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  1. 3.5 hours left, still only 40e!
  2. Thanks, I corrected his skills. Thanks all for noticing that. Missing 30 points here and there is shameful! =)
  3. Logs from the time I had him on without premium indicate that a few skills were unfairly capped. If I were to upload a correct skilldump, would that freak Niarja out? [16:25:47] Body decreased by 3.4904 to 30.0000 (real skill 33.49) [16:26:04] Mind logic decreased by 4.8550 to 30.0000 (real skill 34.85) [16:30:15] Masonry decreased by 35.2989 to 20.0000 (real skill 55.29) [16:30:49] Miscellaneous items decreased by 34.1013 to 20.0000 (real skill 54.10) [16:30:49] Stone cutting decreased by 14.4115 to 20.0000 (real skill 34.41) [16:31:16] Stone chisel decreased by 0.8769 to 20.0000 (real skill 20.87) [16:31:33] Body strength decreased by 1.0255 to 30.0000 (real skill 31.02) [17:56:36] Repairing decreased by 1.8019 to 20.0000 (real skill 21.80)
  4. Didn't notice that - I'll obtain the correct numbers. Thanks for pointing it out.
  5. 40e is the current high bid, still a bargain! =)
  6. I'm selling my loyal shipbuilder/general purpose alt. He'd make an excellent first character as he's got medium skill in the gathering skills like woodcutting, mining and digging, medium blacksmithing and masonry, and decent-to-high ship building and carpentry. He's a Nahjo follower, and currently has no premium time. He'll come with a sailing boat and some blank gear, probably some generic tools and leather armour/iron weapon so he'll be useful immediately. Starting bid - 30e Bid increment - 5e No reserve - if the minimum amount is bid, he'll be sold. No buyout - please put your offers into the thread as a bid. 2 hour sniper protection. Verified Paypal buyers only. Payment is to be sent via the friends and family option.
  7. Yeah, I have a headset I have plugged in sometimes, occasionally my son uses his headset, and sometimes nothing is plugged in. I unplugged my headset to use 2 USB slots for some mobile power banks (hello Pokemon Go, and your battery-eating habits) and didn't plug my headset back in. With no audio devices plugged in, I got the error. When I unplugged a power bank, and plugged my headset in, WA starts up properly. With the headset plugged in, and the power bank plugged into a different slot, it starts up properly. With the headset unplugged again, WA starts with the error I reported earlier. So, you're right, it's most definitely related to the sound device being plugged in. This being the cause of the problem is something I would never have thought of, as I play without sound in 95% of my games, and my volume control is only ever used for when I'm on comms. Thank you for the help, Aldur. I'll just leave my headset plugged in. =)
  8. Every so often when starting up WA, it only loads a few of the features. The rest error, with the following info. Restarting the program and the PC don't seem to make a difference. However, after a few days of this, it randomly starts working. This has happened 4-5 times since January, at a guess. What's the cause of this? What can I do to prevent it?
  9. This timer is set for 6pm GMT/UTC. Meh, silly broked stuff.
  10. Interesting, but I can only see issues with having sea life tamed or dominated. Having it leave the sea would be a huge immersion breaker (get it?) but without the tamed creature leaving the sea, there'd be little point that I can see. I'd far prefer them to focus on land creatures that people can easily interact with.
  11. Added the important bit, but otherwise yes.
  12. That would be lovely. Some way to limit crabs and seals to within 5 tiles of a tile you can drink on, maybe? Even that might let them get far up vertically, but I dunno if you could fix that with a slope limitation too. There's nothing quite as strange as finding a seal in the middle of a forest, up a mountain. /facepalm
  13. It's very interesting to get an insight into what you are using to evolve your plans with this. Thank you for going into detail. I look forward to the implementation - can I volunteer Release as "one of the smaller Freedom servers"? =)
  14. Isn't the Fo colossus ugly enough already - do we really want this sucker too? =P
  15. This would be a wonderful feature, +1