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  1. Who do you miss?

    Horton- used to have fun messing with him...always welcomed me back no matter my history. Wintersolstice- Miss him most of all, he was like my father of wurm...very supportive of me, and helped me when i was down. Sizewell- was a great leader, haven't seen him since forever..i think maybe 5 months after the original home servers went down. Zerobyte- good man all around. Birch - Great guy all around (and his military son whos ingame name i forgot)
  2. NO. I like the idea for everyone to have something to look forward to achieving. maybe make dominating harder or make them non dominatable.
  3. that favour gain only really benefits looking for a benefit for non priests atm.
  4. i enjoy these random spawns, but i wish rolf would clarify some purpose with the valrei items that you butcher from them..maybe make missions revolving around them somehow.
  5. [16:20:26] You cut Young drakespirit deadly hard in the left thigh and irritate it. [16:20:26] Your cut affects Young drakespirit. [16:20:30] Young drakespirit hits Spirit templar very hard in the chest and irritates it. [16:20:32] Young drakespirit bites Spirit templar very hard in the left underarm and irritates it. [16:20:33] Young drakespirit tailwhips Spirit templar extremely hard in the chest and hurts it. [16:20:33] You try to focus. [16:20:38] Young drakespirit hits Spirit templar hard in the stomach and irritates it. [16:20:38] You fail to reach a higher degree of focus. [16:20:42] Young drakespirit stuns you! [16:20:45] Thehunter cuts Young drakespirit extremely hard in the head and slaps it. [16:21:09] Young drakespirit is dead. R.I.P. smashed out one of our 80ql walls..but 2 of us with 5 templars finally got one down...and another group of like 5 or 6 killed 5 or 6 other ones...there a dying breed now
  6. 2 of us with 70fs and weak weapons avg of 60ql armour (chain), tower guards tank mostly but we can only manage to get it to wounded..every time we would go in for attacking, i twould stun every 5 seconds so we couldnt even try to hit...i even managed to get to lvl 4 focus and aimed at it's head...then did a FALCON drained it of stamina...still pillar and fire heart or whtever was useless also.
  7. if you play it just right they can be killed...4 of us at strong box on horses called tower guards on it...killed all the guards twice but we managed to get it to wounded...definatly is time consuming with only 4 of us...a lot of backing up for stamina and healing...but if you play smart you can beat them.. but i will add that spirit templars and tower guards are only good for tanking...none of them got 1 hit on it.
  8. well there is a twitter page that updates there movements...and you can also look at the map link for the gods map.
  9. >Sports!<

    i watch and play many sports. WATCH: Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey (playoffs only) PLAY: all of the above, mostly in high school, which my junior year i also ran track (400, 200, and triple jump) Favorite teams: Football- Philadelphia Eagles, Basketball- Miami Heat, Baseball- New York Yankees, Hockey- Colorado Avalanche
  10. Im gonna laugh when the day comes when our generation is saying "You spoiled little brats! All we had in our day was Xbox's, PS3's, iphones, flat-screen tv's & laptops, you ungrateful little !" [21:48:05] <Bartimaeus> you want a what! a flying car!!! we had to make do with 4 wheels!!!
  11. Okay i will say this again, the part of this tip was for newer people and people who did not know..this was not meant as a reply post..only for knowledge
  12. we recently had some enemies come over to our deed for some pvp.. i was getting shot with arrows, so i backed into the deed and into my house to heal...well the enemy backed pretty far away (about 40tiles) and managed to shoot over tall stone walls and through my house to kill me..but when he is at the recommended 20 tiles away he gets a message stating that our gate house window is in the it to be that if your far away you can shoot over tall walls and through houses..or is this a bug?
  13. my idea was about not needing logs for imping lol
  14. as of recently i have started fletching and have learned a new trick, i've been playing for close to 4 years now i think...but anyway...i have noticed that a lot of villages complain about not having high enough quality wood to imp there arrows with...easy fix... instead of using up logs for imping arrows simply find a bsb that contain 0 arrows and put your arrow that needs a log to be imped into the bsb, then pull it out and it should not need a log anymore..sometimes you may need to do it twice but it is a log saving technique and i hope it helps new players and people not familiar with fletching techniques...enjoy
  15. Love Effect turns all animals in your local to 'friendly status' with green highlight. does this mean that there only non aggressive for the set time, or can they be considered tamed and have them target an enemy?
  16. if you watch the wizard of oz backwards its about a girl who falls asleep and wakes up in a city with a lion, a tin man and a scarecrow, gets her hair done then runs away and leaves the lion in a forest and then walks on and leaves the tin man to rust and then gets to a cornfield and asks the scarecrow which way to go then hangs him on a post and walks away then scares some munchkins into hiding and turns a good witch into a bubble then frees a bad witch from under a house then for a to a fortune teller and ends up working on a farm.
  17. so my girlfriend has an acct on mr-h and i on elevation. i went over by boat to convert her while she was on and now it will not let either of us log on, this converting thing has become quite a hassle as of late. Enki has already said that it is impossible for her to swim over cause she loses stamina to fast. but now we cannot log on either of our accts.
  18. how u get your stam, food, water bar on the right side like that?
  19. Nah, this is what ATI graphics does to you: I actually like those walls... def looks 2d to me, thats better than mine though
  20. Integrated on board graphics... Dell Inspiron 1545, causes me to have refresh lags all the time...3 second refresh lag when i try to right click on something to open,target, action, etc
  21. since the last update this is what i see now
  22. WOS

    ahh didnt know that, would still be a good idea to see if enough ppl would use it first though
  23. WOS

    a few of us on Epic thought it would be a cool idea if there was a WOS (Wurmonline Skill compare) for epic players...anyone who thinks would be an ok idea then is a optional thing, not like you HAVE to post on it, but some of us would enjoy using it.