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  1. [BUG] Trader Trading

    It is not my own server, and I tried to get hold of the server logs for you, but to no avail. I don't really play on any other servers at the moment, but will test with a private server and post the logs if it does crash.
  2. [BUG] Trader Trading

    @ausimus, thank you for the reply, but I'm afraid you misunderstood. It indeed offers money for the items, they are not noob items, and even if they were, the client is not supposed to crash.
  3. [BUG] Trader Trading

    I offered the trader 4 gold rings, which it moved down to the bottom window, I then proceeded to offer it rope, picking the rope one by one from my inventory and offering it to him, which he would accept and move down to the bottom window. I then decided to offer more than one rope at a time, re-selecting the ones already offered, and dragging all the rope from my inventory to the trader window when the client crashed with the following: EDIT: So this happened again after restarting the client. I traded with the same trader, this time offering it a different item than before. I got up without completing the trade to make coffee (you know, wurm and coffee), when I got back, same error. I had offered it the item, it accepted. I left, came back, time passed, error happened. All of this without ever completing the trade.
  4. [SOLD]Auction: Black Opal Staff

    Buyout PM'ed. Can close. Thank you for the bidding.
  5. Please Close

  6. Please Close

    #3 Rare Rope Tool, Oakenwood 90QL 78CoC, 75WoA 8s
  7. [SOLD]Auction: Black Opal Staff

    [sOLD]Black Opal Cherrywood Staff Auction Minimum Bid : 4s Bid Increment : 50c (0.5s) Buyout Amount: 8s Description [08:33:27] A long, well polished staff with a fantastic opal attached. It is made from cherrywood. Gem staffs are currently used to cast sorcery spells. Delivery This item is not mailable. Delivery offered on Xanadu, other servers are pickup only.
  8. Can't sell Rope to Token

    Make sure the rope is not combined and exactly the original weight, combined rope cannot be sold.
  9. Thank you guys. Very professional service and delivered what was promised. Very happy with my 91 Courier cast.
  10. WTS Bricks/Mortar

    Very quick response and excellent communication during trade. Thank you
  11. [Closed]

    * Please Close *
  12. ~Independence Community Map

    Hi, Please add Pretoria at 36x, 33y as shown below :
  13. 5 Speed Horses And Other Animals (Independence)

    Very quick delivery and smooth transaction, sure we'll do business again, thanks Journeya!
  14. [Sold] Selling 2 X Referrals

    I have 2 referrals for sale, 6s each. (Independence) PM me in-game or leave a message here. Edit: Great doing business with Squirrelnutz
  15. Horse & Cart - Freedom Harbor [Closed]

    Hi, This issue has been resolved. Thanks for all the help and especially Kratos.