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  1. Grab the Runtime Environment version of 8u131. x64 is 64 bit, x86 is 32 bit. Have to make an account at Oracle to be able to download it but it's the only solution so far.
  2. Good priest. Collapsed a few tiles that needed collapsing and as a bonus raised the existing courier cast on my mailbox for free.
  3. SOLD.
  4. Hey, I'd to buy an 80 ql pickaxe if possible and have it COD to Vengus. Thanks.
  5. Win10 with nvidia gtx 1070 here and mines are black for me too, so idk if it's hardware dependent.
  6. Will Wurm ever have two-factor authentication? Or does it already exist and I am simply missing it.
  7. I'd like to buy another pick. QL 8 Steel pickaxe c82 (54c) Please COD to Vengus again. Thanks.
  8. QL 85 Pickaxe w82 (89c) Please COD to Vengus. Thanks.
  9. I just discovered that a similiar thing is happening to the spinning wheel. For example, if you push or pull it rapidly in a row (for example by keybinding push or pull), it will often happen. Also, it sometimes duplicates when picking it up. Only happens on unstable, not the normal client.
  10. If you push, pull, drop or plant a flag more than once, the model starts to duplicate with every push, pull, drop, plant and pick up as long as you're logged in for that session. Relogging removes the glitched flags, atleast until you move the flag more than once again. This only happens on unstable, not the normal client.
  11. It looks fine on the unstable client, both the loom and the trellises. Didn't realise someone had already reported this. This thread is from 2015.
  12. Found another bug. I've noticed that all marble planters have the same flowers in them, regardless of the color chosen.
  13. Whenever I look at my trellises I can faintly see the paving and items behind the nearby walls of buildings. The same thing happens with the Floor Loom. On the added picture you can faintly see the clay stone paving of the road outside and snow, even though there's a wall in between.
  14. There's a bug with the material requirement for the wide staircase without banisters. It shows the material requirement for the standalone staircase but it should be 30 planks and 2 large nails.
  15. Same with sandstone windows.