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  1. Transaction Completed Successfully, Thank you!
  2. -1 i’d like to keep my caravel yoyo’ing, so we can’t have a real animation! (for those wondering, using a yoyo with something activated will instead place that in your hands, allowing you to do some really stupid things, like juggle a entire boat, trees, water, bodys) in all seriousness though, would like it to have “full” animations, so each yoyo trick actually does something. Would +1 realistically.
  3. It would suck to see another of our few remaining good grinders leave Wurm, especially with all that’s going on at the moment. right now you won’t get what your looking for, But if Wurm was more stable, I would see this fetching 1200+ euro. if I’m being honest, this would perfectly replace Redhawk+Redeemed for me, And I’d love to have it. But I don’t have the spare funds atm. And 1200e is minimum of what I’d expect to get it at, so just keep that in mind. don’t let it go for to low if you decide to sell out. It’s a very good account just skill wise, more less affinity/tomes. If you do, don’t rush it and take something too low. anyway, hope to see you stay. Don’t talk much in-game, but have respected your skills/grinding for a good few years. Good luck mate with what you decide.
  4. sorry shrimpiie, but I’m going to have to say that is just dead wrong. if you are a extremely casual player who plays five hours a week, sure. You’re mostly correct. if you however want to experience half the game locked behind priesting, you are already at a minimum of two accounts. (It’s a lot like comparing unprem runescape to premium runescape. You open up more skills and world) if Your a serious player, and like to do everything (while managing to keep maintenance at a minimum, nobody wants to waste half their play time doing it) then your going into very expensive territory. It’s true most new players won’t come out of the games spending more than 15$ a month. But given six months to a year, when the vets explain why priest, deed size, ect is better, like always, they will begin spending more. (That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, they’re invested now) but you can’t say Wurm is cheap anymore. I would be spending 40$ per month if I hadnt given up trying to enjoy the game to the fullest. Now I just pray for some reworks (or price changes, but I obviously don’t expect that) to enable that to happen again. where most games give you a account with all your characters, you instead need to pay for multiple here. That alone has big effects, especially when added characters help here a lot more and make things a lot more fun. wurm isn’t cheap, unless you want to play the very dulled down version. I try my best to not complain during these times, because I truly see a lot of mistakes (and good things) going on with the game, the staff, and the direction of Wurm. all I can say is, I hope for the sake of everyone it goes well.
  5. While partially true, there are only two big MMO’s left on a sub at the moment, one of which had most of their income still from the cash shop, and the other bringing in 40%. The rest died out because gamers do not want to pay to pay a subscription, thus, the devs were made to introduce shops more and more. Now adays it’s the only realistic way to sustain a mmo unless you are a well known triple A dev ontop of getting very lucky. so saying they have hurt MMOs far more, while I understand your point, is false. Without them, Mmo’s Would not even exist anymore outside of possibly one... they are sadly what is keeping them afloat currently. shops done right are also great. Do I have confidence Wurm could do that? Well, no. Not at all to be honest. If it was to be done correctly they’d require a lot more Art devs to make cosmetics 24/7 while still adding a good fair amount to the base game to keep it fair, and not go p2w (Which Wurm already is, but that’s a longer story) if we see more staff hired on, and I mean a lot more. I could see it working well.
  6. Considering you already know the answer to that statement from trades and talks we’ve done, lol no. PVE needs to be spiced up on PVE servers anyway. But (obviously) not by attacking deeds. However, nobody on Deli is out and about anymore. You have figs killing most of the server mobs, Myself on two toons, Spuddles, and Subie when she now rarely comes over. the rest of the server most of the time doesn’t hunt mobs. (A lot do fight, just not actively hunt like those mentioned). Why not? Because there’s never anything interesting. this will add something to that hopefully. As seeing anything new PvE wise is pretty rare. and before someone doesn’t understand that, I do believe newer players should be able to get around “relatively” safe. (Using guard towers, spirit Templars, ect). So no, I wouldn’t like to see deeds be assualted or the like. But the question thinking this is exactly what’s going to happen is... a obvious “No, why would that be put in without a bug warning?”
  7. As* do other creatures, but only when they’re hungry of course. theres not suddenly going to be something attacking our deeds. If you don’t already have pens with locks on them, a troll very well can stroll right in and attack a non-tamed creature of yours for food. And to my knowledge, Templar’s work against rift creatures already. (And do guards) there’s no reason to think these would suddenly go neutral to a “enemy”
  8. Why would they work any differently then the rest of the mobs on the servers already? its kind of obvious none of this is the case, especially since that would cause major uproar.
  9. Suggested a lot, disappointed it still hasn’t been done, or even given a meaning to be used otherwise on them. as is, it’s just been a wasted use. +1
  10. I’ll offer 2.5s each for the supreme satchels 6s for the supreme oak leggat and 1.5s each for the rare satchels. (tbh, I just want to see more shiny’s lol) if any/all of those are good for you, CoD to Aetherwalker. good luck with sales! (Ps: I’m gonna Kill you in classic :P)
  11. Are you really trying to win all these later? you do realize a Druid is always the last on the trail? surrender to the forest’s will.
  12. Heya Niki! I'll offer 15s on the Supreme short bow. if that's acceptable, CoD to Aetherwalker please.
  13. Heya, Would you take 25s / $ (either or, Whichever is easier for you to handle) for the supreme huge axe?
  14. I will take it if still available, if through Paypal? Send me a pm if so.
  15. Don’t sell it for less than 1k, I have a feel it’s much higher than that even, but anyone offering under 1k doesn’t know how hard body stats are to get to such a level.
  16. Hello all! Today i've finally decided Vandle really isn't getting enough use by me. As I use Aetherwalker, Redhawk, and a few priest. Vandle seems to have fallen out of usage by me and due to sitting un-prem for a bit, i'm looking to see if there's any interest in the toon. if not, there's potential in the future I suppose! I am mainly interested just to get a idea of what his worth is by price checking, However, if you're interested in buying him, feel free to post or PM me a offer. (I'm USD, However for simplicity's sake I understand most offers in Euro, Just know for any potential buyers, I'll be accepting USD, Via Paypal Verified only) Assume the character comes with no items. Character's Niarja Link Meditation Released, on the Path of Power (should be ready for rank up, I believe) 76 Titles. [18:26:18] You have premium time until 15 May 2019 07:22:07 GMT [18:26:18] You entered through the portal to Wurm on day of the Ant, week 4 of the White Shark starfall, 1012. That's 2993 days, 18 hours and 38 minutes ago. [18:26:18] You have played 517 days, 15 hours and 13 minutes. Location; Deli - Deed Lunafreyja. M18 on the in-game map. (Have a small deed under main deed with access to coast) Character's Look. A Important note. A lot of this characters lesser stats (Weapon skills, Bowyery, Fletching, PaS) are a few skills higher than shown due to deaths in PVP. they're at a 3x skillgain, but I don't think most of these add much value to the character, so I haven't gone through all of them specifically. if your very interested in the character, I can go through these with you, but honestly, they're usually around the lower 50-60s and only add 5-10 skill, so it's not a big boon, even though it does effect a lot of his skills!) Thanks to anyone checking it out and giving me some ideas, And if there's anymore information that I may have forgotten, Please let me know or ask. have a greay day.
  17. Depends on the armour anything below chainmail, not really. You could argue however due to all the crap in our inventory’s we’d sink like stones. but leather/hide/cloth and probably drake (maaaaybe scale? Not sure on this one tbh) you’d be fine.
  18. Well, with all the people taking salt out of the water now for cooking purposes, maybe in a few years there will be less salt. maybe bring the suggestion back up then
  19. Realistically, it really depends on the person (and obviously water conditions) some prople freak out who dont know how how to swim, and can’t float to save their lives. others who have had practice or know how to swim, spend zero effort. It’s very easy to stay afloat, even in ocean water / at the beach / ect. (From personal experience, I live at the beach :P) you don’t have to paddle or anything, once you get the hang of it. So realistically, it could swing either way. but it makes more sense not to drown, considering our characters know how to swim well enough before running out of stamina.
  20. Players like me will just prem all his alts for this, I live with a few villagers but having tried the big village life isn’t for a lot of people, that’s why that style died years ago (for the most part, some have persisted, I’m glad to see) most of the players playing now adays I feel would opt to just prem more alts for these bonuses. And most of us already have characters with high skills sitting un-prem to be able to get them it’s a fun idea, I think, but not one that is going to help the problem of scarcity as you see it. A big village has a lot of advantages already, the problem is, Wurm invites people to come play this huge sandbox. Living under the rule of a village limits this, thus most of the people Wurm attracts instantly run from the sight of it. what I guess I’m trying to say is, Wurm, while being a good game for having a huge flourishing village already, doesn’t attract these type of people often. Because it’s a game about no limits, and that’s what people come for, to be able to do whatever it is they wish. Adding more incenative to these big villages won’t help that problem.
  21. Anyone have Gary’s spells list? Before I change (since Paaw got screwed) looking to know every priest’s list to not get screwed again down the road.
  22. It’s been some time since people around these parts improved their actual body control stats.
  23. Solution, I’ll keep buying all the top end accounts and never let anyone else touch them, despite the offers. THEY ARE ALL MINE, MINE!!!! problem solved. Carry on
  24. Oh man... I wish the best to their family and friends. I knew Tich back a few years ago, but haven't kept up recently. So, so sorry.