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  1. I am using Windows 8.1 and I have an i5.
  2. Quick update : The problem still persists and I have been in contact with Intel. They were very unhelpful and denied any issue with their product. They directed me to their forums which I posted in and they continued to deny any issue with the product. For those dealing with this issue and absolutely cannot fix it I am starting to believe that it is not fixable. The problem lies with Intel graphics incompatibility with Java and if changing in game settings does not fix it I don't think anything really will.
  3. I haven't tried that so far so I will have to try. Thanks!
  4. I've been having a graphics issue with both wurm online and wurm unlimited and am unable to fix it. I have tried all the things suggested in previous forums such as changinging the FBO and VBO settings, manually installing a graphics card update, and running all graphics at lowest possible settings. None of these have worked and this is my last ditch effort in hopes someone has a resolution to my issue. I am using an Dell Inspiron 15 5000 series with 8 GB ram, i5 core, and an intel HD 5000 graphics card. I've read a lot about how intel and wurm do not work well together and I'm at the point where I'm starting to think this isn't fixable so hopefully someone has a solution for me. I will provide an image with a detailed description of what is wrong. Graphics Issue Image Link The trees, grass, buildings and characters look just fine and I have no issue running the game at high quality graphics. However, the ground textiles move around and don't show what they are supposed to look like. I end up having to hover over every tile in order to know what I'm actually looking at. As I've said before I have tried all the previously suggested fixes from other forums and the problem still persists. Hopefully someone can help me with this!
  5. I am taking orders for and selling crafting supplies. I will list prices below here. I am on Celebration and live south of the Great Plains. Stock will vary depending on quantity. Send me a pm in game if you have any questions. PLEASE NOTE: Prices are subject to change OFTEN, and may be lower than what was is posted. 1K = 1000 S = Silver C = Copper 1K Cooked meat - 2S 1K Onions - 80C 1K Pumpkins - 1S 1K cotton - 1S 1K stone bricks - 2S 1k mortar - 2s 1K dirt -1S 1k planks - 1S 80C Will be updating regularly.