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  1. Good and fast service. Thanks for the pickaxe imp and the pottery/cooking tools.
  2. Hey, I'd like to buy a bunch of tools. Please COD to Vengus, thanks. Butchering Knife Iron 52 79 - COC 0.30 Silver Knife Iron 16 73 - COC 0.55 Silver Clay Shaper Pine 12 83 - COC 0.60 Silver Spatula Pine 12 79 - COC 0.55 Silver
  3. Hermit Island 5395 -7693 That's my island. Still exists.
  4. Most of Arboreus is 100% safe from PvP. Just as safe as a Wurm Freedom server.
  5. Well yeah, if you like to terraform and flatten mountains, Fractured won't be your type of game. Personally, what I like the most about Wurm is the building aspect and populating a pristine world, and Fractured is about that as well. House blueprints are still up to discussion from what I understand. If the fanbase wants modular building, they will implement a building system similar to Wurm.
  6. Hey, a year ago, I came across a pretty interesting isometric MMO which is quite similiar to Wurm Online. I am making this post because I really really want their Kickstarter to succeed. I think they have some really cool ideas for players who like building games like us. Unfortunately, their Kickstarter is still about 14k euros short of reaching its goal, and we only have 5 days left to go. Btw, I have made a summary of the similarities and differences between Wurm and Fractured below. You can find their website here. You can find the Kickstarter here. You can find my compilation thread with a lot of info here. There are a lot of similarities between Wurm and Fractured. For example: Players in Fractured can build houses and cities just like in Wurm, including trade routes, roads, etc. They seem to use a deed system similar to Wurm, with city plots being predefined but very plentyful and spread across the world. It's basically their way of handing the perimeter. There are 3 different planets with 3 different rulesets. Arboreus is largely a safe PvE planet, syndesia is a PvP planet with a justice/guard system in place if the city owners so desire, and Tartaros is a lawless PvP planet. This reminds me a lot of the Freedom and Epic distinction we have in Wurm. Players can travel between planets, altough it can be quite difficult to do so, depending on where you're coming from and where you're going to. Fractured has survival mechanics just like in Wurm, like hunger. Unlike Wurm, you don't have to worry about thirst in Fractured though, because the devs felt that it wouldn't add much gameplay with hunger already in place. Full loot. When you die, you lose your stuff unless you retrieve it. The risk of dying will depend a lot on the planet you're on. Fractured's combat uses a downed system much like in GW2, and a lot of animals won't execute you once you're downed, so in that regard it's a bit safer than in Wurm. But obviously that depends on the planet you're on. If you're on Tartaros, you'll likely get ganked a lot whereas on Arboreus you're very safe. Gods gods gods! Just like in Wurm, you can follow a god and gain bonuses like blessings, abilities, etc. I don't think you can become a priest like in Wurm, and you can't create your own religion. ? But other than that, it seems quite similar to me. It's being developed for both solo players and group players. This is very important to me and why I didn't play a game like Life is Feudal. Games that require large groups to accomplish anything tend to be pretty hardcore and also tend to fail pretty quickly. I like the fact that the devs are developing Fractured with solo players in mind. They won't be able to create cities, but they buy their own plot to live as a hermit if they so desire. Of course there are also some differences: Fractured is a top down isometric MMO, which isn't everyone's cup of tea. Personally I don't mind that because I love building games too much. No modular building unless the community demands it. In wurm we can choose what our building look like, choose our wall designs, floors, roofs, etc. In Fractured you will build your buildings by using blueprints. With that said, they did say they will consider creating a modular building system if the playerbase desires it, and judging by the building video they released, the system actually seems to lend itself pretty well to a Wurm-style modular building system. The house in that video could easily be a 3x3 building, so I don't see why they shouldn't implement modular building. Progression is horizontal. In Wurm we grind our asses off for 1 skill gain tick, in Fractured you gather knowledge through exploration and tasks. I don't know how long it will take to get the building materials for building a city though, but I don't think we'll have to grind like 7.000 bricks and mortal just make a bridge. ? Armor is horizontal as well, there are no armor tiers. Now obviously there are differences between cloth and plate, but you won't have a tier 1 plate set, tier 2 plate set, tier 3 plate set, etc. Fractured has a bunch of different races. In Wurm we're all human, in Fractured you can choose between Humans, Demons and Beastmen. Each race is tied to a planet. Humans on Syndesia, Beastmen on Arboreus and Demons on Tartaros. This might be an issue for some players who like one race but want to live on a different planet. Beastmen can also live on Syndesia, but other than that you can only live on your own planet. There are a few exceptions though. Beastmen can go evil and live permanently on Tartaros while Demons can redeem themselves (and turn into Angels), which allows them to live permanently on Syndesia and maybe on Arboreus. Different combat systems. Fractured being a MMOARPG has a combat system much like Diablo, PoE and MOBAs. You can gather abilities that belong to various spell/physical schools through the Knowledge system and create your own build. Also, you will assign attribute points to your character on character creation that will affect combat and non-combat stuff. Environmental interactions. This is really really cool, one of the biggest reasons why I like the idea of Fractured. Your abilities interact with the environment. For example: You can electrify or freeze water, set trees on fire, etc. It's something I really miss in games, games like GW2 have some interactions, but those interactions aren't very organic. Same with games like Skyrim where you can set oil on fire but not much else. No terraforming like in Wurm where you can level/raise the ground. You can cut trees and stuff like that though, so unless you really love to dig, this shouldn't be much of an issue. Some survival mechanics that you won't find in Wurm, like temperatures. For example, If you're planning to go to a very cold location, you will have wear warm clothing to survive the environment. Actual PvE and PvP content like open-world dungeons, events, city conquests on Tartaros and Syndesia (not Arboreus), etc. No sailing, altough this might come in an expansion.
  7. I don't understand why they don't do scheduled restarts. Even WoW does it every week. +1
  8. I have 2 spare boxes at Esteron. If anyone is interested in a box, send me a PM and meet me at Esteron spawn.
  9. +1, it helps the newbies and puts more info into the game instead of external sources.
  10. Only +1000? +1.000.000 please!
  11. Grab the Runtime Environment version of 8u131. x64 is 64 bit, x86 is 32 bit. Have to make an account at Oracle to be able to download it but it's the only solution so far.