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  1. Wtb knarr

    Got my knarr, thanks all - can close the tread
  2. I wish to buy myself a knarr, I can pickup anywhere on Exodus Thanks Jecna ingame
  3. HI Khellus, the spyglass have been sold. I'm sorry
  4. I can deliver to you on exodus if you want, so you dont have to pay mail fee
  5. The spyglass cant be mailed
  6. Hi MrJonny I'm sorry, they got sold to another player who sent pm before you
  7. Hi I'm selling: * 1 Rare frying pan, iron 24,29g - 1s * 6 sleeping powder - 1s/each *1 Spyglass, brass 70q - 1s * 3 yule goat - 1s/each *gems that is more then +10q with a combined q of 538,18 - 3s *gems that is less then 10q with a combined q of 43,94 - give me offer *6544 horse meat 32,03q - 1s/1k Sprouts 1c/each: *100 Apple - 1s for all *100 Birch - 1s for all *100 Cherry - 1s for all *200 Chesnut - 2s for all *300 Grapes - 3s for all *100 Lemon - 1s for all *100 Olive - 1s for all *100 Pine - 1s for all *100 Walnut - 1s for all I can deliver to all Exodus no matter of amount. Deliver to other server is possible in smaller amount (only got a small sail boat) + deliver fee for xan, pristine and relese at 1s Its possible to pick up from my place - I'm located at south exodus And ofc COD is possible to if you pay the mail fee. My ingame name is jecna (live in sweden GMT +1)
  8. A sorry, my fault, I wasnt paying attention to the thread. Yes I can deliver to you, no problem. I even have more sprouts now
  9. *11x sleep powder - - 1.25s each *1 kg seryll 80 ql - - 3s *Rare Unfinished small barrel - - 2s *Sprouts:Maple 260 --- 85c/100 Grape 150 ----90c/100Camelia 370 ----1s/100 I can deliver everywhere on Exodus, or if you want to pick up: I live far south Exodus T22.I do also deliver to coast at Celebration and Deliverance for free. I can deliver to Independence and SE Xanadu and up to where I can cross server to deli for 1s Pm here or ingame, same name ingame
  10. Wagon bought, can close thread. Please
  11. Hi I want to buy a wagon. Dont care about color or look. I can pick it up anywhere on exo. I pay 5 silver Oh and I would love to also buy some large crate to have in the wagon Pm ingame or here on forum. Same ingame name
  12. ...when you carry stuff that is heavy and start walking slower while thinking "You are now too heavy and move extremly slow" And starts to think what items you can drop on the ground...
  13. Ehmm, well will I was att impalong at xan I got the mail. I didnt get it from the mailbox since I was not sure it would survival the server crossing Now when I'm back on exo I have no mail So lesson learned. Would it be sneaky of me to ask for a new coupon?
  14. I have the same problem, try to resize. Only got Survey, back and cancel as buttons...when clicking survey again, the window just close and there is no error message at all. I'm an exo
  15. This was my first impalong. Very fun and well worth the long sail from exodus. I'm staying thill it ends, giving priest some favor. Next Impalong I hope being part of doing the imping. I'm mostly plya alone - but it was really fun to see so many ppl at the same place. I think it worked great. I never had any issues with the stuff I put in for imping (more then rememeber where I had put it and what ) The combat with the monster was fun to watch My only tips is to give information about wich god each priest is having the sermon for... Great event
  16. Thx , got it. I'm at the impalong at xana right now (yeah long sailing, but so worth it )
  17. Free echant, sure. I live on exodus with character name Jecna
  18. What a lovelly thing to do. I have no intrested in a new character since I dont have time for another one. Just wanted to say i think this a very sweet thing to do. ..and I can only imagine how hard it will be to choice to who you will give your character to.
  19. I got some dirt, need to logon to check how much I have ::::Edit:::: I have 2k dirt