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  1. +1 to better drop rates... maybe not 100% but certainly needs boosting. why should we pander to the 4 people that play epic? plus epic is in no way connected to freedom other than just your name! who cares if freedom gets it easier than epic.... they DONT AFFECT EACH OTHER! (other than the pride of the 4 people that play epic) -1 to random distribution.
  2. whew worked like a charm, ty jaz
  3. those underground decorations are sexy looking! Good job art team! Also fantastic job on figuring out the affinity dilemma with the toggle. I knew that it would mess up affinities again but was hoping it had to be done anyway, but you figured a way to make everyone happy.
  4. I had no problems before Deli 'upgraded server hardware' for the first few days after it, it was insane lag... 30-40seconds per action or gate opening. I took a break for a few days and came back and it seemed fine. After todays restart it is not only back but its 10 times worse!!!! I can barely load into the game and when i finally did after several attempts, i couldnt do anything. I have no issues wiht my internet and my computer is way more than good enough for wurm, bar the fact that it worked fine before the 'upgraded server hardware' Please, if anyone else has this issue let me know. I feel like I'm the only one affected but i found one other person claiming same issues, from USA. I changed my DNS and upgraded everything.... nothing is working and the game is unplayable. I feel like this is a big push to join Wurm Unlimited. Sad that is so much better connections than WO and doesnt come with a monthly fee...
  5. I have had lag since the restart, I know not everyone is, but this is making the game unplayable for me. I tried changing my DNS and still choppy and delays.
  6. As title says, it is deli's recent kyklops up for grabs in a quick auction. it currently has 3.03dmg on it. starting price 1c
  7. Ty for such a detailed response. I agree that this is confusing. You are correct it is taking some time to find a certain 'chunk' of affinities that seem largely 'impossible'* I know multiple people that are trying... a subset of them can get the affinities. It is far too early to claim its a bug as we are working diligently to solve the issue of clustering to the point that it is impossible or insanely impossible. it could be just unlucky rng but when multiple people are facing the same exact issue and getting the same patterns when varying the meat, it makes me think it could be a bug I am using a stir fry combination, with large amount of veggies (constant), Oil or herb (secondary variable), using meats (primary variable).
  8. I have thought about this for a while! I have made several hundred meals and noticed that there is a pattern with changing meat... ie certain sklls come out after each other with meat alphabetically organized... Bear Beef Canine... etc (15 types of meat) Now I have done enough variations to have the skill list loop around and it skips over certain affinties. Now I'm noticing there are 'chunks' of affinities that certain characters dont get. I had 8 toons skip over channeling (which comes after prayer) and go straight to mine, body, soul). I have 1 alt that doesnt skip over and gets channeling, This is my pattern I'm getting : Now finally down to my question.. I understand you cant divulge the actual code... but can every toon have the option to get every affinity or are there gonna be 'chunks' or certain affinities just unobtainable to certain people based on their ID number??
  9. I think it'd be acool to have a divide/split/cut option to divide meals up in weight. alot of larger meals wont fit in the lunchbox when i travel, so id like to cut it up. it'd also be awesome for sharing meals with friends and guests.
  10. I had an idea that maybe the more you are fighting in a row, the less focus you loose between fights. and kinda like the alcoholic meter, it wont be visible but you just know by how much focus you loose per fight. This could be linked to Fighting skill, so you don't get it til 70FS (non prems and newbies won't have it) It would help to not have to refocus so much between fights.
  11. parked boat at clay harbor south of blossom, followed highway south and took first left, youll see a mass amount of people and tents
  12. ill take the c89 oak fruit press if you still have it , cod to doctorangus
  13. ty WKM, I'll be there for at least the FG.