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  1. Don't all threads degenerate to that, no matter the subforum?
  2. Deedstake shows front/back, left/right, not north/south, east/west. Confirmed that front is the way you are facing.
  3. Potentially coming back, and instead of starting a new deed, was thinking of doing something different and actually joining an existing one. I'd prefer a mature deed (as in developed), mature players (has nothing to do with age), and no demands on time (I'm not logging in for hours a day). RP ok, or not. I don't require any live audio options, just the regular chat will do for me as I don't talk much anyways. I don't like the combat in this game, so I tend to stick with food, farming, gathering, and carpentry. I don't plan to do it all by myself, and would prefer a village that can offer other services in exchange for mine. I'd like a situation where there's a village board posting wants that I can fill and post my needs in return. I don't necessarily like FREE STUFF shoved down my throat, but an as needed situation would be nice - as I'm coming back with nothing, a few tools would help, but I'm more than happy to forage/rummage to get the basics back. I generally only ever build a 2x3 2 story house (well, at least since we were able to do 2 story), so if you have that kind of plot available, I'll set up shop. More info? PM Penates on the forums or Dougan in game.
  4. I support blaming JudusX...
  5. Close plz

    Rec'd, thanks!
  6. Close plz

    carving knife, iron (Woa60) 80.53, 70c COD Dougan, Deliverance
  7. Yeah, those look great...I'd use them...
  8. You can remove Bridport, 7x, 42y, I disbanded that months ago.
  9. How long did it take you to make those clay shingles for the roof on your garage?
  10. If you are logging out in your house/bed, keep the eggs on you...they'll decay fast. When you log in, all of the ones that decayed will do so all at once. If your bed is upstairs, note that the chicks will appear on the lowest level.
  11. Selling a bit of random stuff on Deliverence. I can deliver anywhere on Deli, and to ports on Indy, Cele, and Exodus. The meat has to be picked up at Bridport as I cannot haul that much in one go. PM me on the forums with offers or contact Dougan in-game. Quantities are correct provided they don't take a storage bin decay hit between now & time of purchase. BEAST PARTS (all or none, BSB quantities, make offer) PART QTY Q eyes 100 41.96 bladders 124 26.60 glands 121 23.54 hooves 196 28.31 paws 205 27.36 tails 189 29.68 teeth 254 28.91 horns 58 34.82 hearts 2 9.14 ----- 1,249 DYE INGREDIENTS (all or none, BSB quantities, make offer) INGREDIENT QTY Q woad 67 19.50 cochineals 171 23.43 acorns 33 20.00 --- 271 FOOD (all or none of a type, FSB quantities) FOOD QTY Q PRICE oat 1,500 54.68 1s50c potatoes 1,000 48.57 1s cooked meat 4,000 27.64 6s SPROUTS (all or none of a type, BSB quantities, make offer) SPROUT QTY Q grape 50 32.80 cherry 50 32.64 pine 90 32.16 MISC (all or none of a type, BSB quantities) ITEM QTY Q PRICE soft cap 1 * 2s (it is wrapped, will have to check QL) thatch 700 17.70 make offer hides 200 25.15 make offer