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  1. I can highly recommend the Albia Consortium Alliance on Independence. I joined up years ago, and was instantly accepted as a member. They have no problem with people coming and going, my own playtimes are sporadic, and due to real life I often take extended breaks myself. Contact Hughmongus to discuss further, or myself (same name in-game).
  2. ah, it's not just me then... Indy dead!
  3. I've started messing about on WU, and I've just started using this to play about with making maps. Mixed results so far, but very impressive capabilities, top job!
  4. I'm looking for a blue drake cap, QL not important, creation QL is fine. How much?
  5. Original was in the default directory C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Local\Programs\Wurm Online changed to C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Local\Programs\Wurm Online NEW All works now, I'm thinking maybe the previous installation (pre the recent fix) installed in the same default directory was causing the issue
  6. Top stuff Finnn. Re-installation in a NEW folder seemingly did the trick. Apologies for not posting a pic of the error, I figured a command window (dos prompt) with 'press any key' was descriptive enough. Cheers Finnn, I owe you a Wurm beer ingame!
  7. downloaded a fresh installer again today, I did try a few weeks back too with same problem. I'd read it had been updated so tried again with a fresh install
  8. I've recently tried switching from using the JNLP.client to the new launcher. It installs fine, but on attempting to start a client up, all I'm seeing is a command window stating 'press any key to continue'. This is a fresh install on a Windows 1903 64-bit system. I've checked my Visual C++ installations, and downloaded a few that were listed as necessary in other forum posts I'd found, but I'm still unable to launch a client. Installed C++ editions: 2008 x86 2010 x86 and x64 2012 x86 and x64 2013 x86 and x64 2015 - 2019 redistributable x64 2017 x86 Anyone help out with this problem? Thanks, Reasons
  9. both charges sold. thank you to the purchasers
  10. Reasons isn't for sale, do you want to buy a charge?
  11. Smoke from Sol - SOLD A crystal vial containing the vicious fumes of Sol that twisted the demons and fuels their madness. It has 2 charges left Title: Occultist Spell: Disease Passives: 10% physical resistance | 10% poison weakness Offering a single charge for 130s, or both the remaining charges for 240s. Please PM on forums if interested. Reasons
  12. Right click -> fish Select/click a tile in the water, indicated by the white target, keep mouse pointer near the float/tile Watch and wait for a fish to swim to the bait, you get a nibble message in event Click the float/fish (within a few seconds of the nibble message) and you will attempt to hook it (I'm assuming a skill check happens) Succeed with the random roll and the skillcheck and you've hooked the fish Then watch as it attempts to be reeled in (another random roll, and skill checks?) Success gets you the fish, failure loses the fish (and can sometimes lose your line with hook and float too) Various floats and baits are likely to improve chances to catch I'm assuming too. Hope that helps!
  13. Happy to report that the issues I experience were indeed the depth of the water, works much better in shallower water. Thanks for the prompt replies
  14. Thanks both, will try shallower water later today. Hopefully that is the issue, fingers crossed. It was fairly deep at the coastline I was on, certainly swimming depth.