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  1. Gary
  2. To make PvP even more obsolete? -1
  3. I expect chaos will likely be the biggest importer of horses.
  4. So since we're removing all the bad things about hots, when do we remove the good? How about the ability to see if anyone is stralthed and moving in local 99% of the time? How about the tile which benefits only one kingdom which gives food and nutrition, as well as heals you???
  5. Sadly, with PvP all but dying out, the huge institutes of recruiting kingdoms are leaving. I was lucky to be part of the PMK Empire of Mol Rehan. During my time there, from start to finish, we recruited, trained, socialised with, and met over 500 unique people from both PvP and PvE backgrounds. If the game has any chance of survival, these really need to be made a priority.
  6. Merge
  7. who?
  8. Actively promoting and aiding in metagaming activity should never be allowed as part of Wurm, let alone a GM and the lead forum moderator. People such as himself should have better morals. This was a well justified response by Enki, but i think it should be left at that.
  9. Enki and co should review every case given to them by people. If they deem the actions to be of "toxic players", then I should hope they ban them. Let Enki and co pick where and when they act, that way it keeps the scum who do this guessing, and hopefully makes it too risky to do it anymore.
  10. This is all good and all in principle. The issue being you can't go hunt them down and kill them for your items back if they move it all to freedom.
  11. I've been on the end of metagaming like this many many many times. Hell, I had ~12g worth of items stolen off of my character by some of the scummiest people in the game, who somehow obtained the password to my character. The items were stolen from freedom, on my deed. I really hope Enki goes back, and bans the scum responsible. This of course does not make me think "well they didnt do it for me, why someone else?". Its a GOOD thing enki and co are stopping this crap, as everyone on the recieving end hates it. I have seen people quit the game SO many times because of this - Speedy, Emoo, Yurik (came back) to name a few. These are all HUGE names in the wurm online game. Its about time people who have metagamed, stolen illigitmately, or otherwise to be made accountable for their actions.
  12. Making a character explicitly to join a kingdom on Chaos and to steal their stuff once you've gained their trust should never be allowed. It will ruin the game for new, legit people, and will inevitably make people quit due to the fact you can't do anything once the items have been brought to freedom. That and gaining the trust of people in order to gain their passwords to characters to steal everything they own should never be accepted.
  13. -1 I should get payed for climbing skill
  14. I fear this may be taking uniqueness away from PvP servers. -1 from me.
  15. Please keep your PvE vs PvP drivel out of this thread.