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  1. Even that basic video is far more complex than your request. Should rename the thread to "Moar black nght plox!". Also, if you think the visibility is too high at night, try squinting, that should help.
  2. +1 to hidden doors. And Odynn, instead of "single door" it should read "definitely not a door". But yes, a hidden door should look like a wall, and should have the same description as a wall, unless examined by the owner, or maybe a new use for tracking skill to detect hidden doors. Still, the outline marking the shape could give it away.
  3. -1 to salvaging already sunken ships -1 to making any gameplay desicions based on "market".
  4. -1 to removing current methods +1 to improving on healing with the ideas mentioned, maybe add some flavor to descriptions, for example, if you only heal with cotton, you can get a scar when inspecting body parts or players, or using an advanced healing system could either heal faster or rid of penalties untill fully healed.
  5. -1 I thought that it would be a suggestion about a comprehensive rework of lighting, like, diferent intensity and tone during different seasons and things like that. I find the suggestion for "darker nights" under the pretense of ambient lighting undewhelming.
  6. -1 keep your easy difficulty server outside of freedom. if you want to participate in the freedom market, take the training wheels off, and make a character in Freedom. You too Rocky, get your grown up pants on and grind like a man.
  7. -1 this OP is the living embodyment of entitlement.
  8. You should try the game "Meadow", its a lovely social experience, its on steam, almost free, and its good for a couple of hours. There you will see how without chat of any kind, only preset gestures and emoticons, game design can make communication possible and needed. In fact Meadow is all about working in teams and coordinating, without the use of words. My point is, ease of access to, and well thought out gestures for players can go a long way in improving the communication, and maybe helping that silent type engage you when you are passing through his local.
  9. When I log into any other game, and the server shows 300-400ms of lag, I expect the gameplay to be complicated. So I am baffled to see "people", claim that 1000ms is "no lag", and thats the best condition the server has been in. Most multiplayer games would kick you if you had that kind of latency!
  10. Neighbors are afull, the one neighbor I like, lives across a big body of water and sporadically shows up in local. The rest of the neighbors I ignore as much as I can (hardly see them, despite being surrounded). As for the forest... comunal off-deed space, if you can agree on your vision with your neighbors its a nice thing. But I have to say that if I deed a spot, and you complain that I cut the trees on my deed, I can tell you right now my inmediate reaction would be to tell you to f*** off. However, if I turned the forest into a 300 slopes pit of bare stone, that would be something diferent, having the forest not be 100% made of mapples.... Ether, I think you are in the wrong for getting upset over that.
  11. @Retrograde Whats the official word on exploiting game mechanics? (like the case explained in this thread clearly is).
  12. You broke the quotes there. And its silly that you have to join PvP to get a statue. I get it that to you guys is either some monetary gain, or the illusion that people might go to Chaos to get a statue and end up joining PvP and weee!! PvP is saved!! but sorry, no. Thats silly.
  13. -1 it CANT work without a major overhaul of the whole religion/magic system.
  14. That is all I needed to know. And seriously, keeping exclusive content would be all nice and peachy, if the servers didnt connect, but they do. Thats a very nice idea, how about this one instead, keep the libila colossus for PvP, but separate PvP from PvE completely. Then watch PvP wither and die in a couple of months.
  15. There is a million things to do to help trade. Keeping a statue specific to one server is not one of them. You just want to be able to sell unfinished crap so freedom pays for your escapades, trying to pass it as caring for the wellbeing of trade in general is shameless.
  16. Would be a great time to put donkeys ingame.
  17. +1 to disabling the follower check. And regarding unique content for PvP servers, they have PvP, thats whats unique to them.
  18. +1 to pack animals And different animals (or animals with diferent traits) could dictate how much weight it can carry
  19. +1 to decaying +1 to deeding over +1 to bashing
  20. +1 to permadeath, I see the allure. The rebuttal about people hiding under a rock when they have 1 life left seems plausible too.
  21. I dont think it was taken out because of gameplay difficulty, but because of some bug in one of the updates. I wasnt around when it happened, but that is what I heard.
  22. +1 When I started laying ther was tree collision, and after I took a break, when I came back it was gone, and I inmediately missed. It felt horrible to have those ghost trees. I cant wait for collision to come back!
  23. Uno más en Deliverance.
  24. Thats the reason why I was talking about AI and not just buffing stats, wich are two different things. AI is the behavior of the mob, other than a complete rehaul of the fighting system (wich will never be done) there isnt a lot more that can be done to make it more interesting. PvP is not an option and is not the topic of this thread.
  25. First of all, you once again that sstupid thing of quoting some extreme that no one mentioned, like 30-50 mobs. maybe you are not a troll, maybe you are just kind of dumb. Secondly, people already go AFK with nothing hurting them, I suck at fighting, I never focused on fighting, I can go AFK and nothing will kill me, I can travel from one edge of the map to the other with absolute impunity, wich works for me, but people who like adventure might find it extremely dull. The reason I can go AFK and live, is because if a mob wanders into range to attack me, its always a single mob, and it has absolutely no regard for its life, it does not behave like an animal or insect, it behaves like a mob from a 1985 Atari game, but more predictable. Rifts or stuff like it are not a solution to ANY problem in this thread, in fact it would only create more problems, like the current rift mechanics do. The one thing we agree on, is that poorly geared or new players cant handle several mobs at once, and there is a myriad of solutions to that issue. The first solution was implied both in the OP and in my previous posts, have the mobs behaviour, or mobs themselves be related to the time of day, travelling by day could be made safer by any of many options, less aggro range, slower mobs, certain mobs being inactive during the day etc. And Finnn, before you say that I want most mobs to disappear during the day and only spawn champions during the night, no, thats not what I wrote.