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  1. It isn't even required to do archaeology, it just shows the location of nearby disbanded deeds. You can complete it like any other map clue by referencing it with the map dump. At worst, it's a noob trap to get people thinking they need to do archaeology to find the casket, when in reality it's just a map clue with different colours and annotations.
  2. You can make out two tar tiles there so I would guess around here:,1717
  3. Deed it or lose it. This has been the general rule in Wurm ever since the enclosure rule was removed years ago. This extends to deed upkeep. Yeah, it's tragic that some people lose their deeds over unavoidable real life issues but with this being a social game I would hope you would have at least made friends with your neighbours who might look after your stuff if your place disbands. -1 to any suggestions for a grace period after disband. Email alerting is already in place if a deed has less than a months upkeep left. Perhaps this can be extended to alert in alliance chat so someone could at least drop some upkeep in if they are concerned that the mayor might not return for a while.
  4. Noticed this the other day too. Doesn't seem to be unique to the dragons either as this goblin lost their wig:
  5. Would be nice if they could add aggro taken/damage blocked to the points formula.
  6. I wouldn't mind these "tilted" maps for harder level treasure maps if they actually pointed to the right spot. Right now they are bugged and the dig spot ends up in a completely different location from the marker. Probably wherever the spot would be if the map was "untilted".
  7. Wanted to test your theory that reinforcing walls is paving. So I logged in my Vynora priest (who can pave) and: [23:53:20] Vynora would not approve of that. I already said that reinforcing walls is considered a mining action because it gives mining skill. Unless officially confirmed, this is very clearly an oversight and a restriction they forgot to remove when Fo priests got the ability to mine.
  8. These patch notes seem to disagree with you: Fo and his template demigods have had the following priest restrictions lifted: Mining Prospecting Tunneling Analyse
  9. Is there an update on when this will be fixed? I've just moved all my hell scorpions to underground pens and just found out this was a thing after wondering why they were able to attack me through walls.
  10. Looks to be around here, try digging for treasure on the tar pit.,1562
  11. I should clarify. Reinforcing cave walls with support beams. Mag and Libila don't have this restriction, which makes me think this isn't an intended restriction but a leftover from when Fo priests were unable to mine (reinforcing walls gives mining skill).
  12. [16:54:29] Fo would not approve of that. Fo priests are unable to reinforce cave walls and floors due to restriction, even though they have no restrictions on mining. I thought this might've been a paving restriction but I tested with a Libila and Magranon priest, and they were able to reinforce the wall with no restrictions. I suspect this is a leftover from when Fo priests were unable to do mining before the priest rework. This also applies to cladding cave walls.
  13. I understand that there are technical limitations which is why the master cape is unable to use the current dye system, so I suggest the following alternate solution instead: Allow us to 'Use' an item such as woad on the cape to change its colour. This can be limited to all the 'base' colours for creating dyes. This also conveniently matches with the drake/scale colours. Zinc lump > White master cape Iron lump > Black master cape Cochineal > Red master cape Woad > Blue master cape Copper lump > Green master cape
  14. Had one of these recently myself. Spent about 10 minutes or so finding the right spot, which was around the same distance away from the X yours was. +1 treasure map locations shouldn't lie. Finding the locations is already difficult enough for most people, so we shouldn't throw another variable in the mix on top of the mobs that spawn.
  15. yes let's remove content from the game other people enjoy because you personally are unable to commit time to it. have you ever considered selling your maps?