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  1. No need to add new models, just wait for the Epic merge.
  2. Definitely nerf the easy-mode accounts from Epic. Im sure the devs know the exact math to what a fair skill modification would be, I just hope the transfer is done in a fair fashion to the freedom hosts who will have to house all the refugees.
  3. +1 Banning account sales would definitely be a step in the right direction.
  4. -1 to a half assed measure that avoids the big issue.
  5. No, perhaps you havent heard, but bird has been the word for long time, as shown in this documentary..
  6. -1 to all of those.
  7. They have a function as proposed by the OP, to be used as decorative items. That is the main function of all decorative items.
  8. No one would force you to use them. +1 for cosmethic NPCs
  9. When I dont agree with a suggestion I -1 it, if I think some imput could help the suggestion, I try to give it, and when I like a suggestion as is, I +1. For me this suggestion is completely barking at the wrong tree, thus -1 In fact it should be moved to the bugs section since its not even a suggestion but a request for a bandaid to a bug
  10. There is no downhill from water sources in Wurm.
  11. yes, and a permanently repair too, im tired of fixing things up. -1
  12. big -1. I would love to see the animals reworked, rather than having the same generic animal with diferent skins.
  13. -1 all the way
  14. Well, regarding HOW to do it, they could look for examples in every other game that already does it, namely, most games that have weather effects and structures.
  15. +1 to dominating -1 to taming
  16. +1 for regular birds that fit the wurm enviroment (aka, no tropical birds) Maybe a non violent way to capture them, like fishing, but instead of a fishing rod, you use a trap with seeds as bait. That way it wouldnt affect the animal cap, since they wouldnt exist in the world untill a player captures it. We already have bird sprites flying around, they could mark places where theres a higher chance for trapping them. Just throwing out ideas.
  17. always +1 everytime this suggestion resurfaces.
  18. The less than amonth premium argument works both ways. People may prem alts for specific purposes for less than a month, wich is less revenue for the game, but at the same time, people who would normally keep alts as froobs (me for example) may purchase premium for alts to do specific tasks. Either way, +1 for the original OP. If the premum comes in the shape of a tradeable item, all the better.
  19. Its not a bad logic, it makes perfect sense.
  20. Non harvestable patches of moss, that animals can graze from, in caves near water level could be a thing. Growing plants underground, using oil lamps to replace sunglight? thats just plain silly. And I have to say it again, its not about realism, its about suspension of disbelief. If you see a mythical creature in the lord of the rings, you buy into the idea, if elves show up in minivans with modern assault rifles, its no more unrealistic than mythical creatures, but it throws you off of the world you are trying to get inmerse into. As long as people cant tell the diference between those two concepts, they will keep saying the same dumb s*it "but dragons!", missing the important points. tagging @Yiraiafor no particular reason.
  21. The idea that Wurm is cheaper than most games, and that you can experience the game, or that the game is designed to be experienced with a single character and only one subscription is absolutely ridiculous. While its true for most other subscription based games, wich are slowly vanishing since its an outdated system anyway.
  22. -1 The reason why dogs dig, is not to set the foundations for human infrastructure, so I dont see how they could help, and many of us still remember the cave-bug crisis.