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  1. pm warpup he can make
  2. 2 ql 30 saddle please COD to Planters
  3. Great pricing and stays until the job is done.
  4. Sold

    Thank you, will pick it up n few hours after my class
  5. Sold

    35s buyout COD Planters
  6. I think I did it right , I can try again Player Planters, add herd, wave , examine right ?
  7. Start 10s Increments 1s Buyout 15s https://imgur.com/pGXsZuF dropped buyout and start price
  8. almost all are doing it to get a better location, when you pick up your deed you lose the money it took to place it. Only money in coffers do you get back
  9. SOLD

    no biggie, gratz man
  10. SOLD

    l hit it at the 3 second mark
  11. SOLD

    yea, internet went out and was in my phone lol