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  1. Case in point. If weaponsmithing was given a skillgain boost, I wouldn't mind at all, even after reaching 90 WS. I would be happy people would lose less sanity and time if they wanted to get to 90 WS. Just because some of us suffered, doesn't mean Wurm shouldn't move with the times.
  2. Even if skillgain in wurm doubled from what it is right now it still is the slowest game (possibly in history?) when it comes to skillgain. I personally love the coffee update precisely because it helps skillgain at a cost. It's not "free skillgain". You need sleep bonus & fatigue to use it. What's the issue again? Wurm is a slow game that takes years to get good at assuming a player doesn't get utterly bored after a few years, which in itself is a huge assumption. We finally have a nice tradeoff for skillgain. All that remains is balancing it out with water usage.
  3. But does it balance out the water meter issue? Have not tested it yet, but I do not want it to go like last week where I had to reduce my water meter to near zero just so I can get a decent power buff. I really like this update, but it is not currently balanced. Just creates a new min- maxing playstyle where you have to leave your character on the edge of dying of thirst so you can get a decent buff, not to mention balancing carbs (or whatever it was that reduced water usage). Hope you guys keep looking into it, it is really a great update just needs some tweaking.
  4. My guess is you were probably in an anti-macro window? Sitting still for too long I think can do that. I harvested mine last night and got xp.
  5. If it's an exploit somewhere, the staff won't mention it, unless it's already fixed and can't be duplicated again. But even so, it might never get mentioned. It' s just weird cause I spent quite a lot of time placing items in my house to look in a specific way. Especially in my cozy workshop, that has multiple items per tile. In my case it's more of a nostalgic feeling of replicating my grandpa's old workshop (he was an eastern european tinker, cobbler, locksmith, knew how to do a lot of things), which if you don't know how one looks like, it's pretty much the equivalent of defying the quantum mechanics of our world and cramming together as many shelves, tables, workbenches in a very small space
  6. Shop is not working, the link is giving me this error : SORRY, THE REGISTRATION PAGE COULD NOT BE DISPLAYED.
  7. +1 Such a huge bed that can even fit three!
  8. Yeah I don't really see what's overpowered about having more items per tile. Some people like to decorate their house or workshop in whatever style they want. Can't really see the "overpowered" issue here. It's just a matter of house design.
  9. I really like this one. The Auction house suggestion has been debated for years and it's a sorely needed addition. The opposition to it usually prefers to keep prices as high as possible and keep price info as obscure as it currently is.
  10. Seems this stuff keeps happening.
  11. Is that a wise thing to put before the players? "Here is a gameplay aspect you'd never want to do anyway just so you can finish a journal goal tier". Personally I love the suggestion of "journal goal choices' put before the players. I am not sure if Sindusk or whomever initially suggested it but it went along the lines of "If you don't want to plant 2000 trees" you can for example "Kill 1500 spiders" instead. Forcing people into goals that not only are unfun, but they actually stress players isn't the goal of a game. It's just gives people more reasons to quit Wurm. See the 100 rifts issue which still is going on today. Not to mention these types of goals force people to be time gated but also event gated. Sometimes you just can't be online to do them. Compare these types of goals with stuff like imp items x 100 000 times which is a goal you can undertake whenever you have free time. If the point of a goal is to make people do things they don't want to do...perhaps I need to revisit the definition of fun. Pretty sure most people don't play games to do things they don't want to do.
  12. @VirusMDpretty much covered my suggestion as well. My two cents. The last hotfix obviously made going for 100 power caffeine virtually impossible. It basically requires to AFK a lot so your water level goes down or using an alt or friend to repeatedly bash you with a maul so you regurgitate. That is not fun gameplay for anyone. And for the crowd that has little time to play , that's basically a time sink they don't have in the first place so they can benefit from coffee. Proposals to update the system: 1. Make caffeine not tied to water level. You can drink as much as you can but for the buff to work you need 0.2 kg sips. 2. If we keep caffeine beverages tied to water let us then require smaller sips. Maybe in the 50 g range since realistically 50 g of good ql coffee is quite a lot for the human organism. I usually drink 0.25 kg coffee in the morning to get the caffeine kick 3. Increase water decay when drinking coffee, as you would dehydrate faster from excessive sweating. (coffee does have that effect on the human body) 4. Tea is virtually pointless compared to coffee since its only use is just to maintain the buff once you are at 100 power. Perhaps to give tea a use, have it give a different buff besides caffeine that says "well being" or something. The buff could perhaps work to give a buff to Mind logic? Healing gain? Or something. It just seems that compared to coffee, tea is pretty much inconsequential. I do appreciate the fact you're looking to balance this. At the moment the current system really makes it inordinately difficult to reach 100 power caffeine. Can you consider reverting to the 1 g sips before we tweak this again?
  13. These threads pop up every few weeks regarding uniques for years now. Personally I dislike the game design itself that allows any player or group of players to hoard any resource in a game. Could be a silver mine in an MMO, could be water wells in a desert based game, doesn't matter. The counter argument always goes this way: But if you want to find uniques go out and look for them. I always respond this way : This gameplay mechanic always favors those who have more free time than others. I'm not saying the working dads and moms out there should always be on par with the heavy 12 hour a day grinder, but it also creates a monopoly more or less for the same people. I never understood why we can't earn hide or scale in other ways, such as an extension of journal goal (perhaps repeatable goals?) or tougher RNG based solo missions (like kill 300 trolls in 24 hours?). At least that gives a player a sort of personal agency vs the current unique system which is luck based and favours groups. Fact is these threads will keep popping up in the near future until something is changed. If anyone has free time to check, they could probably find 50 more forum threads regarding this exact topic, always with the same mentality that favours greed for a particular few vs any suggestion that might benefit the entire playerbase. You want to keep the current system? Fine then. At least expand it so there are other ways to earn hide / scales than just to be a part of a privileged group.
  14. Or , hear me out, make it so drinking coffee/ tea / whatever that gives caffeine buff isn't impeded by the water bar. In other words, remove that "you feel bloated and you can't drink anything else" mechanic for coffee. You need a minimum of 0.2 kg sips but you can take as many as you want. This way caffeine consumption is balanced while keeping the market open for coffee sellers while also not forcing people who don't have a lot of time to play to stay afk just so their water bar goes down. Just my two cents. But this needs patching in any case.
  15. Hope you guys will be looking at ways to drain the water bar faster (maybe sitting near a forge or campfire?) . Afking in wurm just so my water bar can go down so I can max 100 power caffeine to do some chores isn't exactly fun gameplay. Just wasting electricity waiting for a blue bar to go down. Basically the update is now self contradictory in its intent vs its mechanics. The intent of the caffeine update is to give players who have less time to play a way to burn their SB and "catch up" so to speak, for example working folks who can only play during weekends. However the issue becomes self evident when the water bar goes down so slowly that you'd have to be logged in for an entire day to get it down to a reasonable level while also having to eliminate carbs from the CCFP bonus so your water goes down faster. So if the the update meant to give players a sort of trade-off boost for those who can't play a lot, that's entirely sabotaged by the slow water drain. A drain which forces people who don't have time to play to stay online for long enough for their water level to go down so their buff is of a decent power. See the issue? I hope you guys will find a way to balance this out. The idea of logging in an alt to bash me with a maul so I can vomit in order to drink coffee is hilarious...but also stupid
  16. Epic has plenty of living uniques by the way. And we tend to organize slayings on homeservers every few months. Our freedom brethren are always invited to help out if they need the journal goal or if they simply wish to have multiple slayings.
  17. This should be merged with all the glassmaking suggestions imho.
  18. Father : [14:06:26] It has fleeter movement than normal. It has lightning movement. It has very strong leg muscles. It seems accustomed to water. It has a certain spark in its eyes. It seems more friendly. It has been bred in captivity. 4 speed traits, 1 misc, 1 combat trait Mother : [14:06:56] It has fleeter movement than normal. It has lightning movement. It has very strong leg muscles. It seems accustomed to water. It has a slow metabolism. It looks stationary. It has been bred in captivity. 4 speed traits, 2 misc Foal : [14:07:32] It has very strong leg muscles. It seems accustomed to water. It looks unusually strong and healthy. It has a certain spark in its eyes. It seems to be a graceful eater. It has a slow metabolism. It looks stationary. It has been bred in captivity. 5 misc traits, 2 speed traits Something is very very off in this situation. Bred at 80 AH
  19. I don't think people are scared of fighting. The general issue most people don't want to admit (pvpers especially) is that players don't like the idea of losing their stuff and having to recraft or rebuy their items, hence the pvp scene is dead to dying. That and the lack of decent incentives to pvp other than pvp itself. People want a challenge, just not one that involves weeks of replacing their gear. Pve could do with some shaking up, difficulty wise in the aspect of exploration / survival / fighting. Once you hit 80 FS or so and have some decent 80 ql + armor or scale, most mobs become afk gameplay. Bandit camps could be a good start, maybe even some more dangerous foes could be thrown into the mix between regular mobs and uniques.
  20. Yeah a lot of people know those. Issue is that it is a pain in the butt to do so. I would rather have a passive debuff that drains water faster if you drink alcohol or coffee. Would make sense in the content of the game.
  21. Really like it and pretty nicely thought out. There are plenty of animals we can tame in game, though I will probably settle for a dog or a housecat just for fun.
  22. But it's an optional buff though. We don't really have to drink caffeine. Can always play in regular style. I just like that the caffeine update takes in account those who don't have that much time to play, like family oriented people or those that work a lot during the week and only have a few hours to play during the weekend. That being said, I do think a rework for fatigue should be considered for perhaps grinder - playstyles so their playtime isn't necessarily limited by fatigue. Perhaps as a reward for loyalty after a certain amount of prem time similar to how titles for prem are awarded?
  23. Having small glass bottles, pitchers, glasses that can store liquid would be pretty sweet. Not to mention this can be extended into other items. Also glass statues for high skilled glassblowers, plates, glass vase, windows, stained glass windows, mirrors and why not, some other funky items such as chandeliers that could perhaps be attached to ceilings. I think alongside with cartography this has been one of the most suggested ideas for the past couple of years.