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  1. What does this mean? Say I'm trying to tame an Aged Champ Croc @ lvl 75. Is: a) my level plus 40? b) my % chance to tame +40? c) my outcome +40? (to which, what's the default outcome range / how's it calculated, if I may ask?)
  2. I appreciate the effort to try & help, but unfortunately, I'm already level 75, which is why I decided to ask
  3. Simple question from people who've successfully tamed Champion Crocodiles: What level was your animal taming for lucky &/or reliable taming of Age Champ Crocs?
  4. Ah I see, thanks for sharing! I'm just an avid player, casual browser - no idea who Buddha even is beyond Buddhism.. but sounds great. +1 to your vision regardless.
  5. +1 I'd like this for everything to be honest.. like, cutting trees / chopping wood. If we could have both as "x", the system knows when the Hatchet is activated, targetting a Tree Tile, it means Chop Down. Then when a Felled Tree is targetted, it means Chop Into Logs. So many binds to do, would be useful if able to overlap.
  6. +1 QoL to save the wrists from arthritis.
  7. +1 Breeding as a hermit is rough.
  8. +1 Abandonded deeds are littered with loads of locks/keys.
  9. +1 We should be able to farm every plany findable...
  10. [22:17:14] You suddenly realise that you have more of an insight about shovel! Over the past few days, I've received 5 insights, but nothing beyond the text. 2 Chain Armour smithing, 1 shovel, 2 something elses. Should I be doing something? Or is it just that?
  11. Are these effects permanent, even after death? I.e. spell possesed, resistance, weakeness.
  12. No - I merely went into Firewall & network protection -> Allow an app through the firewall -> Wurm Online ( I think WurmLauncher64.exe?)
  13. Exactly my point. Therefore, the rest of the arguments being thrown to & fro are wholly irrelevant.
  14. Not to be the CCO here as well, lol, but this' technically tax evasion & self laundering... unless we're declaring are additional incomes No different to having a full time job & renting a flat out - that flat is an additional income, & needs to be declared. Ok, I'm gonna shut up now & join a village - I've got a hopeful prospect now so should be able start playing instead of just talking on forums haha
  15. This is just ignorance. It doesn't matter how much of an adult you are, ignorance of the world is not a defence. Again, a small business (Wurm) does not need to worry with AML/CFT concerns because the money able to be exchanged is negligible, hence their decision was fine. The more money that goes through the system, however, will draw the regulator's attention meaning adult-decision-be-damned, you'll be fined if you continue. Wurm isn't at that level, but Steam is, which we're now joining under their license, as it were. Your conspiratorial nature of throwing propaganda & big brother to undermine the reality is shameful, but this highlights the calibre of person I'm talking to, which means you'll never understand the reason for why big businesses make changes against what you like. As a private individual not running a big business, you simply have no idea of responsibilities. Geopolitics is a joke. AML/CFT are both a national & international effort that stem from a plethora of areas you simply know nothing of. Again, Steam follows regulatory requirements, & Wurm needs to comply to if it wants to join the big league to attempt the marketing stunt. Big businesses play by the big rules. Hell if I know if it'll succeed, but we'll find out.
  16. The problem with RMT, is that the act of depositing money within a game (buying coins from player/system), then withdrawing it (selling coins to players[/system]), effectively turns it into a bank. Criminals funding their cartels from the proceeds of in-game sales, or cleaning money through the game itself, are now the responsibility of the Game Developers who're facilitating it, thus legal action can be taken should they ignore it due to a) thinking it's fine by ignorance & b) not having satisfactory prevention systems in place. Obviously, the levels are presently marginal so no one cares, but Steam care. And if Wurm joins Steam for marketing/exposure, we have to care because they need to fulfil their regulatory obligations. So although I don't really care about this, & black markets will exist anyway (how stringently cracked down on is a different matter guys... unless you're literally slapping it in their face, an UO/EA blind eye will probably occur...), the rationale makes sense. A game developer is more likely to lose money from the fines incurred from allowing a criminal exploit to fester as opposed to the lost revnue from RMT itself - it's primarily a legal concern. At the end of the day, the move to Steam is to increase Wurm enjoyability (& revenue) by increasing the player base (alone, hence the Silver price reductions) - surely that's the real appeal of a game over making pocket change. The same as a kid throwing a few punches gets a scolding, but as an adult gets prison time for the same act, Wurm is no longer able to get away with being a kid - it has Adult responsibilities now, joining the big league with Steam.
  17. I'm, & I've, been JK since 2011-ish, but as there are no villages interested in having me, seeing if anyone in MR would for a while. No problem helping with projects as I get myself back into the game, or setting up good quality armour/weapons/house planning/stuff. Unsure how this works as I've only ever been in JK, & 1 deed in 2011. Plus points if you/your villagers recently joined Wurm. GMT+00.
  18. I made a Supreme Knarr in 2017 which someone from my own kingdom stole over christmas when offline. Any chance my name is still inscribed on it as the maker? Obviously will never see it again, but curious nonetheless.
  19. Logic Rope can be used to drop down a single border, whereby if long enough (20 dirt gradient for single rope, + 15 for additional attached rope) a player at the bottom could climb/be pulled up. One person at the top initiating, one person at the bottom reacting. Rationale The amount of times I (early on) died from falling into a pit, or digging at too deep a gradient, then lacked the ability/stamina to get out. That horrible day I resigned 2 years ago because some high level player trolled my mines by clashing them, whereby I fell some absurb value down with no hope of climbing out. The ability to hoist someone sneakily over a wall, or up a steep plateau instead of walking ten miles around to reach him. Mainly because I have an irrational fear of falling into pits now.
  20. Old player returning, looking to hang out with a group for a while. Plate smither in training, with 70 digging. Any group would be nice. PM me GMT+00 time.