to the 'new' Elevation server idea, which in one way could be a good thing but is it what the people of Elevation want? Maybe it is, maybe its not but I really wish this thread could be limited to suggestions from only those who are personally invested, Epic. We can argue enough among ourselves without the input of people who have 0 involvement.
  3. Indeed would be quite helpful and give us many more options to expand the market.
  4. Discuss Epic plz

    +1 to Viti! Not sure how I feel about the mine door thing but everything else is right on imo.
  5. I don't bother with Challenge because that's not the game I came to play. I am aware that your original idea for Epic was to have it work similar to how Challenge works and that it was more of a testing idea in the first place. The problem with that is, Epic went on for far too long evolving and growing, with no news or updates from anyone on progression of this idea. Now, for those who play Epic, its home. When I first starting playing I was unaware of this initial plan that Epic would be a 'revolving' server. I grew to love the game and my home here. All serious thoughts that everything was supposed to be only temporary had long ago slipped from the minds of older players into more of a subconscious memory. Now, you want to start up a new server, Challenge, and expect those who spent years of work on Epic to just jump on the bandwagon and forget everything they worked so hard for in the past. While I am sure there are some who will do so, the fact that this thread exists screams that many will not. Meanwhile, adding more and more features that seem to do nothing more than cause more and more bugs, more and more frustration has this game taking 2 steps forward and 3 steps back. Again, I understand that the idea of Challenge has been long in the works. I can see how it could be quite exciting and challenging fun for anyone interesting in that type of game play. Under other circumstances I would possibly be interested in trying it out as well. However, I just don't think the plan itself is ready enough to keep a large player base interested.
  6. Discuss Epic plz

    Get rid of Challenge. Far too many people have put years of work into Epic to just toss all that away. It will drive many people from the game as has been said several times in this thread already. Stop creating new issues (i.e. new servers, new bugged features) and focus on what is already in place. Maybe even look into the 'real' reasons for lower player base.The only people who even suggest getting rid of Epic don't even play Epic.How about those who play Epic vote get rid of xandau, maybe a few of the pve servers because they are not important to anyone who doesn't play them. As for resetting maps, it personally just seems like a really bad idea unless you can get a vast majority of that particular map seriously asking for a reset and agreeing on the pros/cons. Lastly, just leave skill gain alone already.
  7. Stick with the computer parts, its much cheaper. With the woman option you'll be buying many shoes that you will never wear, and neither will she!
  8. Hm, I remember that game. I think I uninstalled it long ago though
  9. Servers are down, time in wurm is stopped until they are back online.