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  1. I know it’s been a while since I threw my two cents in, as I no longer play Wurm Online for the most part. I play on Wurm Unlimited now, and I enjoy my time there much more than the final year I played Wurm, where things started to go very wrong, at least from my perspective. Most of you know what happened to MR, so I won’t go into that. But what happened with the toxic gameplay practices and metagaming by our opponents broke apart our community. I think in my mind it left lasting scars in any consideration of ever going back to play on the same game that probably still has some of the same sorts of people that were willing to break the law to win a bunch of freaking pixels. I still keep up with my MR family when I can, and we will never forget what we had and the fun times together. Many of you remember that for a long time I was fiercely against a single player version of Wurm, and fought tooth and nail on the forums against the idea, but in the end I’m glad I lost and Wurm Unlimited came about, because perhaps it may be the future of Wurm. Much how Ark is kept alive by it’s modding community and Minecraft has the same thing going for it, in the end I think making modded content more accessible to Unlimited, and working on keeping the engine running smoothly is the key to this game’s survival. Now I know the steam keys for WU are pretty much on the cheap right now, but if the game continues to improve, just like other game that have improved through the hard work of their developers, and working with the community, the game will get more traction. My advice is like I said, focus on Wurm’s strength. Above all things Wurm has always been about the freedom to build and create, and this should be emphasized in the accessibility of modding within the game.
  2. I didn't know Tich too well myself, but I remember her presence well on the forums. I will always remember her work on the game as the guiding light that brought Wurm into it's own. I just don't have the words to express how I feel about the loss of someone who had devoted so much time en energy into a community like ours. It is rare, to find the sort of individuals like her that have the strength to drive on and keep their dreams alive even when others say they are impossible. Without her, I highly doubt we would have a game anymore or at least not in the amazing form it is in today. It was these recent changes that made me want to play again, even If it's no longer on Wurm Online, but on Unlimited. RIP Tich, and may we honor your memory by keeping this game alive for the next generation of Wurmians.
  3. I really don't care. It was a damm road. Perma ban or not brandon quit. It was obviously the only way to handle a frustrated player out in the middle of nowhere over a road that doesn't even matter, on a deed not blocking access. I really don't even care if you think each road violation is the same regardless of location. Yea brandon knew that, and just gave up and quit. I read and was reminded why I don't bother anymore either.
  4. I know it's his fault, and he knew what would happen, fairs fair... really, that is obvious. Its permaban, after years of devoted play over a road. What cracks me up is, yea this crap is just buissness as usual in wurm. That is what I mean by frustration.
  5. Yea, was thinking the same thing. I understand GMs need to enforce the rules, but at the same time this whole issue is beyond petty and stupid. I've known brandon for a long time and after reading this it reminded me why I left last year, many devoted players just have better options then waste their time. I left after a series of utterly ridiculous pvp bans on chaos, and l was just done with all the drama, and was having more fun on ark. I love wurm, but this kinda thing thing just makes me so frustrated.
  6. Lol I had the same image in my head but the memory that popped into mind was an incident involveing an eaglesprit spawn ontop of me while I was sailing in chaos with no wind to escape.
  7. +1 Though it would be awsome to be able to make a cloth cap that when you bless it with the god of your choice it shows up as a different item model, each god having a unique looking hat.
  8. You have yet to even mention that the artifacts have indeed changed hands, several times. In fact, MR lost almost all the artifacts, then later gained them back. It was hard work but not unattainable. Balancing the core mechanics until you deem the artifacts worthy of use is silly, and who knows how long that will take. The facts are the mechanics within the game have been used to exchange artifacts, you don't need to kill an artifact holder. It does not take a crap ton of players to bash an altar. If people wouldn't have cried to mommy because we've fortified the WL it would a bit easier, but meh, it's still possible to do that in an attempt to prevent recharges. The fact is that, there is no "Snowball" effect. There are only people who act and those that sit on their rumps and try to change things in their favor through endless forum warfare. The system works, and has been worked to the advantage of whatever side has chosen to act with it. Unless you want to say that history is wrong, that you can't get artifacts out of Kyara. I used to think the same, until that is we did so by blowing up the lights. The slippery slope argument is completely invalid if there is an end to the slope whenever a group decides to try and make a fight for it. I'm all for encouraging that to be easier, but not to the point of freebies for doing nothing.
  9. I honestly don't really understand your crusade against the items. The stupid thing doesn't cause any unbearable envy in the population that I've ever seen, and the whole issue is blown way out of proportion. If they are being kept in the game, who cares. They've been in the game for years, and I could point out several far more glaring bugs that caused actual serious unfair advantage, and were let slide, and the players in question fully keeping the skills they exploited. You want me to start listing each incident? I've been playing for a while, and in my time I've seen quite a few. In this instance, there is already items being introduced to give players the ability to paint ships, and if it lets them paint anything larger than a Knarr, then it actually has more fuctionally then those containers. One question though is that 600 "Fountain Containers" or 600 "Saucepan Fountains"? There is a big difference in functionality here. The Saucepan fountains allow things you put in the fountain to get heat, however many other fountain containers are made out of satchels or backpacks. I own a satchel fountain and it's nothing more to me than something I can put sap in, during maple season. I've been playing for 5 years and have seen that the saucepan fountains, and the like are VERY rare compared to what I have, Backpack Fountains are far more common even than that. I want to know if in fact there are so many of those things. I've never seen evidence of that. In my entire kingdom on the server that the bug first was discovered I've not seen more than two dozen of the saucepan fountain containers. I do see a lot of backpack fountains, and one person had a ship full of them that was stolen and distributed across the freedom servers several years ago. So how its it that your claiming that so many players have in their possession supposedly a "Gamebreaking" item, something that as far as I've seen really doesn't make a massive difference? the properties of the saucepan fountains are nice for smiths, etc but I've gotten along fine without it. And the cooking guides I've used to level up HFC, work just as well, for players without them. I don't even use my satchel fountain for most of my maple harvests, just when I need to gather lots of low level stuff I don't feel like separating into barrels in my cart. They used to be prized for hauling dirt, but we have crates now, so meh. They are a legacy item, and like you say we like them for sentimental value in many cases. I don't see too much more beyond that. Before you go off and tell us we need to get rid of them, please build a better argument for your case. Also please separate your figures, or show me how the hell you got 600 "Saucepan Fountains" Or, is that your "Generic" term for all fountain containers? This does need clarification. I do feel it's highly unfair for you throw a fit because players can heat lots of objects in a forge if they have a sacuepan fountain, and then forget many, if not most of the containers are not saucepan fountains, or as far as I've seen. They are backpack fountains, or satchel fountains, etc.
  10. TBH saying that they will remove fountain backpacks simply because they are adding a container you can carry in return, as if that will somehow compensate each player for the loss of that unique item is somewhat absurd. It's like saying you can't drive your vintage car anymore because it's emissions are no longer grandfathered, but we will give you a 100$ gift certificate to Autozone as compensation. It really makes no sense, if they wanted to fix the problem after it was patched they would have, but those unique items were left in the game. I don't mind them adding tubs, so that people without the fountains can dye their items, but those backpack fountains and the like have far more uses and intrinsic value than just the ability to dye things. Especially the saucepan fountains, which are even rarer. I have a satchel fountain, and I use it to hold sap in my wagon during maple season. I really don't need to though small barrels work fine (and I sometimes use them anyways) , but I often just like using that unique item, something that I can keep as a treasure from my long devotion to the game. The various fountain containers are a part of Wurm's legacy, and it's the little things like that that make the game unique. If the devlopers think Wurm Online should be exactly the same gameplay wise as Unlimited upon release, I'll quite and say to hell with both of them. I just like the fact that Wurm Online's history and gameplay is unique. I'll likely play unlimited for only one reason, the potential for modding. With wurm Online I like living in a world that has it's own little quirks because it's built upon a legacy. Just what is the point of removing the stupid things? They don't harm anything, and you can do the same things without the fountain containers, hell if you feel they are giving an unfair advantage just add the stupid tub features and leave it at that. They give very little actual advantage, far less in any case then many of the other bugs and exploits that have been left in the game. Even the saucepan fountains, which people do just fine without.
  11. There are plenty of other sac items you can give lib priests, saying simply because they can't farm on their lib account, is really unfair, because especially on Chaos this isn't true, the lib priests can just go to freedom and they are able to farm. How can you even say it's balanced because they "can't farm" that is both untrue and silly. Even on epic, you can have alts farm for you. It makes no difference. The veggie thing is just total bull, and you can get more favor from a bunch of vegies than you can from the same ammount of locks, as the veggies, etc all come out in bulk with little creation effort at high QL.
  12. That's not asking for a rule clarification, that asking a rhetorical question.
  13. Tbh, it's my personal opinion that these sorts of threads are in direct violation of the rules themselves. I can sympathize with Nappy to a certain point but the whole topic is pretty much trolling, the OP knows what he is doing is inflammatory, and is directly challenging moderation, or his perception of lack therove. It's silly, while Romans are no doubt very likely to get smacked for whatever dastardly thing they may or may not have done, why can't you guys just keep it in the freaking Support tickets? I honestly get a bit tired of these topics, especially when they don't go anywhere other than flame wars.
  14. I've noticed a marked difference mate. I've tested several bows I've imped up for people, and the rare and supreme bows do much better, even with worse enchants than a normal bow.