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  1. In the settings menu under keybinds, you can make changes and click on "Save As" and input a name. I assume this is to make different keybind profiles. After making a couple, I saw new folders in the PlayerFiles\configs folder for each of the keybind profiles I created, each with their own keybindings.txt and gamesettings.txt files. But, I can't seem to find where to go to switch keybind profiles to the ones I've created? Any ideas.
  2. extended leveling

    I like this idea, but I think it would be better to call it "sloping" as opposed to leveling, which would suggest to make flat. For example, instead of "level" the next tile, it would be "slope" the next tile with the same +20 slope in the same direction as the one you're standing on.
  3. It would be nice if there was a mod that removes the tile distance requirements for Guard Towers and Traders.
  4. Smelter live!

    Is it possible to get separate patch notes for WO and WU? Or at least say that this is only on WO and not on WU yet? I know updates won't get pushed onto both platforms right away so it would be nice to know when WU gets the update. I have steam off on my dedicated server machine so that it doesn't get updated automatically and remove my mods. It happened already so I leave Steam off now. But it would be nice to know when the dedicated server app has updates so that I can plan when to update it.
  5. Wow, that's a pretty fast setting for farming. I changed mine to 20 so that I can keep my server running 24/7 and have it closer to what WO was like. I think they were at 24 from what I read somewhere else but the default setting of 1 for creative was also too fast. If I kept my server running, I'd get home from work with withered crops. This is one setting dedicated server operators need to adjust closer to WO settings. Actually, all the settings need to get adjusted. The defaults just don't make sense to me coming from playing WO off and on for years.
  6. Just making sure because JackBinimbul took it literally and he's probably complaining somewhere about not getting a toolbox because of a misunderstanding.
  7. Actually, you don't start with a starter toolbox. You start with starter tools like shovel, pickaxe, carving knife, etc.
  8. There's a couple of things wrong with making myself a champion. 1. I'd actually like to work my character up. Giving myself a champion right away takes away part of the game for me. 2. You can only be a champion for a maximum of 6 months. Then you have to wait another 6 months to be a champion again. Unless you mod the game to remove the restriction. So I'd rather start from the beginning and remove the restrictions for the priest.
  9. Not sure how to modify that in server settings but I would try to use your GM to just add a ton of Silver/Gold to the settlements upkeep so that it'll last years.
  10. Well, I went to work. Mostly because I'm waiting to see if there are ways to mod the game to remove priest restrictions and "import" my character skills from WO. I'm off tomorrow though so I may just wander around as a GM to get a lay of the land.
  11. So, has anybody figured out how to remove the priest restrictions? Seeing as how I can't have two steam clients open, I want my WU character to be a combo of my main WO character and priest. Will this require a mod?
  12. Not necessarily true for dedicated servers for steam. From that link above: Note: You do not need to register any games to your server account in order to host games. On my second steam account with no games registered, I can install and host games for Call of Duty: Modern Warhare 3, Half-Life, Homefront, Just Cause 2: Multiplayer, Source, Sniper Elite, and a ton more. I think CC didn't setup the Dedicated Server game correctly on Steam. You shouldn't need a valid WU registered on your account to host games. Dedicated servers shouldn't need a license because you can't play on it anyways without a valid WU licensed game on another account.