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  1. That is a shame. Wish I had known that before I manually placed a bunch of snow biomes . Is it possible to delete those snow biomes? I have put down grass tiles to no effect. As far as making it permanent Winter, I wouldn't want to mess up anything attached to the seasons. Thank you both.
  2. So I am building a lovely snow map for my viking-themed server and found that when I place other biomes down on the snow, even trees, I can not get them to appear. Are they hidden under the white on the map? Or are they not going to be there at all? I'd just test this but then I'd have to juggle various things on my server machine, etc.
  3. Hello again all. I return with a couple of questions that are likely simple. I am preparing to launch my server and would like to limit the amount of default "wild" animals out there. If I lower the maximum number of animals via the server launcher settings in the GUI, will this maximum number include player-bred animals? Is the maximum set in stone, or is there some flex over time? When an animal ages, does it die and get replaced by a younger animal naturally? Will it cause huge problems to adjust this number later in the life of the server without delving into the database? I ask these because I would like to make it extremely valuable to be a rancher/breeder/butcher on my server. Scarcity is important to me. I want to make it possible, but hard.
  4. I understand what you're saying. And if you're seeking opinions, I'm going to respectfully and humbly offer mine here: As someone who is trying to start an economic server, I feel it defeats the purpose. If one player can claim multiple areas (on some servers there is no deed upkeep) then they can effectively lock down a lot of natural resources (tar, ore, trees, animals, etc.) which are needed to stimulate economic growth. Even if we don't consider that, if the rent is going to be high (such as on my server), it really just gives players more rope with which to hang themselves. When they suddenly realize they can't keep up with the costs (even on an average rent server) and they lose all their land, they are going to be discouraged. And finally. What is the point if I can own a dock, a mine inland, a farm, a tar pit and a clay pit, in interacting with other players? When will I ever trade? What would I trade for? Respectfully, I feel that this is something that would only increase the existing problems of players huddling-up by themselves and there being ultimately no real economics until higher levels on most servers.
  5. If I may respectfully throw in the opinion of someone opening their first WO server... To me, it seems that getting the NEED for an economy is the first step. You say that you will have a starter town (bad) that will have vendors selling gear (worse). I bring attention to this because I might suggest it would be better to let players do those things. If you'll notice, on most existing servers there is zero economy until you reach the higher levels because no one thinks it's worth it to buy or sell mid-quality tools, gear, containers, etc. And those who WOULD buy them have no money. So what if, instead, you simply turn the server into a scarcity situation? You create the need for players to specialize by lowering the skill gain on your server, then decrease the amount of resources on the server. Such as wood, iron, silver, gold, tar, etc. This forces players to explore, think, plan, compete. This creates an economy because now people HAVE to buy things unless you make PVP a possibility. Now they are members of society who need to interact. Otherwise? As Henry said above, your players are going to want to do a lot of things for themselves. Most things. For some players, all things. They will literally build a hut and hide in it, not generating any REAL economics. So if you remove the ability for them to do this, if you make it necessary to work together to survive, people may be more willing to buy/sell things to each other and to traders. Especially if you increase rent. Have you also considered events where "the gods" are open to massive donations of in-game silver in exchange for "boons"? Summation: 1) Lower resource tiles 2) Consider making a custom map with area-specific resources 3) Consider opening PVP 4) Don't make deed upkeep free (maybe even increase it a little?) 5) Consider in-game ways to remove/add money into the economy 6) Lower skill gain to around 1x or 1.5x
  6. Thank you both, I will look into the survival mod as it seems to be close to what I need. If anyone has any further suggestions for mods, in general, that I should put on a viking-themed hardcore PVP/economics server, please let me know!
  7. Does anyone know a good way to change the length of seasons? I'm running a Nordic server soon and would love to ensure that it's cold and snowy maybe 6-8 months of the year. As a side note, I'm assuming this will affect crops? Are there crops that grow in the cold?
  8. Thanks for the responses guys. For Dragon: We would be fine teaching you how to play, but you'll have to do us the courtesy of getting on teamspeak to at least LISTEN to the game and the break-down of how it works. You wouldn't have to talk if you don't want to. Send me a private message here in the forum and I'll set you up with the information on how to get on teamspeak and such. And to Raybarg: yes I'm sorry we only use English. Again if you would like to type your responses that would be fine, I don't foresee many issues except time zone differences. Anyway, thanks again for the interest in the post guys. We do use the site so the DM can see your rolls and know there's no cheating.
  9. So I'm pretty late on the Pen and Paper scene but in the past couple years I've been bitten by the bug. For those of you who don't know, pen and paper is a type of game where you sit with a group of friends and "act out" a game through rolling dice and adding skills, etc. (a very generic description) I am also formerly the leader of an online gaming club where we sometimes dragged members into a weekly game of pen and paper over online voice chat. It was a blast and I'd love to see that again. Currently I'm playing an Aliens game with a friend and we could use another person. For those of you who are interested or know what I'm talking about, let me know and I could direct you on how to get onto our Teamspeak voice server and we can possibly play a game. I'm curious, how many of you guys actually still play pen and paper?