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  1. Oh awesome! Thank you for the info.
  2. I'm not really sure if anyone is up to the task. But it would be a really nice thing for the Celebration community. I can help verify certain settlements that still exist, someone could update the icons on the map, etc. We could form a little group. I assumed Edgar was updating the map, but he hasn't responded to my PM. He could just be busy though.
  3. Port Asuka X35,Y27
  4. Everyone has their own way to enjoy the game, whether it be on deed spamming and enjoying the local scenery, or off deed exploring, enjoying an adventure. In my case, I occasionally get a little tired of being cooped up, so I might just pick a spot on the map and say, "Lets spend 3 or so RL days going there and exploring every little village along the way". It gets me off the deed, while not leaving things sitting to long while I'm gone.
  5. Wow! Keep going!
  6. D: Brilliant piece of work during its run, and will definitely be helpful looooong after.