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  1. There should be more gains for hige end skills like i have 97 mining its huge amount of mines from 90 till 97
  2. Just get more ppl and push push push Thats how my village got lmagic chest Was like 5ppl half day only pushing
  3. Old permission system for doing bad things was better First problem i had with new system was getting in cart(not my cart) with having lock can see items but not take out them was so @#*&^%$ I hope for change but probably will not happen because of same code for PvP and PvE servers Alex you should demand wage for doing staffs work
  4. mine door doesnt work stuck on deed good job
  5. bump seems like mag died for good
  6. Meteo hit us hard nothing left to log in
  7. Slow Connection

    dam noooo tryd to log stayd @ loading