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  1. So, I don't know if the "feature" was actually removed but the option was not, and being that I just came back from a few month break of Wurm, I decided to use it. All that happened was my 48 staff skill became 1, and my long spear skill went up to 48, then back down to 1 in the same second. Relog and they are both 1. So this is pretty crappy to say the least
  2. This was disabled somehow. I never even open that tab, so not sure why, now its only a matter of time to see if it works
  3. Still getting rares yes. "GLSL"? Also if its any help, I have "play music scores" enabled but I do not ever hear any music. And yes the volume is on
  4. I used to hear them, and see the green affect. However within the last week, I've stopped getting both. I have changed no settings that I know of that would cause it. Any ideas?
  5. Bump, 30 minutes left. Amazing deal here
  6. Bump, only 2 hours left. Amazing deal for 3 fountain containers
  7. Welcome to test after you buy them
  8. Would this be good for entry level gaming and wurm? Mainly playing Wurm, LoL, and small steam games. Any issues with this build? If so, what would you recommend I change?
  9. Auction over, please close
  10. Cleaning out my house, items currently on Chaos but can be mailed to Freedom servers
  11. I very much like this first link. I doubt I'd have much trouble finding someone who owned windows 7 I could bum off them. And it should handle wurm fine?
  12. This seems good
  13. As many of my friends know, I have this habit of crashing and lagging extremely bad sometimes. At the moment I have this crappy little HP Pavilion Slimline s5503w. Not even sure how it runs wurm tbh. I have about $500 to play with and would like to get a new PC, just the tower would work. What would be a good thing I could buy to stop this lag and crash habit I have?