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  1. Trustworthy seller. Bought a drake set from them via paypal and they threw in a freebie too!
  2. All sold, please close.
  3. I used the creative folder and I rebuilt the DB before starting anything ingame on the map.
  4. I am having an issue with my server where all mobs on the server turn young. We had an aged horse in a pen last night and I looked at it today and it's young. Along with every mob in the area. I suspect that it might be related to server restarts but I'll need to do further testing to confirm. Has anyone else run into this issue? EDIT: I can confirm this happens after a server restart. Is this a known issue?
  5. Merge both chaos and the epic cluster into one new server. No need to split an already small playerbase. Also, have a bigger map. Another map the size of chaos will do nicely. Elevation is so tiny there's barely any room for one PMK.
  6. I've always liked the idea of an axe wielding, berzerker BL god as a sort of counter to Magranon. I think it fits the nature of blacklight perfectly. Gameplay wise though, Libila priests aren't really that overpowered. If another BL god were to be added it should be an expansion instead of splitting existing spells between them for the sake of it.
  7. You should come to Epic, where everything is fair game if you leave your boats unlocked for example. It's ironic that the cluster named "Freedom" actually has the least freedom.
  8. Looks like Magranon is being greedy and going for that third opal next to Libila. Get to work BL if you want to stop him.
  9. PvP easy fruits

    1. Balance armour types. 2. Balance weapons and shields. Make the difference between using a small shield and a large shield noticable. 3. Add some sort of Team(Kingdom) Arena pvp minigame where you don't lose items/affinities. Similar to HotA but on a smaller scale. 4. Fix zerg = win. Might encourage smaller groups to go out and look for pvp. Not sure how exactly this could be implemented, though.