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  1. We took a valiant shot at the Red Dragon yesterday, and after a furious clash, withdrew. Another time... Our next hunt is to kill the Green Dragon, which will be simple enough, and to try the Forest Giant and Kyklops, which might be tough. Alveron is still continuing with an old core of players, happy to assist newcomers with getting started. Contact Delakar for a weapon, and Rauthr for a set of studded. Those two options, combined with the fast farming of cotton, will easily give you the capacity to hunt for bounty. Additionally, there is constant demand for bricks, mortar and other bulk that new players can provide, but no expectation of such. I'm still awarding enchanted silver weapons, tailored towards fighting uniques, for those who reach 70 FS and take part in the hunts. We're on the verge of having a couple of new people with enough scale to make sets, so once those sets are complete I imagine scale pieces from future hunts will be sold. All in all it's a good bunch of people, an awesome map, that's missing a few more people to kill the tough uniques. Come join in the hunts!
  2. The server is still progressing steadily with people coming and going, as happens in life. Roads and bridges are being built, deeds are placed and fall after a while, creatures spawn and then inexplicably wander north, the normal stuff. There's plenty of opportunity for people to settle in Alveron, either with a pristine spot or one of the previous deed locations. It's an excellent place to play quietly if one wishes, or to participate in the chat. Fights against the legendary creatures are scheduled as we can, and more fighters at 70+ FS wouldn't hurt at all. Weapons are finally being imped to 70+, leather and blacksmithing are being offered at 70+, so the "essentials" are covered but there's a lot of room for specialization if folks want to be the best XXX. Log in, say hi (if you want) and enjoy the beautiful map.
  3. Our small band of hardy fighters took down the Slow Green Dragon this past Saturday, and we're confident we can slay the blue, white and black. The fierce white hatchling is also on our hit-list, and there's a freshly respawned blue hatchling out there somewhere... We're getting stronger with each kill, and as another person reaches 50, and then 70 FS. We've got a skilled leatherworker and chainsmith, general tools from carpentry and blacksmithing are well covered, and the weapons available on the server are approaching 70ql (so freaking slowly). There are still skills that aren't well covered, so there are niches to be filled. Come play a beautiful map, with a small but friendly group. There's plenty of space, bridge- and road-building maniacs who would probably help you get connected, and an abundance of wildlife to hunt for bounties. PM Delakar ingame for a starter 2h weapon for your horse murdering purposes. =D
  4. Alveron is progressing nicely. A small group of dedicated players took down the Goblin Leader a few weekends ago, and tonight we're trying the Green Hatchling. (but only because we can't find the white... if you see it, I'll pay for the location. ) More players are very welcome to come and enjoy this lovely map. The server has regular-ish GM missions allowing new players to earn a bit of coin, and along with the traders and bounty system, getting enough for a deed isn't too much of a struggle. I'm also offering a two handed weapon of low/middling quality to help people get started on the horse population. The owner has also mentioned that the server will be updating to the new version once the beta ends, or something, so we'll be able to make progress on the journal. (I'm waiting for that sweet sweet affinity choice, so my WS insanity is slightly less painful..) Come one, come all, plenty of space, and bring your axe for the thorn bushes. =D
  5. Surely it's easier to chop them in the wagon, and then sort the logs from the pile that grows on the ground?
  6. Still awaiting a reply to my PM.
  7. I'm selling my hand-made set of blue scale. The set will be QL85+ at the time of sale. Start bid : 250€ Increments : 5€ Buyout : None Reserve: None Snipe protection : 6 hours (auction will continue past end time until 6 hours pass with no further bids, if there's a bid within 6 hours of the end time). Verified Paypal only. Delivery will be through the mail system, or can be picked up if you prefer.
  8. There doesn't seem to be much info on that. I could find a post where some funds were being raised, but nothing confirming the event is happening. Could you give some details or a link to a thread I might have missed?
  9. Sageruby is the winner at 13s. Please contact me with a name to COD the weapon to.
  10. Auction ended with Ondar the winner at 12s. Please contact me with a name to COD to. =)
  11. Now that a bid has been received in the final 2 hours of the auction, sniper protection is now active and the auction continues until 2 hours have passed with no further bids. With the lack of activity on this one, I wouldn't be suprised if it goes for 13s.
  12. I've got a huge axe auctioning at the same time, and I copy/pasted stuff from that auction over to this one, without correcting all the lines. My bad. *blushes*
  13. Still only 12s? You're getting a great weapon for that price. =)