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  1. Bought some horses off CistaCista today. Fantastic service, great communication, and very reasonable prices. I got a great deal, even bought a row boat from his neighbour. Highly recommended seller. Thanks for making it easy CistaCista.
  2. 880,742 The Beer Garden
  3. Still no hints on roughly where Harmony starter/s will be? Since Defiance starters have been made known and all
  4. This would be awesome to have character creation and GV available tonight (Aussie time), for those of us that are in a timezone where server kick off is 3am.
  5. Gday, do you still have the Seryll lumps?
  6. Xanadu Community Map

    Gday. Just an update for The Beer Garden which is located in the wrong position on the map. The Beer Garden is actually where South Harbour is shown on the map. South Harbour is sadly no more.
  7. No server popup

    Okay, so this ended up being really easy once I found the actual game files. Once I had the game files I was able to set them to run as administrator, and I got the popup server window. Thanks for trying to help.
  8. No server popup

    Thanks Griffith, I appreciate you trying to help.
  9. No server popup

    So going through all the Steam folders I cant find that log file. Below is the server window that does pop up...
  10. No server popup

    I cant even find where the files are installed to. I dont use Steam very often, so Im not sure where it installs to. I can of course find the normal Wurm Online files. Also, its not just the Adventure server that is not working, I cant start any kind of server as a host.
  11. I just got Unlimited finally and I am having an issue getting a local server to run to play adventure mode. I click on Manage server, I have tried with both the dedicated server box checked and unchecked, a DOS window opens starting the actual server sequence, however I do not get the second window that contains the server settings and the all important "green button" to start the server that I have read that I should have. This is a brand new installation, internet servers work fine, perhaps in my frustration I am just missing something. Any suggestions?
  12. I'm not sure if cooked meat is mailable. If it is, I'll take 1k mailed cod to Kin. Cheers.
  13. I would love 2 if it's no bother. COD to Kin please.
  14. So, the OP, you lost me in under 2 sentences, I didn't read 2 full lines, you need to whine less and put forward a decent complaint. In saying that, I do think there is an issue. I didnt have a single lag issue before today. They reboot and all of a sudden I'm having huge 3min lag bubbles. I didn't have that issue before. On the creature issue, if you think people complaining about a lack of creatures is the cause of lag, omfg, you need to wise up. If a game can't support the correct ratio of PC to NPC then we have a real issue to start. Secondly, the restart had nothing to do with that, as there is still no creatures. And thirdly, if you want to walk over 2 hrs in a single direction and still see no creatures, like I have more than once, and be happy with that, then I'll invite you to play another game.
  15. I think you missed my point. I am well aware of the rules and what is and isnt allowed, but unfortunately, in the previous game I mentioned, I was also well aware, as was everyone else, but the majority of players chose to break those rules. Hence why I reiterate, I wasnt implying stupidity or blame, I just wanted to know what you referred to as afking. I thought I had explained that fairly clearly.