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  1. Pretty simple to secure a login beyond the user/password. Just restrict remote access of that username to that db to two access point's. The server access and your ip/range. If its locally hosted with the server and you have local access to it than its even easier as Friya suggested. The security as how you setup the the interface and not mysql alone.
  2. Is there an option to run custom command line parameteres for the launcher? IE: adminpwd that shipped with this mornings patch? I'm close to switching over from a competitor as they seem to be lacking behind quite a bit currently and its frustrating.
  3. If you didn't already know, theres a time lapse command you can run in the console. It'll take a photo every X seconds depending on the parameter you use with the command timelapse <seconds> Starts taking screenshots automatically at every interval that you inputted with <seconds>. Type timelapse in the console and hit enter to turn the timelapse off.
  4. Also the quality of the vein is determined by the original cave wall QL level. Its also useful to know that you can fill in a mined tunnel by changing the open cave floor back into a cave wall. Throw up a dummy server for GM only and play around with things trying different scenerios.
  5. Here I am trying to tweak each profile of mine to qunie settings for each characters daily operations. For example resolution on two characters are different. Since theres no way of creating a new settings profile through the launcher I navigated to the PlayerFiles folder and made duplicates of the settings profiles within the configs folder. I then went back to the players folder and changed each Player Profiles default loaded config file to its unqiue one. Every time I change a setting for example in player Joes config through the launcher it also loads it within the other profiles via the launcher. Timestamps on edits of the phsyical file stay different. Not sure if its properly pulling the correct config file as the one you choose in the drop down or not.
  6. If you want any sort of instant changes you could look in the database and change his settlement there and remove the cooldown timer. Make backups first.
  7. Is it possible for us to obtain a details description of all the "Server Features" that are under the Creature->Features settings? Most of them are common sense, but a few for example the ownership papers. Are those the deed writs that phyiscally sit in the inventory? Or was that completely removed and coded into the structure menus?
  8. Same here. Im curious if its a timeout issue due to all the activity on the forums now with the login servers being down or if its in relation to Rolf working with the login servers themselves..
  9. The thread/topic yes, but not to the reply that matters the most out of the 3 pages of "is the server down?" nonsense. Also I stepped away from my PC as I was writing that so I didn't know there was a reply to this thread because I had hit reply prior to your posting..
  10. This topic will most likely get locked soon like the others.
  11. Im assuming the load action will allow use to lets say move forges, beds, fountains etc now without the need to push/pull them everywhere as long as theres enough room in the large cart for the item?
  12. I'm not sure if this is on the same road that you're aiming at, but it can be molded in any shape or form with what your suggesting. Character API string. Here's an example. Player connects under a character that they wish to create the API string on. They hit a key (for this example we'll use P). In this menu the player has the options of creating as many api strings as they want, but with some flags attached (More on this down below). Once the string has been generated they can copy it and login to where Rolf has the suggested Accounts Management page setup. This is the location where they can link the APIs to from different accounts that they own. Now some more info on the API Menu ingame: This is where the player can choose what gets displayed in what each string. With each string that the player creates will always start off with a unique identifier for that specific character so the code knows whos info to pull. They'll have the option of making the string public or private so if they wish to share it to other they can. They will also have the option of checking certain boxes of what to allow that string to display IE: SB, Skills (Specific Ones), Premium Time, Stamina, Food, Water, Titles, Coin Balance, Inventory, Equiped items, etc.. This can also be expanded to third party programs if done correctly on Rolfs end.
  13. I believe its directed to just straight out moaning and complaining about it without giving constructive criticism on how to improve the aspect that one dislikes about the changes / additions in a respectable manner. Im sure you can voice your opinion, but there's a clear line of voicing an OPINION and dislike to something from the polar opposite of flaming such changes.
  14. A step in the right direction +1. Add it to the wiki.