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  1. The log message you provided doesn't supply me with enough info. Don't you have a line starting with "Failed to connect:" in the log?
  2. will be fixed in the next client patch
  3. It will be fixed in the next patch properly. You are correct, it had something to do with the texture sizes.
  4. Only unstable client is affected (that is why is unstable called that way), we are looking for a fix.
  5. Probably the new font for large signs is causing this. Please PM me the locations where you crash, so I can live debug that situation since I cannot seem to be able to reproduce it on test.
  6. Please let us know how it went.
  7. /me adds this to his secret todo list (I will probably make it disabled by default and toggle-able on tab basis)
  8. Alienware uses nvidia optimus technology. If you haven't done it already, you must set javaw.exe to use not the integrated gpu, but the nvidia processor. It should look similar to this in the control panel:
  9. Try to check "Disable select all shortcut" in the game settings under Text tab.
  10. Please slap me gently in the face if I forget to release the changelog ever again