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  1. Unholy Token/Holy Token Token Shop marks 35k Untradeable, no drop item. Reduces Faith Skill to 1, but stores it for reuse, to re-apply the faith you had previously. Ive had a priest for many years now and something ive always wanted to do (and im sure many others) is to depriest and do a small amount of grinding (2-3 weeks) then repriest but the months and months it takes to get to 100 faith is something i never wish to do ever again. As you can already buy items to change faith to another God and keep your faith skill i cant see this being a game breaking item or anything, but more of a quality of life item for a vast amount of players in the game. My idea is that you buy the item as a Unholy Token once you've used and stored your faith skill it turns into a Holy Token and on the second use it consumes the item and you get your previous faith level back. Many thanks Cyborg
  2. will there be vynora altar at the site, so i can sac and summon people
  3. Can you add me to the Rite of spring waiting list name - helorn vynora 90channeling 96 faith
  4. Bump, now accepting silvers for purchases as well as euros
  5. Sorry the cart is sold Both drake sets are also sold
  6. Hello everyone after quite some time of not playing ive decided to sell up a few things for the time being. Either silvers or euros is fine at 1s - 1e Let me know if anything catches your eye, im sure we can work out a deal due, to inactivity im not completely sure about current values located on exodus, great northern desert Thanks cyborg 0/ GEMS - Over 10QL 318gems - 9582.69 total QL 80euro/80s GEMS - Under 10QL 268gems - 2121.72 total QL 35euro/35s white drake hide set - no cap Mostly 85ql+ Rare sleeve SIG - Xallo Black drake hide set - no cap Mostly 85ql+ - various AOSP casts SIG - Zalifear 61 Sleep Powders 50 euros for all 61 Black drake hide - 87.11ql 1.69 weight - 40s/40e Green scale 84.71ql - 0.80 weight White scale 82.33 - 0.15 weight Blue scale 81.81 - 1.09 weight all together at 0.40c per ql 80euros/80s Supreme large cart
  7. Hello, here are some assorted items i would like to sell. you can reach me in game on either Cyborg or Helorn. Potions 1s Per Potion 90ql = 2s Oil of the Armour smith x5 74.38ql 75.90ql 67.45ql 62.06ql 58.38ql Fletching potion x3 91.82ql 96.95ql 66.24ql Oil of the weapon smith x5 97.28ql 90.41ql 77.27ql 74.71ql 71.91 Ointment of tailoring x2 71.54ql 68.80ql Lumps rare adamantine lump 87.40ql 0.40kg 4s glimmersteel lump 88.95ql 0.34kg 2s glimmersteel lump 82.89ql 0.33kg 2s adamantine lump 80.59 0.32kg 2s Shoulder Pads 1s Per Pad Skull shoulder pad right basic shoulder pad Left layered shoulder padx2 double shoulder pad curved shoulder padx2 crafted shoulder pad boar shoulder pad Rares Supreme whetsone 22ql 2s Rare cloth glove 50ql 2s Rare huge axe, iron 92ql AD N80 L73 C83 M92 8s Rare stone chisel, iron 88ql 87woa 5s Randoms Rope tool 82ql 82coc 50c Hatchet, iron 1ql 84coc 50c pickaxe iron 7ql 81coc 50c Horse shoes 50ql x2 W90 W91 1s each
  8. Looks great nadroj, but need more pics of that glorious deed in your desert view ;D