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  1. >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4ePJZgRnzo got em'
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  3. CAPSALOT defended from Tyre 3vs15+ CAPSALOT Wins
  4. but there is in fact clay ontop of the mountain
  5. this thread no
  6. we build a building like 100 stories tall with windows on all sides, And we put A/c's on all 100 stories facing outside and run them 24/7 during the summer. To offset the costs we double the inside as a suana since of all that exhaust. solved global warming.
  7. Seriously, Surprised we don't even have this when I was thinking about it, I should be able to KOS Certain creatures or aggros. Even by breaking it down by catergory - Valeri Creatures - Humanoids - Non-Humanoids Or just by being able to add exceptions Rats,Trolls or etc
  8. It's literally supreme commander but now in space. It's worth every penny.
  9. draw me like one of your french girls
  10. Autoequip

    i thought the current system was fine imo.
  11. written from devs and some are players quotes theres clay ontop of the mountain
  12. serious this goes for every side, If Vynora gets a traitor animal to kill and someone from BL or Mag or etc kills it the mission remains forever. It's dumb. It should either end the mission and give us another, or respawn the traitor. This goes for all sides
  13. for every other type of valeri creature spawn, there is 3-4 nogump spawns inbetween. They need a serious decrease in spawns and ontop of which shouldn't run as fast. Also, we should be able to dominate them again if we have to deal with them.
  14. new requirements to join CAPSALOT, titan's in sli or equivalent to get more then 20fps