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  1. 41x 12y bottem of the moss pit area
  2. Overall I just put in 5s more if you have a interest and want to know more about it send me a msg otherwise its still for sale price ill talk about depending-dreavouss
  3. Just iron is currently located in the mines
  4. Im selling my deed pinewoods in deli for 60s Ill be leaving alot of varied things the few notable things of value 9k corn some horses some cattle 3 mines various other gathered materials near 30ql not the greatest />http://s1295.photobucket.com/user/dreavous313/library/?page=1 Pictures the deed is 81x81 10days in the coffer at this time 14s upkeep per month
  5. Ive decided id lower the price down to 70s as the coffers arent high right now
  6. Pinewoods puting up the auction timer in a few minutes
  7. Pine woods is a 81x81 deed with room for exspansion it has three mines accessible all with iron, it has a large moss pit next to it with a very good hunting area, we will be throwing in allmost all the horses except for the group we need to move, leaving our cows, we also have a guard tower constructed near center of the town with 5-6 houses available with all writs ready to be given. increments of 5s please, also it has about a 14s upkeep located at 12y 41x message Dreavouss with any questions, thank you, Will see about puting up some pictures in the future thank you, this is on deli I will see about some pictures soon />http://s1295.photobucket.com/user/dreavous313/library/?page=1 Pictures
  8. Speak with heinrich to get the grindstone ill inform him of the auction ending
  9. Bid starts at 1s and will go for two days this is on deli it can be delivered mailbox is not accessible here, thank you. 1s increases
  10. auctioning rare pinewood bucket 21 ql starting the bid at 1s increments of 50c unable to mail it at this time may be worked out will deliver anywere no exstra charge. Being sold on Deli NE
  11. "Dark Edge is 12x12" to fill in one of those. The farming based deed
  12. The two deeds Smeckledorf and Darkedge are touching together one has a mine and the other has a large set of fields, the cordinates is 16y 18x is the closest grid cordinate Any questions refer to Dreavouss Thank you for your interest.