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  1. We have built a lot of housing in the last few months and have plenty of room still.
  2. check ultimarus out. We help out ppl all the time.
  3. I thought so, but had to ask anyway.
  4. I've been looking around for map data and all I can find is map images (png or jpg etc) and ppl using ms paint or photoshop. I'm looking to see if any base map data is available ie: x/y/z data for the server. I have found in google this mapdump thing i kept hearing about, but it's only a low resolution image, not a "map dump" of raw data. I use true mapping software and wouldn't mind making a base layer if I had the data to do it with but not sure it exists. (note: images would not be "map data". Looking for a DEM file or similar basically) With the raw data I could even do a shaded relief map. Or if it was x/y/z/terraintype could replace shading with terrain colors. Yes, it would only be a snapshot as terrain changes, but would still be good. Is it available? Was it released in the past and I just can't find it? Or are the devs just not releasing that kind of data?
  5. I would like 200 iron lumps 80ql and 100 iron lumps 90 ql please, delivered to me at Ultimarus. I can pickup at the coast near hilfe's if you coordinate with me on the delivery. Should be 4 silver as I understand it. thanks.
  6. Recruitment is open again. Please be aware, we are a large more mature village. If you are a young kid who is going to be immature, annoying, etc., save yourself the trouble and join another village as you won't last long in ours. With that said, you should be aged 20 or older unless you can prove your maturity. No offense to the new young players out there, but past recruitment experience has shown it just isn't working with that type of player.
  7. Still expanding and looking for villagers. Highly active city.
  8. Join ultimarus. we have lots of people on as well as a ventrillo server. We do lots of commerce and already have 80's / 90's skills in carpentry/ship building/woodcutting/BS and others in town. We are not slave drivers, your account fullest use depends on what you want to do and how you play the game, but the opportunities are definitely there in Ultimarus and the city is able to easily support those skill levels.
  9. Welcome Akya, our first successful teleport test subject. To any new recruits I now offer free teleportation to our city from the Freedom Market area. Faster than walking, horseback or sailing. No more new wurmians getting lost in the woods and eaten by bears. Teleport services are available weekdays, pm me in game for transport service.
  10. Come to Ultimarus: We will get you started right.
  11. You will find Ultimarus a friendly / helpful place with a very active membership. We will get you started with any guidance and tools that you need.
  12. you are welcome at Ultimarus. Our city post is here: We are very new player friendly, offer free tools for whatever you need and any guidance. Our citizens are heavily involved in shaping our city and multiple projects are usually ongoing which you can participate in if you like or come up with your own (no forced involvement).
  13. For new people Joining, here is our current city map.
  14. I joined this city starting new, it is a huge city with everything, and they really get you started out nicely.