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  1. WB Ourlord, really hope to seeing you in the game sometime soon..Good luck with your village
  2. definatly my type of village, especially the pvp part. to bad i cant join but BIG BUMP from me
  3. What...the hell are you smoking. Please continue to insult a man who has always been fair and good to everyone and has in fact BARELY been playing lately due to the birth of his first child. The Awesome and godly Matthew of Mol-Rehan. Gotta agree with Nadroj, and bump for HK, though im JK and plan to stay FOREVER (unless i go back to freedom again for more money)
  4. Bump Stock updated, and still working on more items
  5. Biggest bump for this man in charge, might i suggest some WOA swords also?
  6. Smithing part of shop has been paused. still making bows though
  7. NOOOO dont go to wild Sharkin..come join us at our deed near Tenakill, if your 100% going to wild atleast go to JK and join HSB, tell them i recommended you
  8. Found Cheaper
  9. Starting up a new shop, I am located at Iron City(not on map), which is very close to Tenakill on western coast. You can pick up orders or I can send it cod 10c per item unless it needs wrapped 20c Currently in stock 60ql Sickle 68coc - 50c [sOLD] 70ql Shovel 47coc - 45c [sOLD] 70ql File 65coc - 55c [sOLD] 61ql Medium bow (cedarwood) 72coc - 60c 60ql Long bow (cedarwood) 44coc - 50c 62ql Long bow (pinewood) 70coc - 60c 62ql Short bow (cedarwood) 58coc - 60c 70ql Shovel 42coc - 45c 70ql Needle 39coc - 45c Also can make the following upon request with any vynora enchants Blacksmithing-50ql-15c / 60ql-25c / 70ql-45c Enchants-coc/woa 1-70 1c per point 70-90 1.5c per point 90+ custom Also can make the following upon request with enchants 60ql bows for 40c coc/woa below 50-50c above 50-60c
  10. 70c Pearlben (M/Black/Foal) fierce.fleeter.lightning.carry more.aggressive. Parents: Cainepick+Danceminsc. interested in this one here, PM Birdmansback for arrangements
  11. Bumpity bump..great prices, quick and reliable
  12. OK OK your comments in opening have seduced me, i would love to join an ACTIVE, FRIENDLY, BEAUTIFUL village..atm im lost near Eastern Plains..
  13. i live near Tenakill, you tell me what village on the map your near and i may be able to help if not to far, 70 masonry here
  14. Hey Ray, as you know, our business has been rocking lately so our 2 forges could use an imping to 80ql or so.. but we are also on the other side of the map. so. PM me in game... your friendly.. -birdmansback-
  15. isn't Majorminor 60+ FS? why is he in class 3?
  16. i dont usually use shields, so technically i should be in class 4 lol, i just started using since the FS put me up for Longswords and LG metal shield if it is needed to be given the items to make the fights more fair..btw im eastern time, so what time is that for me?
  17. sign me up class 3, dropped to 55 fs lol Birdmansback
  18. ok awesome it was saving as open doc text instead of just regular text, it worked this time, thx alyeska