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  1. Thank you Cecci for the clarification. Can the wiki be updated with something like the example below you gave because to me it's not very clear and the example given just after the statement I highlighted has nothing to do with this. "for example your deed is 5 s and 5 n (=11) the w-e can max be 44."
  2. At the page above under the Founding section, it states: "A deed has a rectangular form. One edge of the deed can not be longer than four times the other edge." Is this still true? My current deed, for example, has a size of 5 North, 26 South, 21 East, 5 West. As you can see, my token is at the farthest corner of my deed and with 5 tiles North and 26 tiles South, wouldn't the South edge be considered more than 4 times the North edge? Or am I not understanding it correctly? Reason I ask is that I'm looking at a new area to build a new deed that may be considerably larger but also still have the token close to one edge. So, is the 4 times the other edge limit still applicable or how is it calculated?
  3. Just purchased a fully loaded archwood runed wagon and Homestead was kind enough to deliver it to me. Definitely a 5 out of 5 product and service! Thanks again!
  4. Storm Keep

    Last I saw Taiquan was about a week or two ago I think. My deed is right next to Storm Keep but that deed is so big that I won't see him in local most of the time. Not sure if he's on the forums or not but I'll tell him to come here if I see him.
  5. Wow, yeah that would be great! Please add on this item to my order: Grooming Brush: QL 10 BOTD 67 - 67c (oakenwood) And yes, please improve to 70QL at no additional charge. Thanks!!!
  6. Please COD these items to Aelandar. Thanks! Pickaxe: QL 3 BOTD 63 - 63c (iron) Hatchet: QL 2 BOTD 63 - 63c (iron) Pelt: QL 100 BOTD 77 - 1s 31c (mountain lion)
  7. Greetings! I'm looking to purchase some precast skillers. 70's CoC - 25 Copper ea or 5 for 1 S As copied above, I'm looking for 70's CoC on all of these 10 items: Pickaxe Hatchet Carving Knife Grooming Brush Mallet Knife (Cooking) Butcher Knife File Saw Hammer Please COD to Aelandar. Thanks!
  8. Hi, Please COD these items to Aelandar. Thanks! 70QL Iron Scythe 70QL Iron Butchering Knife 70QL Iron Carving Knife
  9. Hello! Please COD 1x 70ql toolbelt to Aelandar. Thanks!
  10. I'm looking to purchase a bee smoker. Any ql above 30 is fine. But not too high as I don't need to pay top dollar for this. It just needs to work. lol. If you have this, can you CoD to Aelandar?
  11. Services has been purchased. Please close thread.