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  1. Yes, was prem and then just used to enchant grass
  2. l have had offers for individual chars, if you are interested please post offers below
  3. Bump will take gold also and just sell it
  4. bump 250usd is as low as l can go..
  5. I would take 275 USD through verified PayPal. I hope this draws a buyer
  6. Danyeko is 96 faith/favor Mag priest POK Mud Dweller Rediarknli is a fighter/plate smith POI Psycho renowned plate smith was from epic Jibboo is a fo battery, Splendid path of love 63 favor/faith - was PCed at 35 silver Bishop enchants grass only got him for that reason Jainan is paaw priest, was grinding up his faith 63faith/favor Gear: 13 rare tools, etc including Supreme Pickaxe 90ql w/10ql rune Blank , no enchants Like Lumpy said I am moving again here in China for work and my time in wurm will be limited to very very little. So little I would not enjoy playing. I am seeking 3g for all of these. I honestly think it is a good deal. You can PM me or lumpy as he has verified PayPal.

    How about 9s Cod to Rediarknil if you agree
  8. Rare 90ql Lantern

    1.5s cod Rediarknil if I win
  9. Trader reset day

    around 12th of the month