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  1. Considering the game does not offer you your REAL time location on the map and place where you died, then YES, please help newbies find their corpses easier. I find it a bit too "extreme" in hard core mode that you die, lose your items which makes the journey to recover your corpse even harder. And if you got mauled by a group of trolls even better. I dont know if you still lose your compass now if you die, but if its still the same mechanic then yeah how is a newbie going to know where to go without one. And this is coming from someone that enjoyed hard core wurm survival on epic when I first started. (running from trolls, corpse running every day, etc.) My advantage was that I actually enjoyed memorizing the map but I can understand how people can quickly lose their way due to so many details. After all, how can you know where you died when you don't even know the server in the first place? I can count about 40-50 situations from memory about people desperately trying to locate their corpse and requesting help from others. +1 Add as QoL improvement either 5x Free Recall Corpse or keeping their inventory when they die.
  2. We can build guard towers that are useful in wurm. We can build colossi which are great landmarks. I'm gonna + 1 this, a protected sawmill would be awesome. https://imgur.com/a/Dyo6XyO I'll even expand on the idea and say that if you are in the vicinity of the sawmill, your timers for sawing planks are cut in half (pun intended). This can be done with diminishing returns based on your saw skill. For newbies timers can be +50% faster. For every 10 points in saw , the timer bonus decreased by 10%. Ex. at 20 saw skill, you only get a 30% decrease to timers when sawing planks. This could be cool for early game for players where they can meet up at a sawmill, chat about their plans, exchange info and stuff like that. Once you get pretty handy with a saw the returns from being near a sawmill are irrelevant so you can just do stuff on deed or wherever. Sawmill should have a few Flavour NPC's and act as a cool structure/area near a starter town that could help newbies. I would go even as far as proposing aditional Structures that can be player built such as Stonecutting Shops, Public Smithy's and so on. I know a lot of people will shut down these ideas just because wurm has to be "player driven" but personally I would love more flavor added to the game
  3. People tend to forget one well documented truth about games that not only have RMT but actively promote it (aka second life). That simple truth is that players turn the game into a marketplace that becomes shadier every year. From bitcoin transactions, to money laundering, to a lot of stuff that not only ruins gameplay but makes the game simply pointless, RMT is human greed injected into a game made for fun. If you allow RMT you basically turn WURM into amazon or etsy. Or another of 100s of freemium games where people sell boosts/packs for RL money between each other.
  4. Yeah I wouldnt' remove animal care ability. I understand the emotional attachment people have towards in game pets, especially the ones that have been alive for years. I recently lost my 2 year ol' horse on Deliverance. Killed by a spider. * Sobs * Caring for should be a permanent thing unless a player uncares for a pet. This is mostly about long term garbage piled up by people quitting the game which significantly contributes to a negative player experience. Simply put, I'd like Wurm to not look like some eastern european trainstation (i'm from EE) where you find every garbage possible on the train tracks, in the station and all around it. Found a nice place to deed but there's an abandoned caravel right where you'd want to plant your token? Too bad. Find another place. That's the issue that needs to be addressed. A general approach to solve abandoned things. By defition, abandoned things should not have an owner attached. Wurm monitors playtime and for how long a player hasn't logged in anyway. Why not code a mechanic connected to that?
  5. To be fair, each company has its own internal procedures + each programmer has a way of doing his own things. Some programmers don't leave any documentation behind to explain some things and it would take a long amount of time for another coder to figure out what the first one did. Not that the second wouldn't be a good programmer, it's just that it's a field where people take different approaches to implementing the same idea. I've met coders who worked 80 hour weeks on some projects, a week later after the project they couldn't remember most of the code they wrote. Ask 10 different architects to design you a rustic house by a lake and you'll get 10 different approaches. That is sometimes the case with coders as well. Not necesarily CCAB's fault , just perhaps work that's would take some time to decipher, run bug tests and so on. Sometimes it's just easier and more efficient to start another project from scratch.
  6. Can't wait for new steam servers to look like garbage dumps once people quit and you see 100s of large carts abandoned everywhere. Seriously though, there needs to be a tutorial bit where it says "Your items are your responsibility. If you log off for an extended period of time, anything that's not in your inventory can be subject to decay or loss of ownership. I get the devs are in overdrive with the new steam launch, but seeing a Constant reminder of player quitting and abandoning things is demoralizing. It's a constant reminder that player won't come back (at least not for a long period of time if ever) but the ramifications are his stuff will litter an area unless you deed it. It's a reminder of how many people quit the game and left a mess behind, mostly unintentional. Do you think that has a positive or negative influence on overall player experience? As someone who had to see most of deeds, buildings and items slowly decay on being abandoned on Desertion I can assure you it only has a negative impact on a player. A player that starts out on a server and sees nothing but ruins gets only one message : This game is abandoned. This is a core issue of Wurm gameplay that hasn't been addressed for a long time, like many others. I really wish we'd get some developer feedback on this and not some generic answer that sounds like "We're looking into it". Even something like "No, it's not in the development plan right now" is better than the former reply.
  7. -7.5% repair timer....so less repair ticks, less skillgain? Why should I be vynora again?
  8. * Insert screeching * Dang and I knew the answers to all of those. Where's my supreme flying knarr? Lemming hordes? Lemme at 'em. I'll make them extinct. Again. Brass. "Tall man" . Valrei. * cries at work * .
  9. Same. The new fishing system simply made fishing tedious. Old fishing system had you improve 1 item (the fishing pole) and that was that. Now you have to imp everything related to fishing. The pole, the hook, the fishing reel. Making a tackle box, using the right bait. The effort vs reward is skewed badly. We still get fish. That's it. Fish are optional. Not needed at all. I get the system was made to honor someone's love for fishing, and it was a beautiful gesture. The only justification to use such as system would be that fishing actually gave good rewards such as finding a treasure chest of coins, or perhaps a rare item in it, a dragon bone, a pirate hat, pegleg or somesuch. But right now the investment to catch fish is simply mind-numbing. I'd rather fish in RL. And I don't really enjoy fishing in RL either.
  10. Metal objects can be definitely smelted. Unless you perhaps refer to metal objects such as altars that cannot be smelted. But most things in game can definitely be reused, except some complex wood items such as carts/boats/wagons/ship transporters/animal cages, etc. Again, as for boats and stuff, I still stand by the idea that if the owner doesn't login for a few months, locks should fall off.
  11. Yeah well...to be honest, if WO gets abandoned, whether steam goes well or not, I will not start a new toon from scratch. Been playing since 2013, that's a 7 year playtime interval for me where I accomplished a lot and would like to keep my progress. I don't mind keeping steam servers "fresh" but please plan for possible outcomes for the rest of us. And now is the best time to actually inform your players about what those outcomes and plans might be. I still feel a great deal of uncertainty in the air that prevents me from investing too much in Wurm atm, deedwork, etc. Not knowing that WO might be dead in 2 months kinda does that to me. After all, WU being abandoned set a very bad precedent.
  12. Tbh, I am against merging as well. Think of it in this way. Let's say there would be 100 vet accounts on fresh steam servers out of a total of 2000 new accounts. Those accounts would simply rule the market. How many people can craft 90 ql weps? 90 ql armor? 90 ql tools and 90 enchants? They would simply monopolize everything. A new player would simply realise he has no chance to compete in selling goods or services and feel left out. Hell I got 90 smithing in almost all skills. Got 90 wepsmithing 100 PAS, shieldsmithing, etc. I would have no issue finding customers and making a revenue but I can understand how I would be disruptive to the market. I'd like to prevent myself from potentially ruining other people's experience, as strange as that sounds. As for pvp, it's a no brainer. Experience + skills. There have been plenty of fights where 5-6 skilled and geared players took down numbers twice their size. Bad idea there as well to merge. Keep fresh servers fresh. That's the whole point of them.
  13. 1 year is way too long Solmark. Let's analyze it through standard scenario cases. If player X disbands a deed and leaves items for 3 months unattended then all locks should fall off his items. Ownership is set as neutral, the code is already there, pvp players are familiar with "You declare this item as property of XYZ". Definition of "unattended" : Doesn't login for 3 months, items are off his deed and doesn't interact with said items. Interaction : Open item, repair item, improve item, change lock, move, place, bash or managing item through interface (ships, carts, wagons, etc) by owner. Three months is an extremely generous grace period. 1 year is ridiculous considering such high decay timers. If a player leaves a locked chest on the same server off-deed then that chest must be interacted with by the owner at least once every 3 months. If he's not actively using it , means he either forgot about it (his problem, a player's items are his responsibility) or he abandoned it but he's too lazy to move it. If he doesn't interact with it, it's abandoned = lock falls off. Another situation : I live on Deli, if I abandon a cart on Xanadu, 3 months pass by and I don't sail to XAN during that time, then that lock falls off the cart. The idea is to predict player behavior and consequences. People what want to keep their items will keep em on deed or close by. If someone regularly uses an item, be it a chest or wagon, then it stands to reason he'll interact with it, at least once every 3 months. A player's items are his responsibility. They shouldn't turn into "immovable" garbage once he quits the game. It's absurd. The current system offers more protectionism to people who litter servers and leave garbage around than to players who want to clean it up.
  14. I would argue the definition of your reasoning here. It's not exactly pay to win , more like player that pays RL money (that's an investment that needs a return in game with RMT involved) to dedicate himself to corner the market. But player B in your argument has to invest RL money to buy those accounts first , assuming he hasn't grinded them himself. THat's still money he must make back to break even. But I do get your point tbh on how the market can be affected by such behaviour, although it is an astounding simulation of RL economics. But what is the "win" definition in this case? Money, in your example. Player B invests RL money to make money in game, to sell via RMT means. I guess we need an operational definition of "win" in Wurm since it's a very abstract term to use, and it depends from game to game. Better gear can be earned for non-payers. Again, just like real life, if I want a carpenter to make a bed for me and I don't have money for it, I could theoretically work for him doing menial jobs (sweeping the floor, cutting wood, polishing surfaces, get him lunch, etc.) until he builds the bed. So thus I chose to use the phrase "pay for convenience" not necesarily win. The question is, is Wurm, as game design actually prohibiting you from acquiring items without paying CCAR 100s of euros or whatever? Some f2p mmos out there reserve the best items in game for paying players. You have zero chance at getting them as a freemium player. Guess we need to agree that clasifies as "win" in Wurm. Note , terms such as "Win" and "Lose" only function in a competitive environment. But what does "win" mean outside of it? No sarcasm implied, I just want to have a consensus for terms that have been highly controversial in gaming for many years. One of the fundamental aspects of wurm is that you can pretty much get to a point, through hard earned playtime of getting everything you need without using silvers or RL money. You can trade skills. You can help people and be helped in return.
  15. The only p2w aspect in the game is buying stuff for PvP. That is quite the only context where you can win vs. another player or group a people. Outside of pvp, silvers are just "pay for convenience". Don't want to grind Wep smithing? Buy a 90 ql longsword with enchants. Don't want to breed horses? Buy them. Don't want to dig for clay? Pay someone to dig for you. Etc. But on freedom there is no proverbial "win". If you'd delete all pvp servers right now, p2w wouldn't even be an argument. You don't even need to deed really to keep stuff safe on freedom servers. And the market on freedom for "pay for convenience" is player governed in the end. And if you're an enterprising individual you don't even need to pay in silvers. You can simply message a priest and ask him something like "Hey, can I do a few chores for you in exchange for some casts? Maybe repair some walls, dig some dirt, chop some veggies, etc. ?" Years ago on Epic I used to make platesets for people and I gave em a choice by either paying a couple of silvers or do some chores for me if they couldn't afford it. Ex: help mine some materials such as tin. The beauty of the wurm market is offering people options on how to acquire stuff. Without RMT you still have options. Pay2win games exclusively bar you from getting good items/skills/stats if you don't shell out hundreds of $. They create an artificial ceiling of progress that can only be overcome with RL money. A pay to win example that doesn't exist in wurm (and i hope it never does) would be limiting players to acquire a drake set armor only through the cash shop. You can't buy it from other people, you can't craft it, can only imp or repair. But that doesn't exist in wurm and it's an amazing thing these days for an MMO. Wurm? Other than your subscription, you don't really have to pay for anything in game. Your skills aren't limited to 2 professions like wow. You don't need to deed. You don't really need dragon scale armor. You don't really need supreme horse gear or tomes to kill a bear. CCAR doesn't throw an ad in your face every sounding like " Buy the seasonal promo pack for only 59.99$ to get the exclusive one time offer on Fantastic Serryl Underwear" or "Buy 100 silvers now for only xyz $ and be eligible ( % chance) to win a random gift satchel (loot boox ) with every purchase!" . Most crappy chinese knock off mmos do that. Wurm at least gives players more freedom than probably any other MMO out there.
  16. Look at it from a realistic perspective. If player X abandons a cart in the wild, what are the % for him to come back to it ? Slim to none. If the cart is low ql, then he's probably a newbie as well. You can often tell something is abandoned by simply checking damage on it. Past experience and low retention shows that after a month that guy isn't probably coming back. If it's high ql and the person has a reputation then he's on a break and most of his stuff is secured on his deed. He probably left the cart due to some other reason, such as a rift trip he didn't want to make twice. Or maybe he delivered mats and wanted to get home faster. Whatever the reason, things that are in the Wild for some time should be deemed in one way or another, destructible. Why is a chest still secured and locked when it's been abandoned for a year? Isn't there some item history that can be attached to it as being "interacted with" by its owner ? On freedom we get the message "Lockpicking is punishable by death so you decide not to." Right....so I can't clear up garbage in a spot because some vestigial mechanic prevents me to clean my area of the map. Fact of the matter is, Freedom is a misnomer when it comes to permission at times. There should be a mechanic in place where protectionism ends. Without that mechanic we're left with a lot of garbage around that negatively impacts player experience : abandoned boats, carts, wagons, secured furniture or empty bsbs in ruins only do to demoralize some people or just make the place look like a garbage dump. Most people enjoy building aesthetic deeds. That enjoyment tends to be affected when you leave deed and see the ruins from 2-3 deeds around knowing you can't move all the abandoned crap strewn about. Time to decay is way too long. Some people imp their furniture to 70 ql. Assuming no one would repair em, that would still take years for full decay to ensue. 70 ql abandoned garbage is still garbage.
  17. Wurm 100% confirmed sexist for PvP side. Jokes aside, they exist.
  18. While i understand your point of view Cipa, the issue is a fresh start has to be an 100% complete fresh start. I'd rather CCAR go all the way with some decisions and stick with them than just go 50% of the way and call it a day.
  19. Dunno. Wurm I think has yet to reach its full potential. Many things just feel...half - done.
  20. This hits a big nerve with me for some reason. Content. I know people keep saying Wurm is a sandbox game and thus players provide the content but.. After a while you kinda see there is very little content to do after the first few months. Rifts get stale. Pvp is ... I am not going to touch that subject there's 1000 forum threads explaining why it's dead. If you build a big deed you get burned out. Grinding smth like 90 WS also burns you out. And it's not about end game content. It's just having something that can re-bind us as a community . Freedom psychologically enforces a lot of isolationism. If pvp servers have 1 alliance per server or kingdom usually, every freedom server has 30 alliances made up of 2-3 deeds. Perhaps we've strayed apart as a community over the years. And players adding content to the game such as Impalongs , well. That is quite straining on people. I know Shrimpiie hosted quite a few beautiful impalongs but he's just one guy (and those that helped him of course, it's not a 1 man show ) Perhaps something big and extreme so that people can really achieve together to make Wurm fun again.
  21. Anything that gets rid of depressing garbage in the landscape oceans gets a +1 from me. Been two bloody years now and I still see the same 2 wagons/carts on the west end of my deed not decayed. Owner hasn't turned up. And everywhere I look I'm staring at abandoned boats, carts, wagons, etc. It literally takes minutes for a decent carpenter to build a large cart. A few extra minutes to imp it to 50-60 ql. Why should it take years for that to decay once the player quits? Top it all off it's locked with a ql 1 lock. It kinda looks like this security system. And funnily enough, by game rules, we can't touch that obsolete piece of junk cluttering the landscape. Please make a system to destroy/remove abandoned stuff. And don't give the argument with "move it to a lava tile" . We can have more elegant systems than that. Not everyone has access to an account to create lava tiles and not all items are located near areas that could have such tiles.
  22. At the end of the day, realistically whether you support RMT or not, is nigh on impossible to truly enforce or police it. And this is true for pretty much any MMO. Only thing you can do is ban the people who actively and openly do it, to their own foolishness. Example: I also play WoW Classic from time to time and I see similar situations in a discord channel for WoW. Player X wants to sell a good item with super stats to player Y not for in game gold but RL cash. Difference is you can't buy Gold legally in WoW classic, but I doubt Blizzard would support it. Even now, when RMT prohibition will come into effect in WO, players can still sell (at an obvious risk) in game stuff for RL cash. People can still sell drake sets for 100$ for example via paypal transactions and risk getting banned for it. I am sure some will get creative at it. But at the end of the day, that RL cash can be mediated through in game silvers, that's the whole point of this update. Player x makes the sell. Player Y gets his item. CCAR makes money off the transaction by having silvers purchased in game. It does not impede the economy in any way. It just helps support the game in the end.
  23. Personally I won't miss people constantly spamming the trade chats "Selling 2 gold. Selling 40 Silvers, etc." At its core, that's money that never went into CCAR due to it being an RMT trade and to another extent, money that probably never went back into wurm's economy. Some of that simply went into deed upkeep or valuable items such as tomes. It's money that over time, if i'd just make a blind estimate, would be worth at least a few thousand euros , if not more. That's money that could have been used to fix bugs that people have been clamoring about for ages. Money that could have been used to add much needed updates in some instances. But no. Making 20 $ on selling some silvers was more important than supporting a game that literally IS unique on the market. No other game exists at the moment that offers the breadth of possibilities like wurm. But yeah...let's keep hearing the same old argument that RMT was "a good thing" in wurm. Let's hear how it's a "devastating" blow to the game. I'd write a few nasty editorials, but I'll censor myself. Man, the market is over saturated with goods due to lack of object decay. Even if half the wurm crafting population quit, there would still be a huge competition to sell things. What do people do when a deed disbands? Neighbours go to it to salvage everything of value. Those are items that never leave the game. Bulk bricks, high ql tools with enchants, anything that can be sold is salvaged . Wurmians seldom waste anything. Isn't there a library of threads that talk about how wurm has no market sinks for goods? We are if anything, probably the most practical lot of gamers out there. The wurm economy won't falter. If anything, any $ CCAR makes is a boon to us as well since the devs can actually invest to better the game for us in the long run. I'll miss no one that glorified RMT over the years to their own personal gain and turned Wurm into their own little money scheme at the expense of the devs who could have used that money to ya know...develop the game? * Rant over. Sorry. Stressful work day. *