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  1. What does this mean? Say I'm trying to tame an Aged Champ Croc @ lvl 75. Is: a) my level plus 40? b) my % chance to tame +40? c) my outcome +40? (to which, what's the default outcome range / how's it calculated, if I may ask?)
  2. I appreciate the effort to try & help, but unfortunately, I'm already level 75, which is why I decided to ask
  3. Simple question from people who've successfully tamed Champion Crocodiles: What level was your animal taming for lucky &/or reliable taming of Age Champ Crocs?
  4. Ah I see, thanks for sharing! I'm just an avid player, casual browser - no idea who Buddha even is beyond Buddhism.. but sounds great. +1 to your vision regardless.
  5. +1 I'd like this for everything to be honest.. like, cutting trees / chopping wood. If we could have both as "x", the system knows when the Hatchet is activated, targetting a Tree Tile, it means Chop Down. Then when a Felled Tree is targetted, it means Chop Into Logs. So many binds to do, would be useful if able to overlap.
  6. +1 QoL to save the wrists from arthritis.
  7. +1 Breeding as a hermit is rough.
  8. +1 Abandonded deeds are littered with loads of locks/keys.
  9. +1 We should be able to farm every plany findable...
  10. [22:17:14] You suddenly realise that you have more of an insight about shovel! Over the past few days, I've received 5 insights, but nothing beyond the text. 2 Chain Armour smithing, 1 shovel, 2 something elses. Should I be doing something? Or is it just that?
  11. Are these effects permanent, even after death? I.e. spell possesed, resistance, weakeness.
  12. No - I merely went into Firewall & network protection -> Allow an app through the firewall -> Wurm Online ( I think WurmLauncher64.exe?)