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  1. Happy 5000

    grats i suppose
  2. same here, ppl trying to remove me and they keep ending up on my list again..only difference is it dont show in events anymore
  3. i'm just starting small atm with the ideas..but adding certain types of decorations to certain things would be awesome, like being able to make plaques and attach to Colossus' Towers Houses, and maybe even wooden plaques for boats...
  4. due to an upcoming event i have planed for a fallen soldier of the BL community...i have come up with the idea of making plaques available to Collosus'. something a bit similar to the WL and BL, basically being able to right click and choose 'read inscription'. I think it would be awesome to add these so that people can write something and add a list of names of all the people that helped build them...(atleast for the memorial ones) i was suggesting if these became possible, i could write on it IN LOVING MEMORY OF AIKO Regards From: list of names below so please help me implement this small's not anything that really will hurt if done
  5. minus the fact that we have to keep going out to get corpses and ours has to be near the location to work..they can rise ther nogump anywhere and just drag it along...makes it much easier
  6. well in my experience of pvp fo seems a bit op with there morning fog, oakshell and willowspine...we have true hit....but the one thing i would like to see change is the rebirth option...if we can only keep it for 24 hours..and WLers get theres for how long until it dies...we should atleast get to keep the traits (I.E. hellhorse) I mean it has been mentioned of someone on WL side going 40 km/h on a hell horse now how is that fair? and the champ no that is apparently permanatly forever a mongol..and it's strength seems to be equal to a call of the dead cast of 40+ trolls.
  7. i mean he will state, they can tame and we can zombify...but as far as traits and such go...that should be fixed...WLers gaining speed bonus on them with exceptional kingdom bonuses...and we dont have any zombied speed traits..
  8. for equality +1.....but in fairness rolf will just say WL tame HH is equal to BL zombies....but none the less WL priests can tame and BL cannot...there are many flaws to priests which not farming for instance
  9. yeah i saw that, just when i figured a way to log into wurm lol
  10. for something so coulda atleast coded the epic server since most ppl wont be able to defend there stuff in that long span of time
  11. this is one of the dumbest things yet...Rolf stop failing
  12. can't forget this one: />
  13. />
  14. there, i had it back to songs
  15. Post your song of the day everyday. give something for others to listen to.
  16. change your perimeter settings and you wont have to worry about is freedom after all
  17. i always like these things, though anything i would win would be pointless since i mostly play on epic, i havent been on freedom since epic started so maybe ill go back over...ill post what class im in once i see how badly my FS has decayed on freedom...AGAIN.
  18. i have a friend who lives in Brisbane aus...she plays wurm
  19. well Elevation has spread pretty thin..we could always do without home servers...possibly increasing our pvp part more a bit
  20. yep we managed to kill it after being thrown around like rag dolls billion times...but it was a 'Powerful Orb'
  21. Kangaroos, champion Lava Fiends, monkeys, tigers,