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  1. I will definitely check that area out at some point. Working on a project currently, but Esteron is my next vacation destination. Oh yea, Glasshollow is definitely one of the more populated areas, no doubt about that. Although lately it seems your Local has spilled over into Forum Nothing wrong with that! Sometimes I enjoy being off doing my own thing as well. Yea I almost mentioned Newspring when I said Lormere, since I feel like the peninsula area from Lormere to Newspring is all fairly populated. But good point about the island.
  2. I've been exploring a bit of Xanadu on the east through my main account, and the south and west on alts. It's a bit fascinating to see all the abandoned ruins, with their impressive colossus statues standing watch over the empty plains, saying "Look at my works, ye mighty, and despair!" That got me to thinking about what are the remaining outposts of civilization. Of course there are individuals off in random places all over the map enjoying their peace and quiet, but where are the main centers that still see people conglomerate? So far I've noticed three areas with a decent population nearby (though not always in immediate Local), roughly centered around a respective starter town: Summerholt area Glasshollow area Lormere and surrounding peninsulas What are some other areas that I might have missed with active pops? I've heard things about Esteron but haven't had a chance to visit down there yet. I'd like to add a few more places to my exploration list -- too bad there isn't skill gain for just sailing and horseback riding around the world.
  3. Pristine was up briefly too, but down for maintenance now. Good to see them fixing it though.
  4. Link works for me. Monks' Brewery y22 x31
  5. Plus one less floor tile, hence the 3 skill. But you answered my basic question about how much the inner courtyard walls cost, thanks! Good point about grass, I was thinking of going with stone slab or marble but a tree might be cool. Still, it sounds like I can still build another floor once the outer walls are finished, and just leave a hole in the center instead of the upper floor and roof.
  6. My carpentry skill is now 21, so I plan to build a 3x3 house: 9 floor tiles + 12 wall tiles = 21 skill. However, I'd like to leave the middle tile open as a courtyard. Is it correct that this subtracts one floor tile but adds four walls (as archways), so it requires 3 additional skill for a total of 24? I could just leave the middle tile unfinished in the normal 3x3 layout and add inner arched walls later when my Carpentry skill hits 30, but doesn't that impact any additional floors that are placed above it, or is it only the walls that need to be finished before adding a second floor? I'm going to test this later when I'm back home but I figured someone here might have experience with this.