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  1. You are the liar here and it was solved 100% by the GM and you are doing exactly the opposite of what they told you to do now. 1) I managed to gather a lot stuff in short time. who cares 2) I didnt want share all my stuff (i shared food (butchered in second case) in both cases and foraged/botanized items in first case) because that ruines all joy from hoarding. 3) Others wanted full acccess to my stuff so they can take my stuff. False, we only used the crates to fill with logs and made you more crates 4) After I refused i was harassed and kicked out from deed eventually. Only because I wanted that part of my items stays only mine. So I could sell them later. I can hardly make a trade if I cant be 100% sure that item will be in bsb after i promise that item to customer for a coin. If private property is crime i am guilty. No we had rules states when you joined the deed, and you broke the rules, we put a sign down in 3 languages for you to unlock the crates and you decided not to and we removed you. 5) Oversharing doesnt work. History of communisms in 20th century is enough to see how it ends when is shared 100% or almost 100% property. They have full mouth of sharing. If they try to recreate communist utopias in game they should leave me out of it. And tell me about that beforehand before I joined their deed. It leads only to conflicts. We are all equals but mayors are more equals than others. That leads to attemps to use that power to make private property common. But it is only common by name because the highest control of common stuff have always mayor. So animals are equal but some are more equal than others. It is conflict of 2 principles common versus private property. If I was fully informed beforehand about rules on their deeds i would never join their deed and all these conficts could be avoided. 6) Private ownership lead to more activity (that is why I managed to gather in short time much more than they) than common ownership. That leads to envy. Envy leads to greediness. Greediness leads to kicking me out from village, harassment and theft. Mayors behave like little Stalins in the end. You had no issues with the rules when i paid your premium, and you were i think you said 2 days new to the game, and we were more than open with communication. You are just trolling now it seems.
  2. This was solved over 2 months ago.....I am not sure why he wants to complain now.. But it was solved, no one stole logs from him. He was new tot he game and i took a chance at helping him and paid him premium. GM took care of him and now a second village has had issues with him... I think we see who the problem is.
  3. No, We didn't lie to anyone, and again The GM took care of it and saw you as in the wrong. Not us... That si why we show logs to prove out story. You can stop now. We did everything to help you we had no use for ql10 logs lol, You dug a hold on a perimeter of two deeds. then build a 1x1 to grief us. I had to destroy it....So Again read the logs, You were at fault, stop whining 2 months later
  4. No , This was already handled by a gm and by griefing, you started to dig a hole where out road was going on the coast line after we kicked you form the deed, you did not leave. You were the party that was in the wrong as stated by the GM , and I have already showed you the logs. We did not steal any logs, when the crates were on the deed we used them as a player cut down a forest and trees and left them there , and pherik made you new crates lol. we can close this post as it has already been dealt with by a Gm who moved you and gave you all your stuff. So trying to cause a mess on the forums 2 months after it happened is pretty stupid and petty
  5. GM astarte moved all of your items across the map, gave you everything you had there that had your name on it. [23:46:22] <Astarte> Do you want to keep those bsbs and the fsb? they have mostly stuff below 10ql [23:46:36] <Planters> he can have them [23:46:48] <Planters> all the carts in a line are his too [23:47:16] <Planters> the stuff by the4 tent if our new villagers [23:48:01] <Astarte> Excellent, I'll see if I can make him go faar away, if anything, I can offer him a one time transport to harmony [23:48:46] <Planters> yeah he might have better luck there [23:54:33] <Planters> Thankyou again for your time [23:55:26] <Astarte> You're welcome I'm trying to find a place for him, and then i will come to get his stuff [23:56:43] <Planters> thanks [23:57:00] <Astarte> You're welcome [00:18:59] <Astarte> Ok, I found him a spot far far away, not to take his things [00:19:53] <Planters> harmony? [00:20:35] <Astarte> No, he didn't want there, but I took him far away, G15 pr so [00:20:53] <Planters> what about the stuff here ? [00:21:00] <Astarte> He wont make you problems anymore [00:21:05] <Planters> can you unlock it if he wont take it? [00:21:38] <Astarte> All bsbs i seen have his name on him, if we talk the ones near the fsb, and only stuff below 10 ql, you need those? [00:22:03] <Planters> just for supply purposes [00:22:26] <Astarte> How many bsbs are there? [00:22:56] <Planters> maybe 3-4 [00:24:18] <Planters> 4 and a fsb [00:24:45] <Astarte> I'll give you empty ones instead [00:24:52] <Planters> ok thanks [00:25:25] <Planters> do you need me on deed goignt o s srmon next deed over [00:25:55] <Astarte> No, Ill leave them here when im done [00:26:02] <Astarte> You can do your stuff [00:26:04] <Planters> ty [00:26:12] <Astarte> You're welcome! [00:34:13] <Planters> what do we do with the carts on deed can we toss themin the lake [00:34:33] <Astarte> What carts? [00:34:44] <Planters> the ones he left on our deed near the bsbs [00:34:48] <Planters> liek 5 carts lol [00:35:07] <Astarte> I found 7 carts with his name, and I took them [00:35:12] <Planters> ok great As you can see this was handled by a gm and you were the one causing issues and griefing,
  6. Yes GM Astarte had called teleported you across the map and told you do not harass us, you also caused issues by griefing the neighbors, this was like almost 2 months ago, why are you posting this now? This had already been cleared up by a GM lol. I paid for your prem as you joined the Steppes and , made you carts and everything, we asked that you do not lock anything on deed as it was shared. We even made 13 more crated for you because of your complaints ....
  7. Ahh ok , should be more clear
  8. You realize the gold coin is 100 silver, really confused as to why you have the auction. If you have a gold in you bank you can pull out 1 gold coin.
  9. I have a caravel on order but he has been silent
  10. my bid was too late... sorry
  11. dark's reply in discord ; Sumbody: That was not an exploit in the end, no one was punished we just rolled back the skill a bit because the issue allowed you to get more skill than intended in on archery targets.