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  1. you can edit the enchants on existing items after you spawn them.
  2. You can spawn horses and set a name when you spawn them. For the traits you can edit those on any horse after it is created with the ebony wand.
  3. when you open the client launcher it will list servers on the internet as well as the lan. So you can plan a lan game but you probably need internet still to get the steam authentication to work. So as long as you have 'some' connection you should be able to run it, then the bulk of the data will just be on your own lan not eating up your mobile bandwidth.
  4. should be the same one deed per character per server. You can just log out and back in on another character though, there is no limit to how many characters you can make.
  5. not to derail... but without a mod, don't forget you could make items and give them out with the mission ruler. It may take some getting used to but it is indeed powerful. You could make a gem that when you examine it, it does something, like spawn clay or another item into your inventory. Or teleports you somewhere when you examine it. Not as easy to mass produce if you need to do a bunch of them, but for small custom qty of things to make, it can be done. good mod idea though.
  6. The things you mention wanting a manual for are things buried in the server code and GM wands do not affect. I expect that as the modders dig into things they may make guides for where things are and how to tweak, but no such manuals exist right now and the Devs are busy making the game ready for release. This is a built game with existing mechanics. It may allow modding but it is not designed or was ever developed in the past to go in that direction. So while it may go there in future and have official supported functions, it may take some time to unravel things in the beginning.
  7. You can choose a skill-gain rate multiplier in the server settings. Individual skill rate adjustments I assume would need a mod or some other custom modification.
  8. You can set a name when you spawn a creature. traits you can edit on already spawned creatures only with the ebony wand including color. Type (angry, champ etc) you choose during the spawn process.
  9. it should show now without logging in, thank you.
  10. A new section for WU is being added and the current posts will be relocated to it. The new section has structure to handle the discussions that make take place in more detail.
  11. added some info about flight keybind to the above post. flight has to be in quotes when you bind it.
  12. same for me Kegan, I had to use another browser to get to the main dlgamer site. Very odd.
  13. it is there but use this: for me at least you cannot search the dlgamer website to find wurm or look in the pre-order category as neither will bring it up. But if you put the link in directly wurm will show.
  14. I see many posts through the forums saying a person wants to be a single player and therefore they should be able to have a character that does 100% of everything such as spells from each faith etc. I do not know where that comes from there are tons of single players games around where you choose a starting character that has skills limited/set to that character and are not the full skills available in a game. I am sure these things can be done for those who want it, but much of them would be custom changes the community will be making themselves.
  15. There is no need to make any spells under 100 faith and change those ones that need linking. The game is designed to allow multiple players, if you do not want that it is also there for you to edit the settings and change it yourself.
  16. There are a lot of factors. Less npc creatures and you will be able to support more players etc. How big is the item database on the server will eat more memory etc. It is not a simple answer.
  17. GM's have no ability to do anything with the automated server functions of what is spawned, or how, or when etc. They have no tools to see anything even related to it. As a gm you can nuke a deed token but that just destroys the 'item' and not the deed so you will end up with problems. What you could do is summon the deed papers and disband the token as one method.
  18. WU is a separate game, it has no impact to the characters or servers in Wurm Online.
  19. I am saying that there is a command to auto generate those. But you cannot use the mission ruler to go manually create a mission that does things like the global ones the system makes. The functions are simply not within the capability of the mission ruler. Maybe there will be some server tool you can use to create those etc. or you can manually edit the database, I'm not sure. This is part of the reason why the mission ruler is not so simple to use. It was implemented but not fully polished as a tool. And with it not being used to make the missions you normally see, there was never a priority to devote dev time to improving it. You can still do a lot with the ruler though and I think the system has a huge potential in WU.
  20. I mean you will have the lock but the server will still think it is on the chest. and leads to other issues as I recall. Usually you just get the key and unlock it. But if a key is gone totally, best to take items out by summoning and destroy the object, create a new one and new lock. We do not get into testing how much it would break the game if we kept doing it, stuff like this we have to just leave alone and use workarounds... those workarounds are what might help you a lot, but I think we are too close to it maybe so that it is second nature to us to think what tips you might be needing. But if you have a specific question we can usually answer that pretty quick. What we do have is very intermixed with policy/procedure. And there is much that has no documentation if you just make a gm character and try to use it. My thoughts were to have this thread and then compile the information into wiki maybe and organize it. Most gm's have been there a while and we are just used to what we have and how it works. It is light years ahead of what it used to be so in that respect you are very lucky. And I can't give you all our secrets
  21. yes, you are lucky now days as there has been a lot of changes so you won't have as many issues as we used to have. when flying you are now noclip. that is something recent.. As a gm you can fly while on a boat / cart etc. those fly with you. to unlock something, no. but you can use workarounds. like summon the key and then use the key to open it. or simply summon the items out of the locked container. you can also pick anything up (or just summon the item if can't). As a GM you 'cannot' open locked items either. you would have to go thorough other menus and summon individual items manually. you also cannot put items magically into other inventories or anything like that so if you take something, you may not be able to put it back where it came from easily. You will be tempted to summon the lock off to try to fix a locked item. Resist the temptation or you will end up with bugged items... The server does not let go of such things so easily.
  22. i had some tar in my inventory i tried messing with, it got warm etc as the temperature went up so it looks like you could use that value for things and it works for making things hot. It is not something we ever use related to moderation though so you will have to experiment with it when you get your copy of WU.
  23. There is a lot of undocumented things in wurm so I'm sure i'm missing many right now but we are getting closer.. some keybinds gm's can use but are not listed anywhere you will find by using WU. 'flight' - toggle flight on or off (you have to put it in quotes, so use: bind <key> "flight" ) 'gmtool' - brings up a window for gm functions 'mutetool' - brings up a tool for mutes/bans.