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  1. Would it be possible to make levelling of dirt or rock in mines faster? It doesn't seem faster than on the original servers despite the default faster action speed in Unlimited.
  2. - It would be nice if someone could make a mod to make slate slabs the same way as stone and marble slabs are made instead of how it is currently: 5 concrete + 21 slate shingles is a little over the top. - bricks...why drag from a bsb and combine rock shards constantly to make bricks, either use the rock shards in a designated bsb near you (and put the bricks back in the same bsb) or have multiple whole bricks made out of a single rock shard, without having to combine and no leftovers...the way it is now is a terrible strain on the wrists.
  3. You make it sound as if land for deeds is rare. The area I'm in on Release has lots more room for more deeds, took a bit of work to make my deeds habitable but hey I like terraforming, apparently others don't as the area I'm currently deeding has been empty and untouched for -well over 6 months-. Had to make a couple of tunnels down the cliff side to get access to the ocean but that's fine with me. You say you aren't denying me my play style but that's exactly what you're doing. I have zero interest in Xanadu, I will never set foot there. If rich people go there like 'locusts' as you call it it seems you have an issue with people on Xanadu where the traders have already been changed, huh. From what I understand there isn't a lack of room on Xanadu either but ok.
  4. Did you miss the part where I wrote that I'm already paying for four premium chars with store money? And that I play because I like terraforming deeds? Nawww Oh and I paid for the traders with store money too, and the placing the deeds...how is that using money from smaller deed owners...really. Regarding the deeds being ghost towns..they aren't, I'm in an alliance and alliance members are free to come work on their woodcutting, using the mines. I'm always busy building and terraforming there, well before my break, so ghost towns they aren't. Did you also miss the part where I said all the leftover money goes back into the economy, there's trading and socializing for you. Seriously why all the venom and hatred.
  5. Since the remove trader crowd is getting vocal again, here is what I think. I took a 1.5 month break during all the Xanadu drama and the state of limbo it caused on Release, but I will say this: If I hadn't had traders I wouldn't have returned. The facts: Currently I have 4 premium characters paid for by the Wurm store (one of them recently renewed for a year during my break): a general build character, a main vyn priest, a vyn battery and a mag priest. All of the money I make with them (not that much and even less after Xanadu opening up... I made about 1g with trading in 1.5 years of playing) goes towards buying bricks and armour/weapons and goes back into the player economy. The traders I have pay for the upkeep of the deeds with 2-4s a month left over before Xanadu opened up. The leftover amount also goes back into the player economy (more bricks...can never have enough bricks). The upkeep for the deeds I have is 22s a month including guards (not counting the 2 deeds I inherited recently from someone who quit as I'm not certain on the upkeep amount there but since they both have a trader on it I assume they balance out). Now if traders were to be changed, given zero revenue due to migration to Xanadu or even removed on Release (not that I'm saying they will be!) I would have two options, well three really: 1. I quit altogether, selling off my chars and deeds and traders (if they still exist) to people who may well shrink the deeds to reduce upkeep and/or use ingame coin to pay for the chars instead of money bought from the Wurm store. The silver I make that way would be converted back to RL money to recoup a small part of the money I spent on the game which means people buying silver from me instead of the Wurm store. 2. Cut back on the amount and size of deeds. Well, I play Wurm for the building and terraforming, the rest doesn't interest me that much to be honest. One small deed just won't cut it for my playstyle, which is what I would be able to afford if I were to only use silver bought from the store..I would be cutting back on the amount of premium chars then as well because Wurm would be too expensive and not nearly as interesting to me anymore. This would also mean a revenue loss for the Wurm store. 3. Rob a bank and pay for the chars and deeds with money from the store. Not sure how well I like prison, can you play Wurm there? Yeah, not doing that. So yeah if the traders on Release are to be messed with in the future for me there would at the very least need to be a drastic reduction (90%!) in upkeep to make up for it if that's even possible. I don't see that happening. Now I'm not saying that me leaving would have much of an impact on Wurm, I very much doubt it, but I can hardly be the only one in this situation now can I?
  6. I'll buy them if delivered to Fogles X47 Y34 (east-coast release). I probably won't be on until tomorrow evening or the weekend, please pm me on Terpsichore if in game
  7. i'd like to buy them if delivered, i'm at fogles, east coast of the release server (x47 - y34)
  8. Erm, looks like the large deed I bought just got devalued to half the price I paid for it...any chance of a one-time 50% refund on every deeded tile? Pretty please?
  9. Any new server should bring in players, new ones and returning ones alike, the question is if it's worth moving servers for when already settled on another one
  10. What about the people that do not want pristine and release to connect to the old cluster yet?
  11. I'm staying. I've spent way too much time on my deeds to just abandon them and Release definitely hasn't grown stale yet. Besides Xanadu doesn't seem to offer that much more aside from longer delivery times...
  12. Erm no, i put in a ton of time and effort into building up my deeds, at the cost of working on skills. I don't want to lose those deeds.
  13. Is this server meant for the new player influx after putting the game on Steam?
  14. Honestly, I'm getting so tired of all these game changing alterations lately. This new server means people put things on hold because we do not have enough information. Some questions: - will this server connect the old cluster to the new cluster? - where will this server connect if it does? - will this server be a pve server where people can build deeds or a hunting server? - will traders be allowed to be placed there? - when will this server go live? - will wurm be put on steam and is the new server meant for the rush of new players wanting to try wurm out so as to affect the old servers as little as possible? - will this server have new features like rivers and permafrost? - will mines be 3D on the new server? Result: not feeling like logging in because any work on chars or deeds might become for nothing at any point
  15. merchant restocked, thank you for buying
  16. What is to stop players from creating multiple throwaway alts, one after the other, and chain claim the land they want to occupy even using temporary small deeds though?
  17. not hard, just more annoying than before
  18. Without warning my hitched and untamed bison were attacked twice in 5 minutes just moving between deeds, in my opinion this does not weigh up against seeing some critters attack each other. This is just yet another unnecessary annoyance that got ninja'd in without warning and without reasoning. If people want to see animals fight perhaps watch the nature channel.
  19. how about you add your reasoning then, most of us tried to explain why we don't like it
  20. When making changes to the game, please consider one thing first before you add them... This is a game, is what I'm going to add fun?
  21. I'm sorry but I don't like this, my hitched untamed bison keep getting attacked instead of me, there are corpses all over the place that nobody got to get any FS on not even mentioning all the meat that just lies around in huge quantities. I"m hoping this is an april fool's day thing and it will be gone soon.