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  1. I usually don't post in the forums very much and would like to let you know that I have been playing Wurm online for over 10 years and love what this game has become and thank all the devs throughout the years for their hard work. There are some things this game needs to have due to some of the wonderful updates that have come out in the years. I would like to see waterfalls and rivers to make deeds even more beautiful :-). Rivers higher than just sea level. You could have watermills along those rivers making flour. You could also make certain fish available in those rivers. It could allow canals to irrigate rice above sea level for those people without coastal deeds. No need to allow boats on those rivers, keep those at sea level. As for the lava pools and lava falls, I would love to have an underground dwarven paradise, but i can't because i can't make lava pools and lava falls. What kind of dwarven paradise doesn't have lava :-). All this wonderful stuff you are allowed to do underground now needs those lava pools and lava falls more than ever. As for the underground mushroom farming we need a better way to be able to get mushrooms.
  2. The canal located on xanadu at 4986 -869 is accessible by all boats not just knarrs. Also the canal located on xanadu at 4918 -995 is not a tunnel. Both of these canals are open(not tunnels), deep, and wide enough for all boats. Thank You for all your efforts on maintaining this map.
  3. Nest haven at 4803 -1015 is disbanded. Tylenthus's hunting retreat at 4899 -946 is disbanded. Add Zenithia Market 4904 -985 Name Change: Quarry's Lemosa Canal at 4984 -864 to Quarry's Canal. The map states that those canals are tunnels. Both canals in the area are not underground tunnels. Awesome job on the map! Thank you for your time and effort!
  4. I suggest a much more simple setup. Right click measuring cup. Window pops up. You type in precise measurement you want. (example: 4.27) You click the set button. Done. No multiple cups, no having to adjust the cup for every measurement, you can rename the cup and have multiple cups if you wish for specific recipes.
  5. I bought an active beehive on exodus and was able to load it onto my boat without having to unlock it. At the time I didn't think much of it. I brought it back to Xanadu. I was able to unload it off my boat and load it into my wagon and bring it to where I wanted to secure it. After I unloaded it I was not able to secure it. The event window said, "[21:16:41] You do not have permission to secure that." I had to return to Exodus and have the seller unlock it and leave it unlocked until I got to Xanadu in order for it to work. This whole problem could have been avoided by not allowing the beehive to be loaded onto a boat while being locked. Thank you for your attention.
  6. A contract that you can buy from a trader(10 silver ish) that gives the standard speed boost of a boat/ship as if a full crew was rowing. Then charge 50c/month from the bank to keep the ship manned. First month is free.
  7. Have hota statues give type in description upon examining. it could be used to scam/or make mistakes mislabeling by renaming. example ( i took a trip from xan to deli to a vendor that sold hota statues and a boar/dog statue was renamed wrong as demon. So either i have to go on a 4hr trip back to get it exchanged or the owner of the merchant has to pay for delivery of a proper one.) [12:27:12] This statue is the prize of a Hota tournament. Colors: R=220, G=0, B=0. Ql: 96.0, Dam: 0.0.
  8. To add to busted's comment. im posting a pic with the latest road and canal updates. Zenithia token is more to the west. It was confusing some people. Also would like to add that the zenithia canal does have a working mailbox and merchant stands available for merchants. Thank you for taking up the mapping after lobber i do greatly appreciate the map and how many times it has been helpful.
  9. Griefers

    All i wanted to say was watch out for them thats it end of discussion but everyone has to put their 2 cents in and turn this into a flame war. I showed the proof now its done.
  10. Griefers

    i've been playing wurm for 2 years now. registered with the forum for just over 1 year now. i know the rules and i know devs cant do anything about this. Now i will say that me and thandruil were doing just fine until his 3 lackeys showed up and started pulling all this.....
  11. Griefers

    here is their confession after i removed them from my friends list. http://img23.imageshack.us/img23/3249/wurm201201121723.jpg
  12. Griefers

    My deed is on the south side of death valley they are all from the dune deed on east side of the desert.
  13. Griefers

    mined the floor of my mine after i wouldnt give them some of my freshly planted trees. Stealing of dirt off of my perimeter.
  14. Griefers

    [15:01:57] <Lordjopi> whaah we stole ur stone
  15. Griefers

    they admitted to it. the only reason they got away with what they did is because i had them as friends and i thought i could trust them. so a dev wouldnt have done anything. cause it wasnt exactly breaking their rules
  16. Griefers

    Watch out for lordjopi, Thandruil, wutersparre, and downiebrownie. They are thieves and griefers. No respect for their neighbors. I,m not gonna get into details of what they have done. Just giving a fair warning to all.
  17. yea probably should of done a search first. just very interested in seeing it soon.
  18. A simple bulletin board. A simple flat object with the ability to be able to type easy messages into. One page per message kinda thing (max 255 characters/page). We have over 25 villagers and its hard when some people play nights and some people play days to be able to relay messages. We have to use other forms of ways of getting messages to each other. Nowadays there are tons of instant messengers and voice ip software, and everyone uses different kinds. Communication is a serious problem in the game itself. So why not a simple little stationary item like a sign but bigger be allowed?