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  1. WTB 2k Mortar and 2 k Stonebricks , With Ship 2792, 821 Wagoner: Wagoner Outpost Weissenfels
  2. @Eobersig But how would it be regulated if a player plays more Alts active and also has several deeds?
  3. - 1 KOS is the only way to keep unwanted players away from the Deed.
  4. Hello, Please add our 4 Deeds 2984 -469 Pirate Bay 3131 -296 Hideout 3160 -359 Weitblick 3186 -453 Bergen Thanks you!
  5. 50 € Buyout Please send me your PAypaldatas per PM
  6. Hello, WTS 55 X Sleep Powder. Pickup near Vrock (Xanadu) Give me your Offer
  7. Priest: Bebopger Main Contact: Extrusion / Sorion Location: Dephts of Darkhollow G 13, 2 min, S/E from Vrock Time: UTC+1 varies Notes: I use different deeds, please contact me
  8. WTB 1 Gold or less (verified Paypal), make me your Offer
  9. Please COD to Barberman Pickaxe W81 Saw W91 THX
  10. Please send me the Niarja Link or Skill Dump and the Price do you have in your Mind
  11. WTB 10 k Dirt near VRock Please send me ingame (Extrusion) or here your Offer
  12. Hello after two years i am back in Wurmonline, and looking for a good Allroundchar to buy. Please send me your Niarja Link and your € Price, will pay per Paypal. Greetings Soonwaldler
  13. WTB 100 Silver or less per Paypal Send me your offer
  14. Please COD to Barberman Pic 1 small Anvil Chese DRill c43 Saw W71 sickle butchering knife pickaxe steel c79 Pic 2 grooming brush c70 needle c 73 Rake c77 Thx
  15. WTB 4x Speedhorse near VRock
  16. Nice Map we will play this Map on our Server.